Blythe and Ruprecht Return

No introduction necessary.

And, if you're new here, you should really take 8 minutes and watch this one, also. It was #2 in the ongoing "series".

The metals popped at the open. August gold printed $1599.20 and silver is well over the critical 39.50 level. Let's see what our Asian friends can do for us overnight! TF

p.s. If you have time for one more video, this is still the all-time #1, reigning champion:


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Awesome Turd!

Hope for the Bull Run that Blythe talks about smiley

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I could watch these every day. Master.

$2000 gold and my juniors will 'splode!

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nice vid

turd inhales?

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String 'em up, Turd! Got my

String 'em up, Turd!

Got my vote.

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If silver makes a run past 50

If silver makes a run  past $50,  maybe $70/ oz., in say the next year, as a Stacker would  One  consider selling/ swapping  at decent "gains"?

   Will there be opportunity to "Rinse and Repeat" this time around? Or would it be to risky or cumbersome w/ Phys?

   Not counting any "chickens before they hatch"... just looking for the "next" move. yes

@ Mike Victory... Cheetos Jokes don't lie... angel

Ok now to check out the vid!

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And I think we know why

The cartel has played their game and won some back. Now it is getting down to the nitty gritty  and they are in poker terms (drawing dead). They went all in with one player and lost. Now they are facing millions of players, not 10 -100 that have a big stack. Drawing dead. I give them a >0001% chance after the last hand is dealt. Just my opinion.

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The elite knew what they were

The elite knew what they were doing raising the limits on silver, smashing it down as the minions dove for cover and sold. They came out with insane articles telling us its the end. They KNEW that there was a new Asian exchange that will catapult silver prices to the unknown. They knew it, you all fell for it and they are rejoicing with YOUR SILVER. Congrats to the few that did not sell and HELD ON. You will be SILVER BULLION MULTIMILLIONAIRES... joining the pitiful elites.

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Ferguson for President?? Seriously??

Would anyone notice one more Turd in D.C.?

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There are many here smarter than I, and given that I know you are fairly young (younger than me at 44), I think you should look at this as a "lifelong" plan as possible in the following way.  This is what I did and will continue to do:

1) I made fiat, and due to hard work and opportunity, I've done very well.  This part is NOT necessary for you, but greatly accelerated my ability to execute my plan.

2) I bought a LOT of physical silver between $17 and $26 along with a little bit of gold, palladium and platinum at the same time.  I purposely "overweighted" to silver based on what I read a few years ago in Mike Maloney's book and what I read after that and when I found Turd et al on ZH.

3) The goal then was to watch it all grow, but to also watch the gold to silver ratio to swap SOME of my silver to gold as the ratio dropped... think of it as "buying the dips" (or "silver cost averaging") but on the ratio, not prices.

4) I could shoot myself for not pulling the trigger in late April when the ratio was 32:1 (or thereabouts).  I actually called my local broker to do it, but was out of town and could not execute the swap (you have to physically take it in at time of swap).  So anyway, after the "May Day Massacre," I just let it bump along but then did swap about a month ago when the ratio was about 40:1.  I did this so that my physical mix was 50-50 dollar wise.  Now I will keep watching for the ratio to drop and if we get back to around 30:1, I'll swap a bit more, but no matter what, I will keep roughly 30% of my physical in silver as a "gamble" on a massive takeoff, but at this point, this whole "game" for me is about protecting my wealth more than making a profit (but I'll happily take it!).

5) I've also used fiat to buy roughly 600 acres of land in three different places.  In my mind, this is what I think the real "end game" should be for most people, even if starting small... that is, add to and hold your metal no matter what until the whole process has played out and then you will be among Kings (and Queens for Ginger et al), even if you only have modest holdings, and be able to buy real estate whether it be for agriculture/natural resources (what I have now) or for your own home/rental/income properties.

6) Then, 30 years from now, the cycle will repeat, but then you can either sell off some real estate or take cash flow from real estate and buy more physical metal when it is at a 30 year LOW and start all over again.

It's going to be a crazy couple of years like nothing most Americans have seen for 70-90 years, but the world has seen this many times and the cycle is very, very predictable and repeats over and over again because in spite of all our modern brilliance and technology, we are no smarter than we were 5,000 years ago, we just make bigger mistakes faster.

It's a long term game, try really, really hard not to sweat the "in betweens."  Guys like you and Pablo got into this for the right reasons, NOTHING has changed YET, you'll know when it has, THEN it will be time to roll your physical into something else.

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Turd you really outdid yourself this time.  Just great!  TURD FOR PRESIDENT!.....wait, we already have a Turd as president....make that TURD W. FOR PRESIDENT!



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Got my vote as long as the turd understands where he came from and remembers the 2 key words. (Commen Sense) & he represents millions, not hundreds.

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Useful idiot?

Comrade Lenin? LOL.

Nice work Turd. When gold clears $1650 and silver clears $50 I am going to be hammering away in every direction at the trolls and other douchebags who have been giving me a hard time for the last decade. That means you Nadler, Christian. Hopefully that will be before Oct for the Silver Summit in Spokane, WA where they will be speaking. I will make that trip just to heckle them in public, and challenge those pussies.   

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Keep stacking

"they would never elect a guy who inhaled, chased chicks, and gambled" !  Love it.  Turd, I think we are long lost brothers.

