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Today, we add our seventh, permanent guest contributor to the TFMetals arsenal...the late, great Puck T. Smith.

TFMR Podcast #11 - 8.14.13

It was a long and busy day but everything is finally up and running. Today's podcast features a discussion of price trends in gold, open interest, the declining Comex stocks and the falling Long Bond.

Today at TFMR

You've probably noticed that there's a lot going on today.

Access2Aceess #3 - Sandeep Jaitly of Fekete Research

Earlier today, I visited with Sandeep Jaitly of Fekete Research and The Gold Basis Service newsletter. Sandeep is a world-renowned authority in gold backwardation so I thought it would be great to get his perspective on:

  • Backwardation in general and how this relates to the current negative GOFO rates
  • The ongoing breakdown in the price relationship between physical and paper metal
  • Since the LBMA no longer publishes SIFO, can we draw any conclusions regarding silver

We are very fortunate to have Sandeep share his perspective with us. I hope you enjoy the podcast.


TFMR Podcast #10 - 8.13.13

Today, Turd discusses the changing Open Interest numbers and what they might imply for the future direction of gold and silver prices.

JPM Continues To Hoard Gold

The gift that keeps on giving. This is so unusual that I had to write about it again.

Free to Fail, Free to Succeed

The astounding travesty of the "Too Big To Fail" economy is that millions of citizens, who will never earn in their entire lifetimes what the (bad) decision-making upper management of these institutions will earn in a single year, are now forced to pay taxes to subsidize those company’s losses.  This will surely go down in history as one of the most perverse final acts of the “failure-less society”. 

TFMR Podcast #9 - 8.12.13

Today, Turd covers the rally in prices, his concern over a not-so-Happy-Tuesday as well as technical targets for a continuation of the rally later this week.

Glad To Be Wrong....So Far

Sometimes it's good to be "documented wrong 99% of the time".


"all the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

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