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Many thanks to AGXIIK for providing today's pre-FOMC post. He's got a lot to say and I'm happy to provide him the forum to say it. Also, be sure to find the link in the middle of the post that directs you to a GREAT deal from our friends at SDB. It's very nice of Tyler and the team to offer it to us and I thank AGXIIK for setting it up.

More later today with your usual podcast and summary of the FOMC and Jerry's presser.



I've been an 'all in for silver' bug for 12 years. As in my entire net worth sans free and clear home is 'All In'. It also means I have one chance of getting it right. That pretty much makes me bullet proof to what's going on today. Silver fanatics have been beaten like rented mules and baby seals so long that we don't react like most people. I feel no pain when the metals are shellacked. While I've never served in the military I think what many of us have suffered in the precious metals wars has prepared us to step back, take a 30,000 foot view and in some way provide a bit of dispassionate assessment to what we see today. Call it PTSD--Precious Token Stress Syndrome.

What's becoming abundantly clear is this overwhelming burden of government, personal and corporate debt is unsustainable and when the fiscal reckonings come, gold and silver and we bugs who hold the metals will survive, as have those in millenniums past. Yes, it does get emotional but I've steeled myself in reviewing this material because they're like Hollywood scripts to movies that have yet to be produced. But they're also sequels to the shows and plays that have played out for thousand of years.

My hopes are that I can provide some ideas of how each of us can take even a few steps to protect our net worth, income, security and other things that are important to buffering us from the ravages of inflation, rapacious governments, internet-based information overreach and other things that go bump in the night. It's my hope that you can use a few tips presented in this post after listening to the people who speak and write on the links presented.

To see both how these playwrights, thinkers and editorialists present their messages, I attempt to assimilate their messages or, as Heinlein said, To Grok them, make sense of what is going on and then see ways of doing something to bring all of this together.

My prior pieces were more of a focus on precious metals, How world events unfold in such a way that support all of our contentions the Exter Pyramid, with its gold (and silver) balance point of this, are the best representation of the global financial situation.

Exter - John Exter - Wikipedia

The article will begin and end with a focus on those things which have almost no counter party risk. Most see gold, silver and maybe cryptos such Bitcoin, a vaporware wiffle ball, is as close to that goal as I can stress in my work.

Just so you know I am not even close to being an accomplished or professional writer. What I write can range all over the place with seemingly no tangible connections. But what the heck, I gotta give it a shot or sit back and do nothing. That's not an acceptable position. Even if the thousand plus subscribers on TFMR read it and have a take away that works for them that's OK by me.

The final written product is nonetheless grim. Processing it always forces me to accept that we're mortal. In dealing with what's coming we all need to do something in the way of preparedness. I try to offer some ideas and plans people can effect at the grass roots level to help them grasp what's going to hit us pretty soon.

"If you have gold you have money.

If you don't you have a problem".

Dave Kransler

The Perfect Recipe For A Bull Market In Precious Metals | Investment Research Dynamics

If someone wants to top off their stack or buy silver at a good price, Doc Tyler of SD Bullion send me this link. I don't receive anything for this but wanted to see a good price offered to TFMR readers.

1 oz Silver Buffalo Round | Free Shipping | SD Bullion



What's lined up here is a summation from some really good thinkers and writers of how debt kills. The most important key is Grant's article clipped at the bottom of this article. If you're like me it'll give you a hard kick in the ass.


Out of Control Debt Leads Governments Into War, This Time Is No Different: Matthew Piepenburg - YouTube

A most important podcast treatise on how empires fall after going to war:

Is A Financial Crisis Already Here? US Banks Are Closing 100s Of Branches And Laying Off 1000s Of Workers | ZeroHedge

If you have an account or safe deposit box with risky banks you may want to close the box and rethink your account relationship with a bank in decline. Banks are shedding head count by the tens of thousands. If you have excess funds with any bank or, worse yet, store valuables with the bank's safe deposit box I suggest you find a better place for storage.

Kim DotCom tweeted that you are at risk if you have cash if the banks collapse. Move it out of the banks and into gold and silver. You can always and easily sell it for cash as you need the cash.

Michael Oliver | King World News

Silver to $200? MA says yes. This is worth a listen. Time line is probably 3 years, similar to the span from the 2008 Lehman crash when silver hit $8 to the 2011 $50 peak. Silver bugs call this Rocky Road Ice Cream for the mind

"I Have REAL FEARS That The Gold Market Will Triple" - Rick Rule w/ Mike Maloney - YouTube

Does Rick like Gold? Maybe.

Jim Willie: Gold, Silver To Rise To Forefront As Treasuries Break Down - YouTube

With heart and soul, Willie dives head first into his particular realm and does so with both feet.

On Chris Marcus', Jim reports JPY/USD run from 105 to 150. 152 will come and go like that.

Documentary: All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Ukraine, Middle East, Africa, Bosnia/Serbia:

Will the first moron wanting to make another fateful left turn, like Arch Duke Ferdinand did on June 28th 1914, setting off The Great War please sit down and shut the hell up! You're driving down the street without GPS.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Wikipedia


Supercycle Of Debt

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