The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Turd Ferguson and his band of loyal Turdites patrol this Watchtower. We are here to help each other navigate the coming economic chaos. However, no one can predict every eventuality, so please read the disclaimer and community guidelines before proceeding.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, September 15

It was a difficult week for the Comex metals, but after the extended rallies we've seen over the past two months, a pullback wasn't unexpected. So now what will next week bring as Mother's next Tea Party kicks off on Tuesday.

Chicken Little Kim

After months of trepidation with every provocation, the global markets now view any iteration as nothing but mental masturbation.

Catching Up With Ned Naylor-Leyland

On Wednesday, we had a chance to get caught up with our old pal, Ned Naylor-Leyland of Old Mutual Investors in London. Ned's job as fund manager puts him in front of institutional investors worldwide so it's always extraordinarily valuable to hear from him directly.

Guest Post: "Discussing The London Gold Pool and SWIFT", by James Gibson

Longtime TFMR member James Gibson volunteered this information in the hope of answering some questions on The London Gold Pool of the 1960s and the current SWIFT system of international payments.

Waiting On Lil' Kim

It appears that the next test launch of a Nork ICBM is just hours away. How the "markets" react to the news will go a long way toward determining whether the up trends from July continue or if we are now in the next phase of two-steps-back.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, September 13

Another day where a resurgent GAN2017 led to selling in Comex Digital Gold and Silver. However, the damage continues to be somewhat muted and prices remain in the uptrends that date back to July 10. Of course the primary question now becomes, how long can this continue?

Another Batchleor-Cohen Update

With the New Cold War currently pushed from the front pages, John and Steve took time last evening to continue our course in Russian history and Russian studies.

What Changed Last Friday?

We noticed the change last Friday and it can clearly be seen to continue this week. So what was the change and why did it happen? We try to find some answers today.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, September 12

It was an encouraging day as prices continue to hold the support levels  that originally laid out for everyone last week.

On Guard Against The Banks

Following the events of yesterday, it seems wise this morning to take an in-depth look at the charts in order to discern what moves The Banks may take next in the hope of stemming this rally and reversing the trends.

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