What now, boss? A New Normal?

Tue, Jul 28, 2020 - 9:00am
Image: Doctor J--member of TFMetals report.com

As I was walking our doggie last evening, I passed by the neighbor’s place. They have a wrought iron gate and an Australian shepherd that loves to run out and say hello each day. I waited by the gate and while the dogs were chatting, the owner waved at me and started to walk out to the road. We stood there and chatted for a half hour about Grand Canyon gold, historical cover-ups and the metals markets. Its nice to know that we have like-minded neighbors—30 years younger, I should add.

I just watched the video posted by tedc on the Friday thread. Nothing in there surprised me. Nice to have a date of 2025 when it all goes down though. And all y’all knew what was coming—increased control of our lives, all transactions via and an artificially intelligent internet that reads our biometrics. And no economic activity if you don’t sign up. Reminds me of some conspiracy theory in the Bible

But I choked on a Vienna sausage upon seeing a scene in that video where the filmmaker showed multiple clips of news anchors and politicians saying “New Normal.” Sounds to me like that phrase is a quite rhetorical! … and through repetition we are being prepared to never go back to life as it was. Methinks the deep state is at work here—masters of propaganda and persuasion.

What kind of “New Normal” do we want?

Well if that new activist group “Antiglo” fails in its effort to expose the globalists and try them for crimes against humanity, and start riots and stuff, we may indeed be stuck in this new normal. And if we are, I’d like to have some say in the kind of new normal we are forced to live in.

But the “pandemic” this year has thrown a plethora of monkey wrenches into our plans. Last fall I moved from a college town to a small rural/retirement community after wifey’s mother, age 86 (mom, not wifey), broke her leg. We sold our home and moved into her spacious mansion—temporarily--to nurse her back to health. But this is not a good property for self-sufficiency, and it is not ours--but that is a story for another day. Then the pandemic was loosed. So, wifey and I are discussing the kind of home we would prefer. Given the problems I see in my own locale, finding a property a bit more remote might be a good option. And with metals at today’s prices, we have the wherewithal to do just that. I suppose the $100,000 question, literally, is centered around whether prices make all time highs, go even higher, or get smashed back down by a new shorting scheme.

In the meantime, bull markets are altogether exciting, but kind of boring in a way. Metals up again! What’s my portfolio worth today? Do I sell yet? The smashdowns, banker shenanigans, margin hikes and such keep our anger focused. But lately there just hasn’t been mas much to think about. I check price in the AM, go across town to work on our rental property, check price on my phone a few times a day, and then again in the evening as I listen to the podcast. Not much to see but good news. Even the pullbacks don’t trouble me now.gold and silver have fattened our assets nicely. What does one do with windfall profits from the rise in metal prices? Do we sit around on our stack, joyfully fondling it like Scrooge McDuck. Or will the time come when it’s best to invest your windfall—a means to an end. Do we purchase a bug-out property? (Hey, I found a nice one for anyone pining for the mountains of Colorado click here)

The Exit Plan

All good traders have an exit plan—a price point where they begin liquidating and a plan of where to invest the profits next. Gotta think ahead, ya know! So what is your exit plan?

  • Will you stay on the bull until the government outlaws gold and forces you to sell at, let’s say, last year’s price of 1400?
  • Will paying for goods & services with junk silver be outlawed, punishable by a fine and confiscation as we are herded into digital currencies and negative interest rates?
  • Last time metals were this high, I had no plan and sat on my hands as they tumbled in price, watching my gains evaporate. Ten years later as I near retirement age, I don't intend to let that happen.

My first thought about an exit plan is to stay on this ride until a “correction” is immanent, then perhaps hedge the portfolio with puts and see what happens. If a correction starts, I can also lighten the portfolio by 30-50%. I don’t want to completely liquidate the stack. If the correction continues, or some other monkey business is clearly going on, I’ll exit with what profits I have and switch trading strategies from buy and hold to catching the waves.

My hope is that real estate foreclosures will be sneaking into the housing market soon, pushing prices down across the board, and we can purchase a new home, with some land, at a discount. But that is not happening just yet.

For now, we’re holding the metal. I suspect this bull is just getting started.

