Ramping Up

OK, so now the fun really starts. Today is expiration day of the May Comex silver contract and tomorrow brings all kinds of "news". Already, the battle for gold at the 200-day moving average has begun. Let's get it on!

Trouble in River City

   The problems in education began with the rise of Empiricism (scientific method) to the top of the educational system. In today’s world, if you cannot prove it with empirical research studies and statistics, then it is just hearsay, myth, anecdotal evidence, and Empiricists reject it. Our degree programs emphasize the ability to do research—because that is all that most professors know how to do. 
     Then we claim we have taught our students “critical thinking.”
What we have cut out of the curriculum are the humanities—philosophy, art, rhetoric, history, language, literature, culture, the classics, etc.—the broad based education that many employers want to see. Here is where I argue the seat of critical thinking resides.

TFMR Podcast - Monday , April 28

It's going to be a very busy week. Between May silver expiry, GDP, FOMC and BLSBS, we've got a lot to get ready for.

Guest Post: "The World's Most Undervalued Asset", by Ted Butler

"Uncle" Ted wrote up this fantastic column for his subscribers last week. The analysis is so important that he made it a public article earlier today and he's given me permission to reprint it here.

Bees & Bears, Psychopaths and TFAs

Predator and Prey, Emotion and Emotionless, that's what matters in the world of Gold Trading

Letters From the Racially Tolerant American Future and Present

April 26, 2034, C.E.

Dear Comrade 153691:

It has come to our attention - through your loyal neighbor Comrade 156901 - that you have violated several statutes of the 2023 Tolerance and Equality Act to End All Racial Bias, Discrimination, and Disadvantage.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 25

I sincerely hope you get some rest this weekend. Go out, relax and have fun. Why? Next week promises to be a doozy.

Meet The New Boss

Do you know this man?

You should... he is now in charge of the CFTC, the government agency that "regulates" gold and silver futures trading, now that our buddy Gary Gensler has retired.  His name is Tim Massad and he will do absolutely nothing to enforce the rule of law or ensure fairly traded markets.

Whistling Past The Graveyard

As the world draws closer to a Currency War and The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment, the depth and breadth of "Western" arrogant stupidity is astonishing.

The Gold Spread and Wall Street Banks

It is so obvious, and so apparent, that I wonder why commentators have only now seen fit to say something.

“It” of course, being the prounoun referencing the gold spread and the insane, short-term profits the Wall Street Banks have been reaping right before our eyes.  Let’s talk about it.

From Wikipedia: Arbitrage:

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