TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 3

We may have avoided a Terrible Tuesday but don't get too carried away just yet. There's likely more weakness to come this month so stay patient.


Is there any institution left that is honest and forthright? More importantly, how can any system survive and prosper when its foundation is built upon dishonesty and lawlessness?

New From Sprott: "Connecting The Dots"

This report was published about three weeks ago but I thought it might be timely to post it here today, given the abundance of bearish sentiment and "analysis" out there.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, June 2

Since Turd expects a Terrible Tuesday, be sure to give this podcast a listen so that you are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.

Back At It

After a forced, 60-hour hiatus, I suppose it's time to belly back up to the MacBook and re-assess after last week's carnage. Yes, there is likely more weakness to come but we are once again setting up a surge from the established Double Bottom. Just stay patient.

Silver Market Cycles

There are many cycles in the price of silver. Here is a status update of several of the most important.

How Are You, Like Elliot Rodger, Being Programmed?

You can learn a lot about people by interacting with pets. It's said that pets are like people, but people are also like their pets. By observing how pets react, we can learn something about how we often react, unconsciously, from our animal nature. Think this is not important? It's crucial, because we're being manipulated every day by people who understand this. We are being programmed.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, May 30

No charts today, just a lot of talking as we attempt to project just how far this current selloff might be pushed. I urge you to make some time this weekend to give this podcast your full consideration.

Patience and Understanding

As expected, prices are weak again this morning as June deliveries begin and GOFO surges even higher. Keep in mind that this is not surprising and that we've been expecting this all week. The key, of course, will be what happens next.

A2A with Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom

A change of pace with this week's A2A. Dr. Dave Janda stopped by today and the information he shared with us was so compelling, I asked him to return again as soon as possible. <Note: Subscribers found this information so compelling that they demanded I convert it into a public thread. And so it is.>

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