Fri, Sep 2, 2011 - 9:36am

For this month's version of hilarity, CNBS chose to bring back Wyatt Earp. The guy is seriously bad luck for the status quo Keynesians. The last time we saw him, back in December, the BLSBS came in surprising low. We discussed it then on the old blog:

Today, Wyatt brings with him not just a surprisingly bad BLSBS, he manages to spread his bad luck back into last month's report, too. And it's not just a lousy payroll number of +5000 or +25000, it's ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. Somehow I think ZERO is even worse.

All of the talking heads (with the possible exception of David Byrne) will be spouting the BLSBS number today in their reports. But instead of the same old nonsense that has numbed virtually everyone who happens to be listening, today the only word people will hear is ZERO. Not "the economy gained 22,000 jobs" or "in August, the economy shed 5,000 jobs". No, today the sheep will hear ZERO. "The U.S. economy added ZERO jobs in August." Ouch. Neither The Shill nor The Coug could spin that one positively. The LIESman Shiny Head Index only hovered in the 3-4 range as even The Great LIESman was unable to find anything happy to say.

In the end, this should only serve to reinforce the prevailing opinion here. Namely, QE to infinity. There is no way out. Tax revenues will never, ever catch back up to the funding needs of government on any level be it federal, state or local. Printing and debasing is the only option. Protect yourself and warn others while there is still time.

Onto the charts. For personal reasons, Mister Hyde finds himself sitting mostly in cash. (His "status" will officially change next Friday so I would highly encourage all single lady turdites to send him a private message of congratulations.) Hyde asked me this morning if it was too late to buy. Two things to know:

1) It is never "too late" to buy the precious metals. Prices will be higher next month. They'll be higher by Thanksgiving. They'll be higher still in 2012. get the picture.

2) By virtue of today's price action, both charts looks extremely bullish. IF gold can close above 1880 or so and silver can close above 42.50, both metals looks poised to have exhilarating weeks next week. Keep in mind that most everyone will be back from "holiday" then, too, and we will see a significant increase in volume and open interest. With OI already so low in both metals, you can safely assume which side of the OI will expand.

Lastly, I mentioned above the idea of "private messaging". I promised you last month that we would add this feature as well as an "ignore user" function. In case you haven't noticed, both options are now available. The Turd listens and acts! Thanks to the Tech Team for implementing these additions and thanks to all who supported last month's Turdathon to raise the necessary funds to help cover the costs. We are still taking improvement suggestions and I hope to have more projects and Turdathons soon. I'll keep you posted.

I have lasts of 1879 and 42.88 so we definitely have a rooting interest in today's action. Have a great day. Have a fun day. Smile and be happy. TF

About the Author

turd [at] tfmetalsreport [dot] com ()


Sep 3, 2011 - 2:30pm

Silver/Yen Manipulation and Overpaid State Workers

Here a good video from one of my favorite YouTubers, BrotherJohnF, comparing the manipulation of the yen to silver manipulation, then he kinda goes off on a tangent in the last half, talking about the unsustainability of overpaid state salaries, etc.

Worth a look/listen.

Silver Update 9/1/11 Boondoggle
Sep 3, 2011 - 2:32pm

Gonna live that life with music in my soul

Nobody proves this better than Catfish Keith, whom I'll bet virtually nobody here has even heard of. I've been lucky enough to catch him live four or five times and the man extrudes rhythm & soul. It's too bad he has to travel to Europe most of the time to find appreciative audiences, but there it is. Especially ironic because his music is pure American with deep roots in the Delta blues tradition. Catfish Keith - Gonna Live That Life With Music In My Soul

Sep 3, 2011 - 2:40pm

E N O U G H !

This blog is explicitly about precious metals.

In the past two days this blog has been inundated with mindless music videos.

The mindless juvenile posting of music videos has destroyed this most successful blog.

Here is a partial list of music videos and the offending poster.

I quit counting at 227 music videos one after mind-numbing other. Please find another place to waste your time.

