102 Hours Until Beer With Turd

That's one way to look at the week. Yes, this Friday, we'll have another cocktail party and happy hour. In between, however, it's nearly impossible to predict what will transpire.

So, off we go into the wild blue yonder. The only good news this week is that it's a "quiet period" ahead of next week's FOMC. This means NO GOONS! Yay for us!! There will, however, be plenty of consequential economic data including the first guess at Q3 GDP and "The Fed's favorite inflation indicators", the PCE and core PCE....

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Key Economic Events Week of 2/6

2/7 8:30 ET US Trade Deficit
2/7 12:40 ET Chief Goon Powell
2/7 2:00 ET Vice Goon Barr
2/8 9:15 ET Most-detested Goon Williams
2/8 9:30 ET Goon Cook
2/8 10:00 ET Goon Bostic
2/8 12:30 ET Goon Kashnkari
2/8 1:45 ET Goon Waller
2/10 10:00 ET UMich Infl Exp
2/10 12:30 ET Goon Waller again
2/10 2:00 ET US federal budget
2/10 4:00 ET Goon Harker

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