Hold My Beer

Wed, Mar 3, 2021 - 12:56am

Hold My Beer

Last year, when The Bankers short-bashed silver down below $14, I was somewhat broke but just had to get me some at that price. Just because! The shop was filled with buyers. I joined the line and bought 10 ounces at that price while the big buyers quickly cleaned out all the silver in that little LCS. Not sure if the owner was delighted, or troubled. I left wondering if he hedges his inventory each evening before the Comex close.

This past month we have witnessed a new generation of stackers jump into the pond with us—at least 37K new stackers on Wallstreetsilver over on Reddit. I joined the group also and am enjoying their giddy posts as they show off their stacks. They are on fire and proud of their “contribution to the cause” regardless of the amount, just like we old-timers felt a decade ago at the old Watchtower site. While my sincere and undying hope is that this time will be different, the torture I endured after May of 2011 keeps me sober. Indeed, we cannot underestimate the depths of evil the Banksters will embrace in their efforts to retain control of these markets.

(commercial break: Why did Mozart hate chickens? Guess yet? All day long its Bach, Bach, Bach!)

Paris is now aiming his arrow at the mighty Achilles, who knows his “silver heel” is the vulnerable spot. But Achilles will defend against this attack. Rehypothecated metal is the target. Let's bring it to the settlement floor and see who owns it and who doesn't.

For a while in 2011, the ride was a lot of fun. We rode the silver bull up to 49, and then stubbornly held on as it was systematically beaten back down to that low point where many of us were buyers. That was the floor! A lot of swearing happens in the days when we reach that floor.

One fascinating facet of becoming a stacker is that you can never stop. I hadn’t bought much metal for several years, even selling some at $17 out of necessity and unable to buy our stack back for three years. That entire time, I longed to buy. I just could not completely throw in the towel and walk away from stacking, even though my cost average was $35 prior to selling out. The PMs got into my blood!

Oh! What a pitiful fool! If I had only purchased shares in a mutual fund in 2011 instead of loading up on silver. And no need to mention that other form of money here that has been largely left unmolested by the crime syndicate.

For that entire 10 years after the “bin Laden take down," I have kept an eagle on my work desk to fondle every day as I graded student assignments at my teaching job, wondering if price would ever recover. Now I have hope again—I’ll give WallStreetSilver the credit for that hope. Indeed if the arrow of Paris hits its mark, Achilles will fall, but let us all recall who won that war. This latest attempt to storm the COMEX vaults and force them to close the doors, may be successful, letting silver seek its true price. But these Bankers will strike back as it happens. The wily Greeks connived their way into the city of Troy hiding inside their wooden horse—a gift to honor Troy and seemingly admit defeat. The Greeks then destroyed Troy as the Trojans were partying over their apparent victory. They turned that city to such a rubble heap that it was only identified recently.

But this time, 37K new stackers will watch, HODLing their stacks, as pissed off as each generation has been since the Hunt brothers were taken down. And we should not expect the stackers of today to make the same mistakes we have made in the past. We have seen their tricks and know they are capable of great evil. And we know that the regulators and "law enforcement" simply slap their wrists and are rewarded with a cushy job on Wall street when their terms are over.

A new floor is in. Perhaps it is about $20? And we may see it if/when the Banksters strike back, driving silver back down through illegal shenanigans, rule changes, and all the pressure they can muster. They may even ask Congress to outlaw the only constitutionally legal tender. Oh! what a world we live in..

But the ultimate contest may be underway. Can we drive the price of silver high enough to destroy the futures trading before they manipulate the price down and then outlaw private silver ownership?

I actually went to a metals dealer in Phoenix way back in 1982 and considered buying a 10 ounce bar of silver for $8 per ounce. Price had been sitting on that floor for several years. By 2002 the price dropped into the $4 range. But then a hardcore group of stackers began to awaken. Silver prices were forced up, peaked at $20 and then discovered a new floor at $9 as a new generation of stackers came the party. Next silver made its historic run, pausing momentarily at “Turds Bottom” of $26 to relieve itself, then flying up to $50 (albeit an inflationary corrupted $50 when compared to the Hunt peak.) And after the fateful smashing, silver discovered its new floor at $14, which caused me to stop by the LCS just to make a point. And now we are on the rise again.

We are already seeing the Banks response--capping, smashing and negative articles in the mainstream news.

This time though, the new stackers are not in it to get wealthy. They already do that with bitcoin. They will keep HODLing, and the old-timers will be inspired to keep HODLing as well. If price is suppressed and COMEX survives, Silver will find a new floor and rise again. Because once a stacker, always a stacker.

Each run up in price has produced more stackers than the mines can produce silver to satisfy—at least for a while. Unfortunately, a few too many throw in the towel, like I did a few years ago. The retaliation has already begun. The anti-metal hit pieces in the media are already appearing.