Sept 2 and Sept 3 2011

Partial list of music posts




Music ID

Kings of Leon

Insane Guitar

Music ID

The Shins

Music ID

Eric Original




Where the Boys Are

Rick Rule


Doris Dreams

Rick Rule


Never Land...

Walking on Sunshine


Hat Tips...



Call Me...

Get Back...


Maybe I'm Amazed/Jet

Super mal...


Breaking the Girl

Oh big box mart

Don't call mr Francis


On a train

Your Mins ...

Stairway to Heaven

West End Girls


Love Reign or Me


Burning Down ...

Rudolph the...



Video Day


How are those..

Morgana King



Wind of Change

@ DPH ... Home


Trusting the...

Sister Golden


The Long Way

Endeavor Silver


I Melt..


Ring of Fire

aurum argentum


Psycho Killer



Talking Heads


@Larry & Radiohead

Prize Fighter

Lotus Flower

We Didn't Start the Fire


Eve of Destruction

Bay of Pigs

Movin Out


Just sayin...

Sound of Silence

The Parrot Sketch

Stevie Ray

The Boxer

Dead Parrot Sketch

Dust in the Wind

Monty Python


Looney Tunes

Play it Sam


Gold Diggers

War No More/Trouble

Gold Diggers


Fleetwood Mac

Great Day to be Alive


Fleetwood Mac


HI HO SILVER !! (I approve)

Fleetwood Mac

Free Hugs

Another jingle..

Hawiian Legends

Home movie



Juan Moment

Domino Dancing

Dub Fx

I'd rather go blind









Love R....


Things You Can..

The Lion Sleeps

The Manchild: ..


Thanks For...

Heat Miser


The Onion LOL!

Silent Knight

My All-Time...


Girls Generation

As Long as...

With a little

These Vids Are...


Nigel Black

Colon Blow


Sister Sledge




Sandy Denny



Sandy Denny

Carl Cox


Peter Green

The Valley Road

Peter Green

Tom L

Be Thankful for...

Fleetwood Mac

Don't Hurt Yourself

Gen a Gozer


Between You and Me

Piece of my Heart

The Man from...

Sade Lovers Rock


The Wood...

Slipping into Darkness

Wichi ti oh

Jack Gets Up

Soft Rockers

All the tired horses

One Brown Mouse

No Title

Cantina Band

Planet Lounge


Bill Buford

Midnight Moon

Letter from God

Mister Richard

Underwater Love

Frank Zappa

Heavy Shift



Miles Away

Isn't it Time

Dixie Dregs

The Beast

Steve Morse

What Ya See

Darth Smoker

Domino Dancing


Hugh G Rection

Mind Control

The Golden Age


Pet Shop Boys

Tears for Fears



Frampton Comes Alive

Night Tripper

City With No Children

Cest la Ve

Tom Waits

Lines on my Face

Seasick Steve


Do It Again


Jesus Christ


Woody Guthrie

Go back to...


You Gotta Serve...


Animal Sacrifice


You Never even,,,

Anita O'Day

Annoying Orange

Texas Flood

No More Mr Knife Guy

ZZ Top


frankly my dear I don’t...

38 Special


don'r dream...

It's too early for the circus...





Don't Believe...


Jack Gibbons

Molokai Slide

dr john...


Aloha Friday

John Prine

Lip Dub

No Title



Joe Santari'

No Title

Getting Away with It

The Kirby...

Jake Shim.....

Time to Say...

Squirrel Nut

Sep 3, 2011 - 2:52pm

I don't get it

Just checking in for a few minutes before I head out. A few vids to make a point, cool.. I get that. Personally I do happy hour off this board, but I get it. I can't really refer people to this site for the sake of trying to learn about PM's though (I feel biased because I do not want people to take my word for things, I want to refer them to all the outstanding knowledge on this board - and I'm not talking about the video postings that remind me of 1990's wow I just got email look what I can do). So.. The reason I had to check the site is because I sent people links yesterday to check out TF Metals, without seeing what the current topic was... Needless to say, I can see why they were disappointed.

