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Total Manipulation And Control

Wow. Maybe we're all just getting numb to the total and comprehensive Bank control of "the markets"? How else can you explain the near-complete passivity in the face of such overt manipulation?

On with SGT Report

Back on Wednesday, I had the honor of connecting once again with the SGT Report. We had a lengthy and detailed conversation about a whole host of topics that are near and dear to TFMR so please take the time to give it a listen.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, April 20

No A2A today so just this recap of what was a noteworthy day of market manipulation, particularly in the USDJPY and Comex Digital Silver.

Remarkable USDJPY Manipulation

As you know, the key battle this week is for the 200-day moving average in the all-important USDJPY. Today has seen some some incredible, overt bursts of central bank intervention but, fortunately, thus far none if this has adversely impacted the prices of the Comex Digital Metals.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 19

As the price rigging and manipulation is once again becoming more overt, today we take some time to explain why it is happening and where we should expect some buying support for both Comex Digital Metals.

Trouble for Kuroda and Draghi

For whatever reason (maybe just a lack of horrible headlines?) the dollar is rallying today and bonds are down. This has combined to shove CDG lower and back below $1280.

This Week's Batchelor-Cohen

Another great show last night where Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen provided a dose of essential information in regards to Syria, Russia and the New Cold War.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 18

A volatile Tuesday sets up a very interesting Wednesday  as we wait to see what happens next in USDJPY, interest rates and Comex Digital Gold.

Goldman Punts on GAN2017

The Bank-promoted narrative for 2017 of higher rates, strong dollar and booming growth crumbled further today as TungstenmanSachs officially closed out their "long dollar" trade at a loss. Oops. For $11.95/month, their clients could have learned a lot more simply by being members at TFMR!

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 17

An exasperated Turd is just simply ready to call it a day.

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