Goon Parade

It's going to be a long-ass week. Not only did Jerry set the tone last evening, his Goons will be out in full force to drive home the point even deeper in the days ahead. As of now, I count ELEVEN Goon mic-grabs on the schedule and there will likely be even more than that.

And what's the point that The Goons will be pounding all week. There will not be a fed funds rate cut in March and a cut in May is unlikely, too. Maybe.. .maybe June and maybe... maybe ...the March SEP will still project three cuts this year. As such, rate cut odds continue to deep reset sharply lower and...

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Key Economic Events Week of 2/19

2/20 10:00 ET LEIII
2/21 8:00 ET Goon Bostic
2/21 1:00 ET Goon Bowman
2/21 2:00 ET January FOMC minutes
2/22 9:45 ET S&P flash PMIs February
2/22 10:00 ET Home sales
2/22 10:00 ET Goon Jefferson
2/22 3:15 ET Goon Harker