Yet, stacking as a means to a personal end as well. I am seeking security for my family in the future. And to that end, I’ll begin taking profits and moving the increase into productive land—both for living and growing. But I’ll always keep about 1/3 of my stack. And I’ll ramp up the stacking if we see a dip in this cycle.

I may have to contribute some blood in this never ending war with these power-grabbing globalists. Silver provides hope for freedom and independence. The possibility of breaking The Banks offers a path to escape the globalist agenda that has enslaved us for too long. It also offers freedom for our kids, as we teach them about stacking and eventually leave them a stack.

So in the meantime, we can all be inspired by the WallStreetSilver movement. The proliferation of first time stackers has the potential to jam up the New York and London delivery system. That will be a lot of fun to watch. And when will we get the chance to try that again?

The opportunity is before us. Let’s all say, “Here, Hold my beer! I gotta go join these youngsters and take on some Bankers.”

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Mar 4, 2021 - 3:43am


Here's a quote from the article you put up.

"Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, with more than 200 million residents, and it recently experienced a surge of COVID-19 cases. As of Tuesday the West African nation has recorded a cumulative total of 156,017 cases, including 1,915 deaths."

Now I am quoting you. "There's a huge COVID spike happening in Nigeria right now, and the health care system is on the verge of collapse."

What? Surge? Spike? You gotta be kidding me. With numbers like these, there is no problem or reason for concern in Nigeria. A lot more people die choking on Bacon than from the covid in Nigeria. Remember, the population of Nigeria is 210 million.

The Worldometers coronavirus website states that the US has a population of 332 million with 29,456,377 cases and 531,652 deaths / 1600 deaths per million.

The same site states that Nigeria has population of 210 million (approx 2/3 of the US) with 156,960 cases and 1939 deaths / 9 deaths per million.

It is clear that the US cases and deaths are off the charts and that Nigeria's are so low that there is no epidemic there. As you can see, the numbers in the article that you put up are just about exactly the same as the numbers that I put up.

The worldwide pandemic has been raging for a year now. I first became aware of it via Dr. Chris Martenson in Jan 2020. I have spent a lot of time researching this for over a year now.

If Nigeria was to get a "spike" it would have got it by now.

Nigeria has been the beneficiary of a Merck sponsored free Ivermectin campaign for many years to stop onchocerciasis.

Onchocerciasis – or 'river blindness' – is a parasitic disease caused by the filarial worm Onchocerca volvulus. It is transmitted through the bites of infected Simulium blackflies, which breed in fast-flowing streams and rivers.

Onchocerciasis is a major cause of blindness in many African countries. About half a million people are blind or visually impaired due to the disease. Onchocerciasis also causes ugly skin disease with depigmentation and severe unrelenting itching.

Nigeria has been using Ivermectin for many years. And that's why the covid deaths are so low there.

Crawtestdad may be trying to dazzle us with the "jargon", (a gentle term). It would be good for all to spend some quality time on the FLCCC website and read and hear what 5 top of the heap American doctors have to say about Ivermectin. Or follow Dr. Chris Martrenson PHD Virologist. Or Dr. Thomas Borody from Australia or Dr. Mobeen Syed. Borody is world renowned. All the guys I mentioned are heavy weights with no axe to grind.

There is no money to be made on Ivermectin. It is proven, safe, very effective and dirt cheap. Big Pharma hates it and they will cancel anyone they can who recommends it. They will marginalize them, attack them and lie about them. They will find ways to remove their videos.

The fact that there is an already proven drug that should be re-purposed for the prevention / and / or cure of the Covid that is being suppressed is the crime of the century.

Nobody is dying from Ivermectin. Nobody. But 2 1/2 million have died from the covid to date. And a lot of people haven't died but are long haulers which may have permanently damaged them.

As per usual, follow the money. Multiple Billions of $$$$$ Dollars are being made on the vaccines. And the politicians are recipients of a lot of cash. The entire situation makes me want to puke.

Pharma Spent $6 Billion on Lobbying Politicians in the ...


2020-03-26 · Pharma Spent $6 Billion on Lobbying Politicians in the Last 20 Years New research suggests that Big Pharma and "well-resourced drug industry groups" exert considerable political influence through lobbying and campaign contributions.

Mar 3, 2021 - 9:01pm

That hit piece on Ivermectin . . .

. . . left about as bad a taste in my mouth as the actual horse paste!

just sayin'

Mar 3, 2021 - 8:38pm

IVM reports of toxicity, other misinformation

Granted the piece on poison control calls you are complaining about is thin on the details and not great reporting. A better article would have more details and data from poison control centers.