I totally get the sense of community and occasional vid or off-topic post. But there is no way I will have my name associated to referring people to what this has become. I literally had to weed through 10 pages of youtube videos to find the end.

I guess I will have to state - "be sure to only visit the site Mon - Thurs"... The only area of this entire site worth referring people to at this point is Pailins Corner.

Anyway.. Like I said, I get it, I really do. If you guys feel the need to do a happy hour on the forum, that is cool. But you are limiting the exposure of this forum to just you.

Have a great weekend all - see ya around next week.

Sep 3, 2011 - 2:55pm

Hey BillAuAg - thanks for

Hey BillAuAg - thanks for breaking it down so we can see who is posting our favorite groups or favorite genres.

Oh wait, were you serious man? Haven't you seen all the mods comments and Turd's comments? They believe the music is an integral part of this site. Really man, your title in caps remind me of my 4 year old when he's having a little meltdown. Relax, really, it is not that big of deal. Go smoke something with a whacky name or practice procreation or something fun and/or relaxing. Life's too short!

THERE ARE OTHER MORE FOCUSED FORUMS on this site. Now you're getting me to sound like my 4-yr old. And you sound like the Gestapo.

Sep 3, 2011 - 2:56pm


3. CHINA'S GOLD RESERVES "China increases its gold reserves in order to kill two birds with one stone" The China Radio International sponsored newspaper World News Journal (Shijie Xinwenbao)(04/28): "According to China's National Foreign Exchanges Administration China 's gold reserves have recently increased. Currently, the majority of its gold reserves have been located in the U.S. and European countries. The U.S. and Europe have always suppressed the rising price of gold. They intend to weaken gold's function as an international reserve currency. They don't want to see other countries turning to gold reserves instead of the U.S. dollar or Euro. Therefore, suppressing the price of gold is very beneficial for the U.S. in maintaining the U.S. dollar's role as the international reserve currency. China's increased gold reserves will thus act as a model and lead other countries towards reserving more gold. Large gold reserves are also beneficial in promoting the internationalization of the RMB."
Nigel Black
Sep 3, 2011 - 2:56pm

Hey BillAuAg

Perhaps you should contact the moderator(s) of this site to have those users (who posted the 227+ videos) banned from this site. Ooops, I forgot, I was one of them :o)

Animal Sacrifice BillAuAg
Sep 3, 2011 - 2:56pm

You are 100% wrong

This blog is explicitly about precious metals.

This blog is about "PREPARING ACCORDINGLY" and part of that preparation is to have a song in our hearts and not be grim and hideous like you are.

Ibú Ayé fun o mi opolopo owo

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:01pm

Time to really start

Time to really start protecting yourself and your PM's now. I have seen numerous stories recently like this one where theft and violent crimes related to gold are on the upswing now that the price of PM's are rising. Just sayin. Be careful.

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:03pm

"I quit counting at 227 music

"I quit counting at 227 music videos one after mind-numbing other. Please find another place to waste your time."

So this means you haven't stopped reading the comment section yet? I sure know I have.

(Just came here to see who got post #666, hehe)

mouser stoneeh
Sep 3, 2011 - 3:18pm

While i enjoy music as much as the next guy

I think it may be a good idea to have one blog reply forum for posts that are music, cartoons unrelated to precious metals/ economy and another for relevant posts , news and opinions on world events , economics and precious metals related info.

It does take quite a while to scroll thru all the posts to even find a reply to a comment, and that will eventually send the good posters to another site or forum. Perhaps one way to keep everyone happy here is to separate the music , comic videos and unrelated cartooons from the serious opinions and news.

You can then decide if you want to listen to music and laugh at dumb vids, or read serious info and commentary.

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:21pm


SVM 61 769,525 478,336 1.61 $2,296,345.72
BillAuAg Nigel Black
Sep 3, 2011 - 3:21pm

Nigel Black

Turd has been informed.

Nigel Black is not a major offender as I recall.

