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TFMR Podcast #9 - "Ranting Andy" Hoffman

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to speak with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. If you not already a fan of the daily "Ranting Andy" blogposts from Miles Franklin, you likely become one after you've listened to this forty-minute podcast.

Brash, bold and insightful, Andy combines his expert analysis with a New York, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. The result is some of the consistently best PM analysis on the internet.

Christmas Eve Eve

Has this ever happened to you? Your spouse or "significant other" tells you something like "let's not spend money on each other this year". Let's just get "one or or two small presents" and spend money on other stuff, instead. Then you wake up on 12/23 and find all sorts of presents with your name on them under the tree and realize that, instead of relaxing, you'd better get your arse back to the! That's where I'm headed today but first, this quick update.

Quick Update

Just wanted to add a few things before the end of the day.

Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas

I found our next holiday video while listening to Glenn Back back in 2007. It's a sort of anti-PC anthem. If you are overtly political or easily offended, I suggest you simply skip it. If you're not, you'll likely have the frustratingly catchy chorus stuck in your head all day.

Taking The Day Off

Like John's last words to Yoko: "You're on your Ono". 

Open thread.

Another Happy Tuesday

We speculated yesterday that today would be another "Happy Tuesday" where The Cartel relents and the metals rise as short positions are covered. Looking good so far. Before we get started, though, a holiday treat that the LTs introduced me to last year.

Santa Week

And this time I'm talking about the real thing, not General Jim in Connecticut. Let's get the week started on the right foot by sending a little cheer to our Canadian turdites.

Guest Post - "My Personal Preps"

A couple of weeks ago, Turdite "Nathaniel" offered to send a list of his personal experiences and preparations for the day when TSHTF. I replied that I would greatly appreciate the info. Below is what he sent. I think it's a good starting point for a weekend discussion of disaster and emergency preparedness. As you comment, please keep in mind that 99% of the population is completely in the dark and unprepared. Many reading this thread are only, just now, thinking about buying a Berkey and some extra canned goods. Let's try to be helpful and sharing for if TSHTF sometime soon, we're all going to need each other more than ever.

Closing The Books

What a crazy week this was. Like you, I'm glad it's over.

Following Script

I think we should all be very encouraged by the action overnight and into this morning. In terms of the decline, the bottom and the nascent recovery, things sure seem to be following script quite nicely.

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