TFMR Podcast - August 16, 2013

As mentioned in today's post, there's a lot going on. It's tough to cover it all in 23 minutes but Turd gives it his best shot.

TFMR Podcast #45 - Sandeep Jaitly Discusses GOFO and Backwardation

Back on Wednesday morning, I spoke with Sandeep Jaitly of Fekete Research and The Gold Basis Service newsletter. Sandeep is widely recognized as a global authority on basis and backwardation in the metals. You need to listen to this podcast so I am making it public today.

Wow, There's A Lot Going On Today!

Hard to know where to start. From the riots in Egypt to The Civil War on The Comex, there's no shortage of stuff to discuss!

Mining's Fimbul Winter

What's up with those miners? 

TFMR Podcast #12 - 8.15.13

Today, a very excited Turd discusses the significance of today's rally as well as the reasons behind the move.

Drawing A Line

As you know, I draw lots of lines. This time, however, the line has been drawn for me and a battle is just beginning.

Studying for What's On the Test

At a higher-educational institution, there is a rite of initiation into a select group.  Every year, a small group of students embarks on a contest, held in secret to all but members of the group.  The winner of the contest gets a coveted award, given out once per year, and all the bragging rights that go along with it.

A Society of Mutual Benefactors

Today, we add our seventh, permanent guest contributor to the TFMetals arsenal...the late, great Puck T. Smith.

TFMR Podcast #11 - 8.14.13

It was a long and busy day but everything is finally up and running. Today's podcast features a discussion of price trends in gold, open interest, the declining Comex stocks and the falling Long Bond.

Today at TFMR

You've probably noticed that there's a lot going on today.

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