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:37pm


You missed a few - of mine at least. Did it make you feel better collating all those music posts? What did you hope to gain by that? To be honest, some people whose opinions I respect have been complaining too, which is unfortunate 'cause I was just going with the flow - having fun 'cause I'm still buzzed from Fridays silver performance. If the consensus is to cool it on music videos, I'll stop, if not, I'll keep contributing, though not at the same rate. Personally, I've been enjoying them and I don't think they reflect badly on this blog to any newcomer. If you are a newcomer to this blog, please let us know if you think the recent uncharacteristic rash of music videos is fun, or sophomoric.

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:41pm

Shoot ~ I missed Witchi Tai

Shoot ~ I missed Witchi Tai To! Love that tune!

From Jim Pepper's Pow-Wow ~

Jim Pepper Witchitai-to
Dakini Animal Sacrifice
Sep 3, 2011 - 3:42pm

@ Animal Sacrifice ~ Yes

@ Animal Sacrifice ~ Yes Jambalaya is good read. Glad you are familiar with it. Teisch is a phenomenally joyful human being and spiritual teacher. She taught me (and many others) to sing I Ba Ché ~ Respect to the Power of the Spirit! You are well embraced with your mother, Ochún Ibú Kolé, the Orisa who is Venus for the Romans, Aphrodite for the Greeks, Mother Mary for the Catholics, and Tonantzin for indigenous South Americans. I have done some study with respect to world mythologies and indigenous cultural ways.

I think with respect to the ceremonial sacrifice of animals, it is good to educate people. I have attended ceremonies where animal sacrifice is performed as part of the ceremony, so I have a little bit of understanding. I attended a SunDance ceremony in Mexico where a turkey was sacrificed for the Sundance tree (this I witnessed). I have attended a Lakota Yuwipi ceremony where a dog was sacrificed as thanksgivings for the healings brought by the ceremony (I did not directly witness that sacrifice, but what they affectionately call "puppy soup" was ingested. That probably sounds distasteful to many, but these are very peace-loving people who have very long established traditions in their cultural indigenous ways.) I know that bears are sacrificed and eaten as part of the winter ceremonies of the MicMac up in Nova Scotia.

Animal sacrifice for ceremonial purposes is legal, if it is done according to the law ~ and cleanly and swiftly. How many people have boiled a lobster and eaten it? On the other hand, animal torture and abuse is completely illegal and utterly immoral. State police officers teach this to other state cops when dealing with ritual crime. It's important to educate people about these differences, I feel.

While I have been a participant in such ceremonies, I have never personally sacrificed an animal for ritual purposes - it's just not my preference. Or just not my medicine. Nevertheless, I understand that every time I eat meat, poultry or fish, that animal has made a sacrifice for MY life. The animal gives its life for me so that I may be nourished and may live. When I swat a mosquito or a moth and kill it, I know I am taking life.

I am also a strong advocate for survivors of ritual-abuse-torture, since I was personally involved with a survivor in recovery many years ago. It opened my eyes to the horrific and insidious crimes done in the spirit of "the ends justify the means" ~ for power and control over others and to split the mind. Such survivors have witnessed animal and human sacrifice and torture that horrifies the mind beyond comprehension. I think some of the aversion to "animal sacrifice," might come from what people think about this ~ as you can imagine most people are probably not aware of the differences.

In any case, just to let you know - I do understand a bit and hope to educate about these very important distinctions. Thank you for this chance to share ~~~ I Ba Ché to you ~

Sep 3, 2011 - 3:45pm

re: WikiLeaks Cable

Simon: Great Catch

The U.S. and Europe have always suppressed the rising price of gold. They intend to weaken gold's function as an international reserve currency.
Sep 3, 2011 - 3:47pm
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:00pm

>>This blog is explicitly

>>This blog is explicitly about precious metals.

>>In the past two days this blog has been inundated with mindless music videos.