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Hey fortinbras....Thank you

Hey fortinbras....Thank you for the targeted reply!yes

At the VERY LEAST this is an interesting adventure for sure! My thinking is much along the line as you have mentioned above.

    I would qualify for the working my clASS off!  Interesting how I have reached this point in my in- situ "education" ...  Long and short of it... live in a Colonial Settler's  community and learned how to Metal Detect, found some awesome Period Coinage. After reading the History of U.S. Currency, ( they were debasing PM coin Value in public use prior to the 1850s)  I decided to take the plunge into Phys. PMs. Suggest "The official Red Book of United States Coins"

As my awareness increased, so did the price of silver. Nothing better to strengthen one's conviction than Ag making a Run only weeks after my buy in! Ha! Unplanned late one night, as I was "clicking" away i  "diversified" w/ some heavy yellow...  which made me look sideways at it... while the Grey Goose flew! But then After the May Day Raid on Ag,  the "King Yellow" held me well above water! Cool! A fine adventure for a fee which I get to pay... to myself,  provided no major stumble.  I feel Good, and in a better position now than ever before! About 50/50 % in Cash/ PMs holdings...  Work is good, I am looking to add again.

    So after some flying solo I find myself among the fine Collection of folks here...

All the best!

Sorry so long winded!

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they elected Bill Clinton .... oh yeah .... he said he never inhaled .... ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

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To wait or not to wait

I agree with SilverWealth on the previous thread, after speeding from $1490 to nearly $1590 in less than two weeks, Gold is due for a breather. Here is Harvey's opinion on what's in store for pm prices in the near term:

In summary:  the silver COT remains extremely bullish.
In gold;  the huge increase in banker shorts  means that a huge raid will be forthcoming.

From a technical point I can't shake the feeling that Gold is bound to retest its weekly trend line. I thought this event of touching the trend line would occur mid July around $1440 as a consequence of the June price decline continuing, but alas instead sentiment turned on July 4 weekend and it shot up $100 bucks in the last 10 trading days. I guess I should have listened to those voices calling for an unusual summer in the precious metals.

I underestimated the appetite for gold, and might miss the train again if it continues to take out new highs for weeks and months to come, but going by my gut feeling the scenario over the next quarter might just look like this:

Even though Gold has a knack of sticking to the upper bollinger band for extended periods, every so often it does a reality check, and following the logic of patterns, it will do so again in the upcoming months. So my guess is that it will be revisiting the $1500 - $1525 level around October. What are your thoughts?

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nailed it again turd!

...a movement led by a turd! who woulda thunk! i like the way you think, you asshole!

nice execution of multiple barbs as you penetrate, you prick! good hit!!!


now playing;

blyte, ee, equities assholes, etc. = "the mystery man"
turd, (equal delete) = dialog of an informed leader trying to get us assholes to wake up
so we don't miss the bus.

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During Fridays action, I added to my EXK position, we will take out 12.75.

Thanks for the Vid Turd, nice work as always.

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Turd, I think I should respectfully disagree about the trader .

price on gold, gold is not an acceptable way to pay a debt. Gold is not money. Gold is an acceptable way to gamble. Gold does not hold any intrusinic value for anybody that owes a debt. The only value that gold has is the value the FED wants to put on it to guarantee it to be able to print more paper and guarantee it with a worthless metal called gold. If I am wrong? Not

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Redacted, not in the mood for controversy.

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Spice it up a Bit!

Have some tunes going in the background while listening to the financial interviews links posted by other members... LOL while Pink Floyd "Money"  was playing!

  Tunes are speaking just listen! ( not really easy listening, but listen to their lyrics, other tunes by them not bad either)

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Just my opinion

No need to call names

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See above

I redacted, have a good evening. Not in the mood.

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Hey buff3...

So if you have a thousand dollars and you set it aside for a year, which do you think would have a greater probability to retain  purchasing power... the paper cash, or the Metal...?

Given current conditions it appears an obvious choice...  If you have no draw to Au, the list of commods headed up and out is getting longer every day.  most will cost you more of of the "paper"... for less product.

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Best Vid Yet

Best vid yet Turd!! Great job!!

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Looking at your chart, I see

Looking at your chart, I see a trendline that might indicate a possible dip to ~1550.  Mild support is ~1580.  I think we'll decisively break 1600-1625 this week.

Regarding using the GSR as a trading tool, I think of 40 as the "governor".  This is now a market driven by much stronger hands, not by a bunch of fringe elements.  Silver is not going to break a 40 SGR, in any significant way, for the time being.  Using 40-44 can be a useful predictive device:  1600/40, 2000/50, etc.

Personally, I'd like to see the strongest possible move in gold, right now.  Silver then only has to go along for the ride.  Conversely, any sign that silver is getting ahead of itself on the GSR would be a very strong signal for caution.

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Krugman /Kruggerands

Paul Krugman shitting Kruggerands is  a classic Turdism.

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@Turd Now SGS will have to

@Turd Now SGS will have to finish his next Bears video since you beat him to the punch! Though, he has been ill so I guess we can cut him some slack. smiley

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What a guy, that TF

Thanks Turd -- your customary blend of good humor and good intel.  Came across this and (of course this was the first place I thought of) feel the need to share it:

This one's for the trolls . . .

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We're all Turdites?

Like Woody Allen says in Annie Hall? (25 seconds in) LOL.

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