Screwing The Little Guy

Mon, Sep 7, 2020 - 10:00am

The ferocity of recent downward manipulation of metals prices prompts a pause for thought. The manipulators had to take actiona Hail Mary if you will, (No, I cannot use that metaphor to describe bankers out of respect for my Catholic brethren). Yea, it was an act of desperation, willing to risk everything to save their control of “their” markets. They doubled down with shorts and engaged in blatant manipulation to make sure they both regain control and fatten their purse.

The prop desk traders, analysts and programmers that make up the crew of Wall Street monkeys share a portion of the guilt, but the real criminals are their bosses who devise the plots and give the orders to initiate them. “Release the Goldbug-Smash Algo,” they text, looking out the upper windows of their NY offices at the ants walking below. And the machines take over, in the wee hours while we sleep, unable to respond, overwhelming the bid stack, running stops so that when markets re-open, contracts with stop loss orders in place will be sold at even lower prices.

This order to assassinate the metals is often accompanied by recycled articles with headlines of the metal’s demise, declaring their “barbarous” nature, mocking anyone who has recently bought metal to hedge their portfolio. The fast downward turn in price, which the monkeys contrived, becomes the evidence for the bearish tone of the “experts” in their recycled missives. How convenient! Not that real metal investors are fooled, but the general public hangs on every word, as if googling “gold” and reading a “name brand” publication makes them knowledgeable, too.

Then the monkeys pile on even more shorts in a second wave of attack, immediately putting the dip buyers underwater. Investors squeal as the rack tightens, pulling them out of joint, until even more traders sell at a loss as banks begin slowly buying their way out of their underwater contracts, easing the pain of their entire short position.

And when little traders (like this author) have finally had enough, we sell our shares from or retirement portfolio. But even that seemingly unrelated SLV holding translates into a seller on Comex, and another long contract is sold as a Bankster monkey buys back another profitable short.

And their Evil Empire rakes in the cash, regroups, and goes right back to stealing our hard earned wages with their regular “wash, rinse & repeat” algo. Screwing the little guys!

You know, I suspect that at least one member of this blog has worked on Wall Street, a soldier of the cabal, disillusioned, and deserted them to pursue a “cleaner” way of living—as well as warning and helping others. And we gladly offer forgiveness, rejoicing that they have switched sides, like a Pentecostal preacher when a sinner repents. But most of the monkeys are enjoying their dirty prosperity, not fully realizing the pain their obedience to orders is causing. It’s their job. Besides, “Anyone who is investing can afford the losses,” they say... “DYODD,” they say... Hopefully, they will open their eyes and leave the cabal one day.

From Order-follower to Sycophant

Above these employees just “doing their jobs” is a layer of sycophantic lackeys who carry out their master plan, in government, defense, the sciences, education, big business, the medical field, energy, and other powerful venues. They are another kind of animal! They will never leave. They are in too deep. They receive too much money, stolen from the little guys. Initially, these politicians, career government administrators, and business leaders simply profited from their “club” as George Carlin calls it, living in lavish comfort. “It’s a big club, and you’re not in it.” But if you have skills they need, and are willing to step on people to get to the top, they just might invite you in. Their top leaders need talent to keep the machine running. An unexpected promotion falls on some lower level manager who just seems especially ruthless. Invitations to parties follow. Wild nights with sex, drugs and alcohol, complete with hidden cameras. “C’mon over to Jeffrey’s house and lets have some fun!” Young beautiful women and men abound, willing to do anything with you. And, it gets even wilder—even younger, more beautiful women and men, um, girls and boys will be there too. But, these recently promoted lackeys didn’t know, they just didn’t know about those hidden cameras, just in case they think about some whistle-blowing, or ever have second thoughts about their service. They will not leave, and very few talk about it.

The real evil are the “Elites.”

The high level globalist elites are cold and calculating, sociopathic, and believe that their blue-blood is better than "we the people," that we are their possessions, that our hard-earned possessions are really theirs to use as they wish—even our lives.

“Fodder” feed for livestock—coarsely chopped hay or straw; a consumable, often inferior item or resource
that is in demand and abundant.

THAT is what they think of us.