​Yeah and have a heart for those of us surfing on a mobile phone. all these embedded images are hammering my bandwidth quota. You have any idea how many Mb 14 pages of comments embedded with crap uses? :)

I think a foo section is a good idea. General chat can be directed there, or maybe just turn off comments on the posts and force people to discuss in the forums?

Sep 3, 2011 - 4:02pm

next week

Very interesting to see what will happen. SO much going on, hard to believe

starting here.

In what will be the event of the week in my view, Germany's Constitutional Court is set to rule on the legality of the seemingly endless bailout pledges made by Merkel. I have no idea what the result will be, but if they rule against the bailouts, that would be Europe's version of a Lehman moment. Next on the docket you have Italy which has recently been softening its austerity program. Berlusconi needs to show increased leadership by solidifying his pledge towards consummate austerity in an effort to improve his country's finances. Financial markets have recently taken notice of these negative developments. Investors knew that the jobs report wouldn't be pretty, however, yesterday's large selloff was actually due to renewed euro zone jitters imho.

Glad to be in the Physs

have a great weekend all


stingbee30 BillAuAg
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:05pm

Music Videos: Please Stop the Madness

I agree with many over here that this music posting is really becoming like a viral disease. This is not the place to post videos, plus i don't care what type of music you are listening to. I love music, and i have a list of songs i try to listen on a regular basis. But, i come here for PM and economic updates. This is not VH-1 classic or MTV blog or music thread. With all due respect, no one cares what type of music you are listening too. This is not an entertainment or music thread. We need to respect this, otherwise, we will start losing some precious commentary from these threads. We have totally diluted the essence and the meaning of this page.

So, PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS. Go, post your videos somewhere else. Leave this thread strictly about the PMs, economic or even political commentary. There is a reason many are leaving Yahoo message boards to come here. Yahoo message boards are filled with spam and garbage, and troll service. Let us not make this page look like yahoo message boards. We have many smart individuals on this page. We need to learn, and enhance our knowledge. But, don't degrade the page with music videos and off-subject themes. There is a time to be serious and there is a time for silly and entertaining stuff. This thread and page is about serious topics and themes that are very much prevalent in today's world.

Thank you for reading this thread, and there was no intention to offend anyone. We just need to understand and respect the big picture behind this page. Don't hijack these threads with silly videos and music commentary. See on you on Monday...

SILVER Commentary: It is going to be a great week next week for PMs, and especially Silver. We should a run-up to $44.00+ by Monday. Monday (with no US participation/market closed), we could see Silver trading and closing around $44.20-$44.50. By Tuesday, before the US market opens, we could already see silver trading towards $45.00. It is very possible we could see Silver closing above $45.00+ by Tuesday.

Sep 3, 2011 - 4:07pm

Music Videos

This is a way of having a virtual weekend party, that's all. And why not have a party? Gold and silver closed on their highs and the technical picture looks good. Plus we're headed into strength from here on out. The future's so bright, I gotta wear these shades....

Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright
Animal Sacrifice Dakini
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:10pm

I Ba Ché, Dakini

You have a beautiful soul. I am a member of very many religions but a priest only of La Santería. None of the others involve any sacrifice animal or other (the other big one is The Urantia Book.)

Animal sacrifice for ceremonial purposes is legal, if it is done according to the law ~ and cleanly and swiftly. How many people have boiled a lobster and eaten it? On the other hand, animal torture and abuse is completely illegal and utterly immoral.

Here, (México,) I have no clue if animal sacrifice is legal but no one cares among the police. In Cuba of course it is legal and happining every minute of the day. In the USA the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal as is the seal of the confessional for Santería priests. Honestly, it is not police in any of those three countries that we are wary of but in the USA when we do a working, it is PETA that breaks the law and disrupts what we do. We say that an animal that gives itself in sacrifice (literally "to make sacred") evolves many hundreds of lifetimes because of it. It's spirit goes to timbalese Olodumare and if it complains of any poor treatment before during or AFTER the sacrifice the obra will not work. We are very scrupulous with how we treat all animals especially ones that we are going to sacrifice.

