Paging Dr. Crane

Occasionally, we are allowed glimpses of the inner workings of The Evil Empire. Let's just summarize how this works because, frankly, I'm already so angry that my blood pressure is boiling AND it's only Tuesday. <At the suggestion of subscribers, this is now a public thread.>

TFMR Podcast - Monday, October 7

Though next week promises to be quite interesting, this week is certainly off to a roaring start.

The Wild, Wild West: Dispatches from the lawless frontier of precious metals trading

The townsfolk are realizing they are completely on their own.  They stay inside and keep their heads down, trying not to get preyed-on by the gangs of sanctioned looters roaming the territory.

Goodness Me, Could This Be?

After three weeks of prices of price capping, the metals are breaking higher this morning. Goodness me, could this be the beginning of a UPward breakout? (Yes, that is a Dire Straits reference.)

Financial & PM Websites & Internet Fora - Are They Specialized Information Repositories or Merely Sources of Groupthink?

Finding a way through obstructive misinformation is a necessary skill for investors and traders.

Jim Willie Discusses The Bond Bubble, Part II

This podcast picks up right where Part One left off, as Jim is about to discuss "the bond carry trade".


I don't know about you but I think this is kind of fun. Instead of the agony of watching LIESman et al SPIN and MOPE their way through another BLSBS Friday, we get the day off. Thank you, Republocrats of Capitol Hill! I needed a break!!

House hunting in a 'fast-zombie' market

Obviously, no relief or reset has come from the exposure of title and mortgage fraud. It is unlikely (at this point) that any such thing will occur under current paradigm. Mortgage rates – despite the (alarmingly) rapid rise in Treasuries recently -- remain low compared to historical standards. As higher debt service load levels are untenable for the government, interest rates CANNOT be allowed to rises substantially (see PIMCO boss’s thoughts on the matter recently). Repealing the income tax credits for mortgage payments does not look imminent. Despite their zombified state, the government loan guarantees afforded by Freddy/Fannie are still around, exerting influence and buying up loans.

So how DOES one approach a house purchase with the knowledge of the above, but in light of the ongoing end of the G(reat)K(eynesian)E(xperiment)? What is the calculus for possible prospects under a variety of potential future scenarios?

A2A with Jim Quinn of

This week's A2A guest was Jim Quinn. 

Just To Make The Point

Not much to add this morning but I wanted to be sure you saw this important observation from last evening regarding the current delivery month.

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