TFMR Podcast #36 - Alasdair Macleod of

Earlier this week, I spoke with Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney. He's written several, extremely valuable artciles recently and I wanted to hear more. Fortunately, for all of us, he gladly obliged.

Back From Break

You may have noticed that I was gone all day yesterday. Eleven, full hours with no phone and no internet and it WAS GREAT! So, what did I miss? Silver is all the way back to....where it was a month ago. Oh, no! The sky is falling!!

Sing It Like Maureen

A nighttime raid and a new day dawns.

The Bernank Giveth

Well, there you have it. The Fed gave us The Full Monty. Beginning in January, The Fed will provide $85B/month in "unsterilized liquidity". For prespective, QE2 was about $70B/month of unsterilzed money printing for a total of eight months and $600B. This latest incarnation of Quantitative Easing represents 20% more QE/month and it's open-ended! New and improved with even more, freshly-printed greenback! What a deal!!


Fedline Open Thread

Discuss the news here. I'll have a full, new thread soon.

Waiting for The Bernank

A nice little rally this morning. Hopefully, it's not a headfake. We'll know soon enough, I guess.

Killing Time

Today's post is simply a compilation of things to read and consider while we wait for tomorrow.

TFMR Podcast #35 - Chris Duane of The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield

Last week, I had a chance to visit with entrepreneur, author and silver activist, Chris Duane.

A Good Start

How nice it is to have a week start with an UP move, for once.

CoT and Chart Review

Considering where we began the week and, also considering where we were on Tuesday, last week didn't turn out half bad. Suddenly, the charts look pretty good and the FOMC meets this week. Got your rally hat on? I do!

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