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Sizing Up The First Half

It's halftime for 2017 and as we look at the score over the first two quarters, we see that Team S&P is tied with Team CDG, with both up 7-8% YTD. As with any game, the real action is in the second half and that all kicks off next week.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, June 29

With the POSX down for a third, consecutive day and below the November lows, your host is concerned about a dollar rally tomorrow on the final day of the quarter. This rally, should it develop, would likely allow cover for a Cartel raid of CDG and a move to drive it back below some key levels before Q2 comes to an end.


So the final Q1 GDP number is goosed higher through an imaginary category of "Recreational Goods and Vehicles". This causes the USDJPY to spike which, in turn, causes the price of Comex Digital Gold to tumble. If you can't recognize this as a total farce and sham, I'm not sure there's much more that can be done for you.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, June 28

Hopefully you've had a chance to review the public article that was posted this morning because we spend a bit of time in this podcast expanding upon that analysis.

POSX Continues to S(t)ink

As the US Dollar Index makes new lows for 2017, some are surprised that the Comex Digital Metals aren't charging higher. For an explanation, one simply needs to understand the HFT drivers that move price on a daily basis.

A New Batchelor-Cohen Podcast

John and Steve returned last evening with another comprehensive update on The New Cold War. You won't find a discussion this thorough anywhere else in the western media so please be sure to give this a thorough listen.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 27

A crazy day full of cross-currents as the dollar and interest rates both fell while the USDJPY rose. And this was while the S&P fell 20 points! At the same time, Mother declared that we shouldn't expect another financial crisis "in our lifetime"! My goodness gracious...what a day.

The Count Emerges

Some mutterances from Count Draghi this morning have sent the POSX to near 2017 lows and this certainly continues the trend of a falling dollar in 2017.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, June 26

With vacation time over, we return today to find an overnight price smash leading to a down day in the metals. And it's going to be a long week with end of quarter "window dressing" providing all sorts of volatility in nearly every market.

Welcome Back

The week begins with a deliberate, London Monkey price smash that blew out all of the paper gold liquidity early this morning. Though price has since recovered somewhat, the stage is set for an uphill battle that will last through Friday.

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