Dog Bowl Journalism, by AGXIIK and Renozep

What is Dog Bowl Journalism?

It's gruel prepared by the main street media, filled with the toxic news spewage from alien heads. No matter your political leanings they'll cook it to taste with a soup can of seasoning that's assured to attract every inert idgit glued to the tube, TikToc, social media and and that infernal internet time-suck monstrosity called Facebook.

Like a dog food bowl filled with snippets of offal, broom sweepings and oleaginous pink slime, Average Joe and Jane are hungry for top quality news but are served this SOS without the shingle while told it's the Blue Plate Special chef's surprise.

We all know they think of us as dogs. This mawkish predigested pap smeared on WheatAbix bikkies draws the uninformed like flies to crap. Bon appetite y'all as you devour a delusional dog's breakfast that's quickly hurled by the poor canine. The alien hordes who control us know a dog always returns to its vomit.

The purveyors of media have always manipulated the news, from yellow journalism to Thomas Nast to the town crier or even Pracoes, Roman shouters who spoke news of the world in the public square on nundia, every 8th day. Julius Caesar used fake news to help himself become emperor.

Sadly, most people are Energizer embryos floating in informational amniotic fluid powering the Journalistic Industrial Complex that is our Modern Day Matrix. Very few pull the plug. Fewer still know they're in the Matrix, at all. That black cat rarely appears twice to those fortunate few but they are out there, doing their best as Novo Town Criers.

The Matrix: Glitch in The Matrix Deja Vu 4K 60FPS Ultra HD - YouTube

Regretfully, most news hawks are little more than perfumed princes and village idiots barking up a dead horse's ass.

This article speaks to a 50-year waste of $30 trillion; spent on warfare, welfare, desperation and hate supported by every politician; left, middle or right. They're all whores patronizing whores (note article below), bought and paid for by the same people who twist the news into cheap carbohydrates. Tastes great, less filling.
Pretzel Logic - YouTube

They're all responsible for this crap fiesta of debt to infinity. Last week's near-disaster bond auction saw the regular buyers shun the 30 year bond, leaving the Bank/ Dealers to buy up the sloppy seconds at twice the normal rate. Powell had to fork $500 million of this 30-year US Treasury failed auction into his goon pie hole.

Suck it Jerry

I pity the fools NOT at these banks forced to buy the scheiss debt, shoving the rate up by how much? 19 basis points?

Dumpster Fire Debt indulgences act as accelerants and pyrotechnics, touching torch to the the Bonfire of the Vanities in the hopes that the sinner is forgiven.

$500 billion of 30-year bonds are vaporized in the charnel house of kinetic conflicts, going no-bid as war's first casualty, the truth, is nailed to a cross and set ablaze.

What's this new debt going to be used for?


Maybe some Edwin Star.

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Edwin Starr - War (Original Video - 1969) - YouTube

Stevie Wonder with his love song: I just called to say I love you.

Stevie Wonder I Just Called To Say I Love You - YouTube

How's that for a juxtaposition?

Brief update on world affairs by Stevie Wonder from Green Lantern

His gentle loving philosophy is Buddhist-like in the depths of his words.

Our co-author and editor Renozep is a retired Buddhist priest and knows some things about this world. Buddhism is only 'one finger pointing at moon.' 'In this world, but not of it.'

Never Mistake the Finger for the Moon | Mindful Ambition

Mark Nestmann: The War On Cash, Past And Future

Important note. When Nixon declared war on cash in 1972, all transactions of $10,000 or more had to be reported. Fifty years ago, $10,000 was some serious cash. Gold at $40 an ounce would be 250 ounces in 1972; worth $500,000 today.



The war on cash article tells you that you're in the trenches. You've been there all your life.

How to you fight back?

Don't fight.

The time may come to fight hand to hand but before then there are some good ways to defeat these adversaries.

Become a cash or crypto partisan; become part of the resistance. Fight back without getting seriously killed financially. Buy gold and silver. A man with gold has money. A man without gold has a problem. -- D. Kranzler

Catherine speaks eloquently to this vital point:

Catherine Austin Fitts | Mr Global Is Censoring The Media | Catherine Austin Fitts - YouTube

Who is Mr Global?

SunTsu said it best-

'The opportunity for defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself'.

Remember WOPR?
WarGames clip - WOPR described - YouTube

You win by not playing.

Many of you served in Vietnam, Iraq or even Korea, a war that didn't end 70 years ago. The Marine Corp celebrated their 248th birthday. Semper Fi means something

General Smedley Butler: 'War Is A Racket'

The Little Tramp's 'Greatest speech ever made.'

[Best Version] The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme) - YouTube


Amira Willighagen - O Mio Babbino Caro - HD - André Rieu (Love in Venice) Maastricht - 2014 - YouTube


Tango Mike Mike

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Roy Benefides. He overcame race, nationality, parentage and serious war wounds to become a hero when he rescued a unit trapped in the Vietnamese jungle. Did he succumb to D.E.I. garbage when fighting for his brothers in uniform. No, he was prepared to DIE for his friends. We may soon find ourselves in that fray. Keep your brothers close.

For you Bitcoin fans here's an interesting item:

Inflation Came In On A Comet From Deep Space » Dollar Collapse

Gundlach is a bond billionaire. He and other self appointed Armchair Admirals and Gulf Stream Generalissimos are nothing but a cabal of REMFs all talking shit now that they have theirs. We have to live in the wrecked towns, cities and countries caused by their carpet bombing us into oblivion while we're left dealing with wrecked currencies, crippled financial systems, privation and 10% inflation.

The bond vultures sit in their 80-story penthouses, continuing to strip mine the paltry wealth of the proletariat, feasting on our souls as appetizers. They're wannabe Jolly Green Giants walking the earth with bonds and bombs.They lull us with popular tunes, garbage TV and TikTok crapola. All I think of is they're Sam the Shams, living like pharoahs on the backs of their slaves laboring to build that infamous Exter Pyramid.

Billionaire bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach: Recession likely by Q2 2024 - YouTube

The best and brightest from Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives on X: "BREAKING NEWS: Arrests were just made in a high-profile sex trafficking ring that involved government contractors, professors, military officers, executives at pharmaceutical companies and more This trafficking ring was operating in apartment complexes in Cambridge,…" / X

Full Metal Jacket - Jolly Green Giants - YouTube

The grunts get killed, sent home in a bag.

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
Wooly Bully - YouTube
You think I'm nuckin' futz when I write this? Copy that and then some. I'm effing pissed too

Your much humbled DJ cum Global Analysts.

AGXIIK & Renozep

Not wanting to leave you on a downer, here's a real crowd pleaser from back in the day
BOSTON More Than A Feeling 2008 LiVe - YouTube




Amira Willighagen and Paul Potts sing "Con Te Partiro" 19-11-2014 - YouTube


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