Lies, Damned Lies And More Lies

The monthly jobs report has long been a scam, full of statistical and seasonal adjustments, and then shouted from the rooftops as some signal of underlying economic strength. As we approach the end of the fiat regime, you'd expect the lies to get more extreme and outrageous and they are. This month's BLSBS...along with the revisions to February and March...has pushed past the point of incredulity and into the realm of outright distortion and disinformation.

This is actually quite disturbing and I'm not kidding. You'd think that I had seen it all and perhaps become somewhat immune...

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Key Economic Events Week of 12/4

12/4 10:00 ET Factory Orders
12/5 9:45 ET S&P Services PMI
12/5 10:00 ET ISM Services PMI
12/5 10:00 ET JOLTS
12/6 8:15 ET ADP jobs report
12/6 8:30 ET US Productivity
12/7 8:30 ET Initial jobless claims
12/7 10:00 ET Wholesale inventories
12/8 8:30 ET BLSBS
12/8 10:00 ET Prelim UMich Dec.

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