It's very cool that you resonate with Elleguá. Every Santero on the planet spends about 80% of his life placating the little glutton :-)

As you probably know, Ochún is the owner of gold and love and all the things that make life sweet in this life. I have my Mother, Ibú Kolé whom of course I received in my Ocha and many years later I received the camino of Ochún as a small child, Ibú Ayé (which does not go to the head) and each of them has twenty-five (5x5) 50 Peso Mexican Gold coins in their tureens. Those coins belong to THEM not me.

Se Aaalafia Ni,

Ogún Laná

Sep 3, 2011 - 4:10pm

Music Videos - It's a Friday Night Thing

Relax, people. The number of music videos exploded last night, because it was a combination of (1) Friday night, (2) Labor Day Weekend, and (3) nice run up in PM prices last week, leading to feeling of victory. My guess is it be lower but stay high the rest of the weekend due to factor 2 & 3, then declines during the week days of next week. Besides, what news do we get about the economy or PMs during weekends? Not much. No major news or economic data releases. No announcement from the Fed either.

I believe most of us here understand that this is a PM/economic/survival forum, so they will likely moderate their music video posts when the PM market opens.

PS: the two music videos I posted are about the economy and struggle between EE and the people, if you care to read the lyrics.

Tom L
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:20pm

I'm sorry everyone.

I'll stop posting music videos as well as everything else I do if this is the reaction to a little blowing off of steam; what amounts to a little weekend community building. I'll just keep it all to myself then. Ungrateful little bitches.

I have absolutely zero patience for people who do not contribute all week coming in on a Saturday morning to bitch, piss, whine and fucking moan about the content on this thread 12 hours after the market closes because we aren't still busting our asses spoon feeding you the fruits of our labor.

You want to discuss something? There are forums languishing and waiting for your incisive insights. You have questions you want answered? there are 2 dozen forums to post them in where there's less minute to minute noise and where a more focused response can be offered. But, no, you'd rather come in and piss on the floor like you own the place and tell us we aren't entertaining or informing you enough?

In short, FUCK OFF!


duckwomanloulou Stephanie C
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:23pm


Thanks for sharing that video - one I have never seen before and hell if Christopher Walken, a seriously good actor, can have a little light hearted fun with Fatboys' Big Beat Boutique sound - then why can't we as a community chill over a long w/end with some tunes and visuals?


Tom L SpoonHead
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:26pm


And I'm so sorry to have wasted your time, sir. You are exactly the person I was referring to. Do you offer up anything for anyone else? Or, do you just come here looking for answers and when you don't find them bitch about it?


Animal Sacrifice Tom L
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:37pm

@Tom L

Excellent pair of posts TomL but then your many posts are generally of high quality also.

FWIW I'm not going to stop posting music just because the anti-joy lobby has hemerroids. I WILL stop posting anything that will help them with their little dollar and dime trading though.

Ibú Ayé fun o mi opolopo owo

Animal Sacrifice
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:42pm
Sep 3, 2011 - 4:42pm

BillAuAg you feel better?

Like a little kid being a tattle tell. How mature was that?

There is this little thing on the bottom of each poster that says "ignore user".

Just so you and the other narrow minded whiners don't have to put up with all of us immature blah, blah blahs. Just push the button.

Please, I'm begging you to ignore me. Maybe if you ignore everyone who posts a video you won't have to put up with us. How's that for a suggestion?

Do what you want with anyone else you feels offends your narrow sensibilities. Because I'm tired of hearing the whining. It's usually all business and grim stuff on here most of the time.

I have a suggestion. Contribute. Don't whine. Because "some" of you are. Most of you are not and just go with the flow and get "it". Thanks for your tolerance and viewer participation.

Have we gotten so lazy as a society that we have to complain that we have to use a mouse to quickly scroll past things and then "God forbid!" we even might have to make a left click to another page and scroll some more?

How strenuous is it to move a mouse and click to another page anyway? Pretty lazy excuse to say moving a scroll bar is bothersome and your tired of having to do so. Really?


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