We should all take such questions seriously, knowing the nature and character of the globalists. Our prosperity and independence is anathema to their plots. And the best answer I can see is to move from metals after a nice gain and purchase property—the kind that one can live on and one that can make a living for you.

At one time owning a large lot in the city, and putting in the “square foot gardening” method, front yard and back, would work for most of us. But in a big city, now? Especially being a member of the wrong race. All lives apparently do not matter to our millennial youth who are already showing their willingness to be persuaded to riot and murder. No, I want to be as far from cities as we can get--at least far enough that looters cannot make a day-trip to the rural farm. I want like-minded neighbors who value community. None of us have all the skills needed for self-survival AND a comfortable life.

Our fine virtual community here has not only kept us abreast of significant news pertaining to metals, but also has been a place where we share knowledge, ideas, and advice to make this transition into the “new normal.”I hope that tradition can continue. Seems that we have spent most of our time discussing markets and investing lately. I am hoping that both our new and old members can help us think more deeply about the future.

So here are five questions (An essay exam for those who miss college) for all of us to ponder.

  1. We are a bit too close to a large city—too close for comfort. But how much distance is enough?
  2. Most neighbors are retirees, not preppers or investors who have a clue about what is going on? Can we trust them?
  3. Millennials, not always the trustworthy types, are moving into their grandparent’s homes and getting service jobs. Will they become Deep globalist informants?
  4. Water is a precious commodity here. The valley’s river-fed irrigation system is mired in a lawsuit with the state that wants the river water for the ever-expanding Phoenix area. The groundwater has high levels of arsenic. We only receive 14” of rain per year. Should I set up a permanent residence in this locale where good gardening water might be stripped away for the city?
  5. The old landed farmers are all passing away. Their farms by the river are being subdivided for retirement housing. Will this town be able to feed itself?

I’ll stop with five questions. I could get depressed if I keep adding them up. But the biggest questions, with a hundred right answers, may be, “What do we all do with our profits? and “When & how do we begin harvesting them?” I am all ears to learn how to reap these profits without missing out on bigger ones.

For that I had no plan in 2011. Not this time.

About the author: Since we have many new members, I thought I better say a word or two for those who don’t know me. Been a member since the early days-- a below average trader-- a construction background and then waded into the university system in a mid-life career change. Finally earned a PhD in Rhetoric (art of persuasion) and have been teaching college for the past 25 years. Fraid I can’t wear a MAGA hat at work. They’d kick me out the door in a minute. I have learned that I ain’t no smarter than most of you, but I do seem to have a knack for observin' & ‘splainin’ things.

About the Author


Jul 28, 2020 - 2:38pm

Gates The worst joke in the world. Monty Python--best joke

My silver predictions are close to second funniest joke.

My initial reaction to Doc J's essay is to opine on Plans A, B, C, D, E and F. Too much windyness on that for today.

We live in Reno. Safe zone? Maybe. Neighborhood has a nice balance of young, middle and old. This is Nevada. We have a different opinion of things that are meaningful to preppers, stackers, patriot types, the usual crowd we'd like to hang with

As far as neighborhood watch, I'm old, cranky, mean as a snake son of a bitch if someone rubs my fur the wrong way. If the shit hits the fan I'll stack bodies like cordwood. My homies are like minded. Anyone who wants safe harbor can raft up with us. Bring food, guns and silver. Lots of it.

The idea that we cannot use cash is coming. Kroger is rumored to refuse cash for groceries. Once people get used to that then vax passports and DNA chipping are an easy step.

People are tired, scared and want an easy solution. Most people will stick out their hand, their families hands, their kids hands. Look at the cowed Chinese who are little more than the organic tag end of the PLA CCP AI Borg synthesis of Chairman Mao's wet dream control of the zeks and proles.

We've been prepped for this by innumerable zombie, survivor contagion flicks and sci fi fear alien invasion porn. We should know better than to accept what is being dealt us. We've seen this movie before. Wake the fuck up people.

People will line up for food, water and vaccines without a second thought. Individually people are pretty smart but in groups they are either dangerous or easily controlled.

We have Antifa and FBLM trashing cities, looting anything and with zero police action to stop it. If push comes to shove we need to become

The ANTI-VA army. Anti vaccine army. We are legion. We are billions and they are few. They ain't seen trashing and looting and killing if they rile up the silent majority proletariat armies. We ain't started playing Cowboys and Antifa yet.

