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Comex Silver "Deliveries" Surge In September

Though Comex metal "delivery" remains a sham and circle jerk where The Banks simply shuffle paper warehouse receipts and warrants, we thought the latest totals for September were noteworthy enough to bring them to your attention.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, October 2

It was a bad day all around from the massacre in Las Vegas to the death of Tom Petty. But we'll get through it just like we always do.

Golden Week Begins

The past several years have seen declines in digital metal prices while the Chinese have been closed due to the observance of their "Golden Week" holiday. With all that's scheduled for later this week, it's difficult to see how this trend doesn't continue in 2017.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, September 29

It was a long day and a long week but we are closer to the end of this current cycle than we are to the beginning. So, we persevere and prepare for our next opportunity.

Let's Wrap The Week

As of early Friday morning, it appears that price will limp in with a small decline for the week...which is certainly better than a large decline! And now we can set out sites on next week and Q4.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, September 28

Signs of a possible turnaround became apparent today and though we still expect price weakness into next Friday, we can't help but notice a few positive developments.

Muddling Through

Even though we're stuck in another Spec rinse cycle, it's important to note that Comex gold is still up $135 year-to-date or about 11.7%. For what it's worth, this is almost precisely the same YTD gain as the S&P500.

If You're Planning Dinner While On The Way Home, Who Is Driving the Car?

Winning at trading is one of the pinnacles of achievement and the majority of trader-investors try and fail in their attempt. But some of those we use the term "Master Traders" talk to us in terms of Zen, Inner Mind, Psychology, and Sentiment. Why are they talking like this instead of using news cycle terminology, or economics terminology? What are they trying to tell the beginner? And ..when they do tell it, why is their message so difficult to accommodate into our financial worldview? Why do beginners embrace bad information and keep going back to the same sources?

Some ideas on this from Argentuis Maximus.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, September 27

Perhaps it's time to stake stock again of how we got here while remembering why it is that we stack physical metal in the first place.

This Week With Batchelor-Cohen

In this week's episode, John and Steve trace the origins of the Trump-Russia story and connect the dots to The American War Party's rush to exacerbate The Cold War with Russia.

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