It's a strange logic though. A drug company could easily make more money on a prophylactic medication than on a vaccine. So the basic premise seems pretty weak, aside from the strange assumption that vast numbers of sinister people are in cahoots with no leakage, no within with a conscience etc. That's on par with the Qanon conspiracy, which has a prediction record of near zero, just like tomorrow won't see Trump taking office.

"Dr. Chidi Njemanze" is a fraud: neurocardiologist/NASA trainee/GMO expert, supposedly an immunology expert now, too with theory on Ivermectin and decades-long immunity to antigens never encountered. Call the Nobel committee, this is bigger than the first for IVM. Do RWNJ's ever check anything? No wonder they like to cancel critics, including moderate right wingers that won't bow down to Dear Leader. That's probably on par with LWNJ cancel culture.


How would Jimmy Carter's Ivermectin efforts years ago against river blindness have made someone durably immune to RNA viruses. That is just an extraordinary claim.

There's a huge COVID spike happening in Nigeria right now, and the health care system is on the verge of collapse, just like Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, all countries that have had heavy use of IVM. Not that IVM is the only, or even the main cause of those healthcare system collapsing, but you have to wonder how the claims of efficacy can stand up.

The projections about overwhelming cost are probably just wrong as well. To wit, there are significant changes in storage requirements, which also impacts administration costs to some extent. In any case, it's foolish to let it rage out of control there since it affects everywhere inevitably. Just like foolish liberals like Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore saying Texans shouldn't get vaccinated. Stupid, inhumane.


Mar 3, 2021 - 8:15pm

Questions re IVM toxicity

Sorry, I know you guys don't like questions. Maybe they just don't matter to you?

1. What is the threshold dose for neurotoxicity. Respectfully, I have to even ask if it is lower or higher than the lethal dose? What is the threshold neurotoxicity tissue concentration?

2. What are the effects of CYP3A4 inhibitors on drug levels, or does that not matter? Do you even ask what someone is taking when you recommend this to someone? What is that person's genotype for 3A4?

3. What about their genotype for P-glycoproteins? How do P-glycoproteins figure into IVM neurotoxicity? A pharmacist screens for p-glycoprotein drug-drug, or drug-herb interactions? Do you?

4. Neurotoxicity is also mediated by GABA receptors. Do you ask any relevant questions about that? Would alcohol consumption play a role for example.

5. How commonly do people make dosing errors with meds, or is that really rare?

Mar 3, 2021 - 7:23pm


That hit piece on horse paste was terrible, especially when they conflate it with all the poisonings that people have been doing. If you look at most of the decriptions on the horse stuff it seems they have been updated with more severe warnings on human consumption. It think it shows that word is getting out, even though Pierre Kory's pleas at the senate hearings have been wiped from utube.

Just for interest I looked at LD-50. For humans its given as >15 mg/kg, whereas the FLCCC dose is 0.2 mg/kg. So I figure an adult could likely consume a full 7 tubes of horse paste and still have room to spare before getting to a lethal dose. Just shows how stupid these hit pieces are.

Mar 3, 2021 - 6:25pm

Another commercial break

Just to lighten up from the bankster's forced crashes, here's a funny and apropos one from the Jailbird himself:


indiana rod
Mar 3, 2021 - 6:02pm

How Can It Get More Bullish ?

Delivery demand is roughly 20 times what it was for this period last year.

It is approximately 4 times the the previous record for the period set in 2010.

I don't see haow it can get more bullish than this.

We all know what happened in 2010.

Yet the Bankers keep selling. It's like trying to bluff with a pair of 5s.

Mar 3, 2021 - 5:53pm


Thanks. I am well aware of these videos have watched them a number of times.

But, thanks anyways, because people who haven't seen them will be benefitted.

A pox / curse on the house of those who have lied about Ivermectin. Hundreds of thousand of lives would have been saved except for the corruption and greed of Big Pharma and politicians.

Pharma Spent $6 Billion on Lobbying Politicians in the ...


2020-03-26 · Pharma Spent $6 Billion on Lobbying Politicians in the Last 20 Years New research suggests that Big Pharma and "well-resourced drug industry groups" exert considerable political influence through lobbying and campaign contributions.

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SteveWFat Willie
Mar 3, 2021 - 5:36pm


If I recall correctly the cost of 1 oz manufactured sovereign silver during "normal" times does not exceed 12 - 15% over spot. Thus the ASEs should not exceed $30.13, making $38.38 a 27% scarcity premium.

Buy at Onegold and redeem later or at Kinesis and use their debit card later at your favourite LCS.

human organism...ex-canary
Mar 3, 2021 - 5:36pm

DDB...the conditions are there for the Fed operation twist

Is the Fed Going to Revive Operation Twist? — DiMartino Booth via Bloomberg

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