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TFMR Podcast - Friday, September 2

Well today turned out much better than we expected with both silver and the HUI going out near their highs of the day. All things considered and given where we were mid-week, I'll take it!

So Now What?

The BLSBS "disappointed" with a print of just 151,000 "jobs". This likely eliminates the possibility of a Fed Funds hike in two weeks but don't be surprised if some Fed Goons soon emerge to tell you otherwise as already we're seeing some counter-intuitive moves in several of the "markets".

A Labor of Love from The Golden Jackass

As per tradition here at TFMR, our pal Jim Willie stopped by to celebrate the 3-day holiday weekend of Labor Day in the U.S. You should be sure to carve out some time to give this audio a thorough listen.

<As per tradition, this is now a public thread for all to enjoy over the weekend.>

Heaps Of Lies

Since truth hardly matters anymore, we all get numb to the day-to-day barrage of falsities and outright lies that come at us every day. But something clicked today and caused me to simply stop and take it all in.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 31

As mentioned this morning, almost all important charts are set up for some type of resolution come Friday and the BLSBS. In today's final podcast before The Big Event, we walk through these charts in order to help you to mentally prepare.

Two Days To Go So Let's Have A Hat Contest!

Maybe this will actually be "THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS REPORT OF ALL TIME" this time around as gold, silver and their primary HFT inputs all sit perched upon key technical levels ahead of Friday's BLSBS.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 30

More Goon Fischer jawboning added frustration to a day that was already challenging on many levels. Hopefully this podcast helps to provide some insight and perspective.

Fighting Boredom

In a stunning development, gold and silver are back down today as the USDJPY has shot even higher with more grumblings from Goon Fischer. It's really difficult to stay interested during weeks like this when it's highly unlikely that anything substantial will occur before 8:30 am on Friday. <Edit: Unless they come and kick the crap out of the miners again for no particular reason. angry>

TFMR Podcast - Monday, August 29

An interesting day as the bond market completely reversed its Goon-inspired losses of Friday. This helped the metals to recover a bit and sets up an interesting week that leads up to another edition of "The Most Important Jobs Report Of All Time".

Another Long Week Begins

Sometimes you have to wonder how in the world we all manage to keep our collective sanity as a new week begins that once again centers upon some bogus, imaginary "jobs report" that will once again be hailed as the single-most important economic indicator ever fabricated.

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