A Freebie from Uncle Ted

Ted Butler's "New Year" newsletter was released to subscriber's on Wednesday. He's made it public today through the SilverSeek site.

Out On A Limb

Turd's Limb has been a pretty lonely place. (Much like it was back in college.) Last month, it seemed that nearly every blogosphere "analyst" was predicting a break to new lows in the metals. It got particularly lonely last week but we held firm to our convictions. Now we are being rewarded with a January move UP, not down. Can it continue?

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, January 2

We've started the year off with a nice rally. Will it hold? Can it hold? C'mon in and let's talk about it.

Off and Running

The new year has begun. Let's get back up to speed by looking at a few charts.

12/31/09 All Over Again

Four years ago, in one of the first ZeroHedge articles that I recall reading, "Tyler" questioned how in the world the U.S. government would find funding in 2010. Back then, just as today, the world was convinced that higher interest rates were right around the corner. With Quantitative Easing ending, how else could The Great Ponzi continue?

The Cremation of 2013

There were strange things done by fluorescent sun

By the Federal Reserve of old

From Treasury pops to secret swaps

That would make your blood run cold

The Wall Street nights have seen strange sights

But the strangest ever, I’m told

Was that year, oh so mean, known as twenty thirteen

When they crushed the price of gold.


The prices of gold and silver will be relevant when they become indicative of the depths of the waters around us, until then they are part of the scenery intended to shield our unprepared eyes from the reality. For the moment, I believe the time is to be right, and sit tight. There are now SO many situations that can be expected to tip over at any moment, that it hardly seems worthwhile to expend additional energy searching for and painstakingly exploring FURTHER black swan candidates.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, December 27

Today, Turd begins to wrap up a tumultuous 2013 and look ahead to what will surely be an eventful 2014.

It's Getting Late

Not just in the year but in the day. I know that many of you are wondering what I expect next week and into early January. Let's get to it.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, December 26

Turd's back and still feeling the holiday spirit. Today we talk gold and silver, of course, but if you're not paying attention to ole DrC, you should be. CNBS will tell you that it's about "the global economy". Uhhhhhh......not so much. And this has enormous implications for gold and silver in 2014.

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