Guest Post: "The MOAMOPE", by James McShirley

In this tremendous article, James McShirley exposes a small but extremely significant portion of the ongoing metals price manipulation scheme. It is reprinted here with the expressed permission of Bill Murphy at

Parallels Between The End of Bimetallism and Innovative Bond Market Debt Settlement Products

The demonetization of silver during the bimetallic standard period a century ago, and the superior status given to gold as money consequently is a case study for today. But this time it's sovereign debt paper and money, and it's time for the establishment to make the debt paper's value "vaporize"!

Guest Post: "Does The World Gold Council Understand The Chinese Gold Market?", by Koos Jansen

Many of us in the gold community feel the the WGC rountinely overestimates gold supply while they underestimate gold demand. In this new article, our friend Koos Jansen takes the GTC to task in regards to their "understanding" of the Chinese gold market.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, Sept 5

Given how gloomy things looked 24 hours ago, today wasn't half bad. So, where do we go from here and what will it take for gold to get back to new all-time highs? Well, Turd has some thoughts on this so buckle in and have a listen.

Same Old BS

We don't call it the BLSBS for nothing. Today's NFP number was "surprisingly" bad but that only served to intensify the BS as, within minutes, The Shill and his buddies were calling the report "unbelievable" and "anomalous".

A2A with Brent Cook of

If you didn't have the opportunity to listen live, you definitely want to take the time to listen to this recording of today's A2A. Brent Cook is an independent exploration analyst and economic geologist. The insights he was able to share today regarding exploration companies and the mining industry in general will prove to be extremely helpful for all of us going forward.

Riding The Line - Update

This post was written on July 14...nearly two months ago. I'm reposting it today for public distribution. I'm not doing this to pat myself on the back or to inspire new subscriptions. Instead, I offer this post as even further proof of the degree to which the paper metal "markets" are manipulated and controlled by the bullion banks, at the behest of the central banks. It also should give you optimism that this current beatdown scheme has nearly run its course.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, Sept 3

With all of the wailing and grinding of teeth regarding yesterday's contrived price smash, today Turd seeks to remind you that all of this was predicted over six weeks ago.

Vital, New Batchelor-Cohen

With all of today's varied rumors of war and peace, it is more important that ever that you stay updated on The Ukraine Crisis. To that end, here is last evening's podcast from John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen.

A Quickie

There's A LOT going on this morning and I really want you to be sure to listen to the full Batchelor-Cohen podcast, therefore just this quick post to keep you up-to-date.

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