I'd change a lot of things but my DNA is mine; not Emperor Palpatine, er I mean GAVI Gates' property.

My ancestors survived for 250,000 years by being uber aggressive competitive rat basturd take no prisoner survivors, filled with Celt, Picts, Gaul, Viking, Neanderthal and native American DNA. There's not a peaceful strand of DNA in my entire genome and I plan to keep it that way.

This foul excrescence, this Borg-Gates thing, with a vaccine body count in the millions, needs to be hauled out and staked out, body parts removed with shears, hot poker cauterizing the stumps and repeat for a week until his name is Mat. As in door mat. An legless, armless meat sack with trunk and a bit of face left over after his nose and ears are removed. Then pierced with hooks and hung upside down, gutted and fed to rats. Ditto for his wife, children and everyone in his family, stamping out his DNA line forever. Gates is one reason I say Carthago Delende Est.

Full retard Jacobin is required before these people think it's ok to to transform 7,000,000,000 people into Gates human farm.

We ain't pretty. We might not be much to look at. We can be great people, foolish people, so so people, generous people, selfish people and lots of other faults and flaws that, on balance, make us worthy of staying human and working to be the best we can given the circumstances and hands we're dealt.

Nuff said Maybe this didn't 'zacky fit Dr J's themes but it's been on my mind for a while.

Jul 28, 2020 - 2:37pm

Resources (books)

A few resources when considering the subject of the article.

I mentioned Piero San Giorgio's Survive the Economic Collapse over the weekend. Check it out. It's more general but is basically about building your own SAB, or sustainable autonomous base, as he calls it.

(Smart man, by the way. Made a fortune in tech and then put it all in PMs around 200o or something like that.)

I'm looking at two other books that I have not yet read. Both are by Joel Skousen. One is The Secure Home and the other is Strategic Relocation. The former is all about building a very secure home -- and is this ever an incredibly specific, detailed book. The latter is an in-depth analysis of geographic locations all over North America. It's more of a reference -- you wouldn't read it cover-to-cover. Very interesting to see the criteria he uses for analysis. Both available on Amazon or his webite. His website might be of interest to many here.

Jul 28, 2020 - 2:32pm

RE: When its time to sell metals

When metals become a bubble its very likely stocks will be undervalued after the economic collapse. Even mining stocks are companies vulnerable to market collapses and will probably get obliterated.

I'm sure many of the well run ones will recover after being available for a song but bottom line is I expects stocks to become good investments after the paradigm shift.

Jul 28, 2020 - 2:25pm

The article is about fraud not C19

If you followed any of the links you would realize the fraud and misrepresentation of C19. Just like HCQ which has dozens of studies showing it efficacy in treatment but at every turn media and Faucie try and discredit those who say it works. Who benefits more ?

Stretch674 oz
Jul 28, 2020 - 2:24pm
4 ozstingbee
Jul 28, 2020 - 2:03pm


Okay....and your take on this is??

Jul 28, 2020 - 1:47pm
Jul 28, 2020 - 1:44pm

upcoming smash tactics

would guess they resort to smashing more during the thinly traded hours in the days ahead, I say go ahead, it is BTFD time when they do!

Jul 28, 2020 - 1:39pm

investment account instead of

investment account instead of margin account - read your terms and conditions at the institution. they need your explicit permission from what I understand.

DTCC is the head of the snake for equity share re-hypothecation

read up on the former Overstock CEO and his whistle blowing that was muffled...

or here: https://stopnakedshortselling.org/

if it's as bad as I think - should the system ever implode ETF gold and silver stocks with multiple claims on a single assets will be just as bad as the other conventionally traded assets.....both equity& bond.

only safety is really tangible assets outside the system

Jul 28, 2020 - 1:28pm

Covid- is not fraud

I really detest when I see conspiracy articles that Covid is just like another flu. People don't die of flu in the summer time like we are experiencing right now via Covid. People are sick and ICU Beds full in many hospitals. Some don't make it and some end-up with chronic inflammation after recovering. Your lung tissues could be inspired for a long time and it could also cause other problems.

I just wished we could rest this nonsense that this is just like the flu. If you think it is, then God help you.

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