I was appalled to realize that we are all “cannon fodder” to these war-mongering globalist elites. They make money with war while they keep us little people too divided to challenge them. They draft us into the military for their endless wars, and send our children to charge the line of cannon across and open field in battles where the dead are numbered in the tens of thousands. “Send in another regiment!” they callously order from an tent far away. “We must take that hill.” Did you know there were only about 4 years in all of the 17th century where there was complete peace in Europe? No wonder people got out and emigrated to the Americas.

More recently, they ordered our kids to take “hacksaw ridge” or “hamburger hill” and drive armored SUVs around rebellious cities seeking “terrorists.” Gotta send over another boatload of SUVs and keep the blood flowing. A good friend’s oldest son survived two Iraq roadside bombs. He is not the same pleasant kid who I remember chatting with years ago. The elite’s incessant wars touch all of us, one way or another, some worse than others.

My own son was too young for the most recent US atrocious actions, but they have seduced him into playing video war games, online, with other young people around the country, learning the skills to operate drones. My wife bought a drone to take overhead photos of homes she would list as a real estate agent. She and I failed miserably in our attempts to fly that thing. We asked our son to try it. He mastered that toy-camera-weapon, flying circles around us in five minutes.

And back in January a bat bit a pangolin barfed up a new virus! Really? You really expect people to believe that? Well the prestigious New Yorker Magazine expects us to believe it, having published an article suggesting just that--after geneticists published a peer reviewed article demonstrating the "man-made" features of Covid. Somebody is wrong, and if you sniff for the bullshit, that somebody is obvious. Many people see this Covid-19 virus as a bioweapon--a means to crash the economy via oppressive lockdowns just before the next election, so that the incumbent POTUS is defeated.

These globalists have no qualms about sacrificing 834,000 of us "canon fodder" to get the leader THEY want in the USA. "Send another 100K up the hill!"

Most Americans can’t see the powers behind the curtain. Toto will not show up to pull the curtain back. The globalist’s mid-level lackeys are too busy being rich and enjoying life to care where "god's work" is leading us. They believe in “the cause”—but history is how most wars are based on elite lies, distorting the reality of what elitist actions ultimately accomplish.

For these sociopaths, the little people are their's to rape and pillage, take everything of value and use it selfishly. They are in total control, most of the time. "The screwing will continue forever, because we can!" They screw us in business , politics and other venues of life. They believe WE are there to serve their pleasures. And one of those things they take pleasure in is systematically stealing our livelihood through the manipulation of gold and silver prices to keep their fiat money smelling good to the masses. Just yesterday, my ornery sister-in-law educated me saying "You can't eat gold." Brainwashed!

Will the metals manipulation ever end? Will metals ever break out and move up to their real value? Not while these sociopaths still have control. Craig assiduously pointed out a few weeks ago that the Banksters make money consistently by their shorting scheme and have no intention to let price rise, even though JPM has all that silver. If they let it rise, they only make profit once--no rinse & repeat next delivery period.

I have long suspected that the elites do business with one another in gold, and that the value of gold in their world is quite different than in our “barbarous” world. Perhaps they simply measure it in kilos, rather than comparing it to one of many monopoly monies they created for the little guys to use for their economy.

When Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, demanded delivery of the country’s 90 tons of gold being held in the bank of England, the little guys had gone too far. The price of the metal skyrocket up to over $1900. Chavez was not in their club, and he wanted to do what was best for Venezuelans. That was not to be tolerated. Within months Chavez was dead, then their gold was demand back as collateral to keep the nation solvent (who else but Goldman Sachs to make the deal happen). Finally, the nation was pushed into economic disaster by US sanctions, as the CIA picked out a new “Democratic” leader, Juan Guaido, who is still waiting to take over. Not all globalist plans unfold as they hoped. But Venezuela, once a model economy for South America, lies ravaged today.

Democracy… “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

But we little guys are allowed to have a bit of gold. However, its price is closely controlled. They cannot have us getting independent through its ownership. Those that hold some metals must be punished financially, discouraging its widespread demand. New investors must feel the sting of their whip and swear off holding gold. Seems to be the wise and the experienced investors who learn to cost average and hold for the long term. Perhaps a metals investor has to get burned badly once, hold on to the metal through the investment from hell, then watch price recover to fully appreciate the nature of gold and silver.

So far this year, metals have resisted the usual plan. In the meantime, the elites stack gold high in their Central Banks as they manipulate world economies, seeking an ever-expanding sphere of control to bring the entire globe under their purview.

So will it be fiat paper or metal for the long term? For my part, I am holding metal until the fiat value of metal, AND the fiat value of income property are both favorable. Then I will convert part of my metal to property (rental and agriculture) and stop working for someone else. I’d rather have a globalist tax man send me letters and threats demanding fiat, than a militarized swat team arrive with metal detectors and tear my home apart.

I just don’t trust these globalists, and their overthrow may prove quite difficult. Though I have a glimmer of hope, I’m not holding my breath for the current POTUS and Q to root them out and make gold and the world free again. Our stacks will serve us well if we have strong hands and only trade part of it to get out of debt to these Banksters, and use our metal to obtain assets that meets our long-term needs.

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Sep 7, 2020 - 9:04pm


Thanks for sharing that special experience with us!

Sep 7, 2020 - 8:41pm

The beatdowns are starting again

Dollar up, PMs knocked down. Hope we don't have another week like last week.

Sep 7, 2020 - 8:36pm
Sep 7, 2020 - 8:35pm


It's nice that you're starting to see the light on the wealth inequality that continues to accelerate in the US and many other places. This is where the 'capitalistic' heroes bring us every time, this isn't anything new at all. It was never capitalism to begin with because that's just an ideal, not a real economic system that humans ever implemented.

The fact of the matter is we're going to see these people take even more in the months and years ahead. After the election and when the pandemic comes to an end, the fiscal austerity will begin REGARDLESS of who is in office. Yes, they're not going to print money for SS, Medicare and other social programs. This print money and hand it out to the debt slave peasants is NEVER going to happen.

I know most around here absolutely hate the protesters and their methods of hitting the streets because of their perceived injustices. But let me ask you, what is everyone else going to do when gold/silver isn't protecting them and their government gives them a big chunk of fiscal austerity?

You see, for gold and silver to reach higher levels, we're going to need those protesters that are screaming about racial and social injustices, to have people join the movement to protest about economic injustices. Yes, the very people many of you despise might be your only hope in the years ahead. Most conservatives will accept the abuse from the Bankers and say we need to 'stop living off the credit card' and watch as The Elite grab the remaining 10% with no resistance.

Just buying gold and silver and hoping for some market event isn't going to cut it and I think you already know that fact by now. These bankers are more than happy to have most of us living in a perpetual economic depression for many decades ahead. There is no credit growth, there is no velocity of money, there is reduced consumption, there is full out debt slavery, there is no real demand for commodities and there's no wage or employment growth.

Until there is real pressure on The Elites, we're never going to get any change. The only pressure they feel is with people hitting the streets and demanding real change or else. It's been that way throughout all of human history, everything the working class has today had to start with a struggle on the streets. Voting doesn't make a difference, sending Emails to our representatives doesn't make any difference and our asset allocation also doesn't make any difference for change. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

It's really sad that it has to come down to this much of the time, but regardless of the human system at work, people and greed usually get out of control. Maybe the Bankers will see the light and spread some of the wealth around, but something tells me it's already too late.

Sep 7, 2020 - 8:06pm

Our Salvation

Yes, TPTB can manipulate the price of anything, and use their presstitutes in the MSM to spin whatever narrative suits them. But there is one Achilles Heel out there that they have [so far] not been able to control -- the earnings of the miners.

With the price of gold and silver slowly but steadily rising, we've recently witnessed the [expected] beatdowns, which are shallower and shorter in duration than in the past. With metal shortages on all the exchanges, they have to be careful of forcing prices too much lower, at the risk of a run on the markets as customers clamor for delivery of the real thing.

As gold and silver prices stay elevated, we're entering a perfect storm:

1. Metals inventories are drying up.

2. There are no new discoveries of significant deposits of either metal. (And, even if there were, it would take years to develop the resource.)

3. Covid-19 is guaranteeing disappointing earnings for 90% of the S&P 500 stocks.

4. Miners earnings are soaring, and "the trend is your friend!"

5. Recent "publicity" (Buffett's purchase of Barrick, the Ohio Pension Fund voting to allocate to gold), will serve to plant the idea of investing in precious metals in investors (from hedge funds to individuals) who could begin a move into metals.

Personally, I like how things are lining up . . .

Sep 7, 2020 - 7:36pm

Great weekend contributions

Dr. J, perhaps your best article, ever. Spoke to everyone of us and every point was on point!

Mavens -- your son and daughter will remember this weekend with their dad the rest of their lives.

tonym9boomer sooner
Sep 7, 2020 - 6:46pm

oh that shit is funny lololol

oh that shit is funny lololol im rofl in my recliner trying not to spill my rum/aw...that needs to be on a full loop with the entire billie jean song lololol

BryanPboomer sooner
Sep 7, 2020 - 5:56pm
Sep 7, 2020 - 5:46pm

VIRGINIA CITY NEW SUBSCRIBER--anyone else who wants to attend

Several of our local TFMR regulars are gathering for our monthly meeting at Bertha Miranda's Mexican Restaurant in Reno. Located at 336 Mill St. We meet on the patio outside to enjoy some good Mexican food and company of like minded precious metal bugs.

For the new subscriber who lives in Virginia City, you can PM me for further details We welcome any TFMR member carbon based life forms to attend and enjoy the good company. We meet at around 12 AM Thursday Sept 17


Sep 7, 2020 - 5:02pm

"You can't eat gold" Not 'zackly

In 1599 the Jivaro Indians of Ecuador destroyed a town called Logarno and took the governor captive and killed most of town's inhabitants of 25,000 people.

The locals got tired of being forced as slaves to mine gold for the Spaniards. They took matters into their own hands when extortionate taxes, paid in gold, were demanded by the OberGubernator. They tied him down then paid the taxes in the form of molten gold poured down his throat. Bon appetit guvnah. That must have hurt like stink.

I'd be quite happen to donate 1,000 ounces of silver in the form of a couple of misshapen Englehard bars and an ammo can of 10 ouncers if we catch a few hundred banker monkeys and their bosses and subject them to the same punishment.

Tie them down, melt maybe 2 ounces of silver per monkey using a ceramic crucible, easily handling the 1,800 degree melt point, and start pouring some very unusually shaped ingots. Film it on utoob.

On another front, that wealth distribution article added to a conversation I had with a TFMR homie at a local restaurant yesterday.

Wealth distribution inequities came up after we discussed how the rich have been getting richer. Precious metals owned with no counter party risk and no debt against them might be the most effective means to preserve what little wealth we had left.

After the middle class gets its final raping as the Scamdemic shutdown and COVID boogiemen destroy livelihoods, businesses, retirement plans and cash via the ravages of inflation what will we have left? With some much of the country going sideways are you feeling richer yet?

We discussed the Chapwood Index inflation charts of the 50 largest cities in the US. Average YOY inflation was right at 10%. With all that inflation are you feeling richer yet?

I noted that the top 1% owns 90% of everything and the remaining 99% own only 10%. That inequity has increased for 60 years. Are you feeling richer yet?

We talked about the relentless and incessant theft of our paltry wealth by the Elites, sycophants and trader Monkeys; the royals, old rich and Puppeteers; the hedge funds, billionaires and interlocking directorates that control that 90% of the world's wealth.

They are the members of that Big Club. We are not. Vicariously rubbing elbows with that crew via Facebook, Twitter, social media and their puking of the messaging that we are just zeks living on a global gulag,must submit to our masters, mask up, social distance, mistrust our neighbors and OBEY; does it make you feel richer yet? If yet, then turn off that shit.

The hourly and daily raping of us to squeeze that final 10% from our hands to theirs continues. Today is good example. Why is that necessary? Isn't it enough that the 1% who own 90% of our $80 trillion dollar notional national net worth are satisfied by that gargantuan stake? Apparently not. They will not be satisfied until the remaining $8 trillion slides down their gluttonous gullets.

Will they be happy when they own 99%.


It's not in their nature to be satisfied.


The raping with continue until morale improves.

Are you feeling richer yet?

If you hold gold and silver; hold your family like Mavens does his; hold your faith that this cycle will end before we are consumed by these ghouls; hold your faith in God, you will be richer than any modern day equivalent of Croesus. Keep stackin'

Dr J. Your article was both very well written and spoke to the heart of the matter as we contemplate the nature of 'them versus us'

While there may not be much justice in the world, we have just us, a resolute band of precious metals bugs.

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