Normalizing The Fed's Spin and Lies

As we discussed all week, Mother Fellen really only had two choices and, of the two options she had, it appears that she has chosen poorly.

A2A with Willem Middelkoop

Just a tremendous A2A earlier today with Willem Middelkoop, author of the worldwide bestseller, "The Big Reset".

Pre-Fedline Open Thread

Not much left to say but we do have an excellent new piece from Paul Mylchreest to help you pass the time today.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, September 16

As we barrel toward tomorrow's FOMC "Fedlines", here are the only charts that you need to watch.

Pre-Fedline Bounce

A couple of headlines regarding an S&P downgrade of Japan and a pretty tame CPI have sparked a nice little rally in the metals today. Of course, in the end, all of this is just fun and games to pass the time ahead of tomorrow's Fedlines.


Ahead of tomorrow's FOMC Fedline Clown Show, it is extremely important that you take 20 minutes to watch this very informative new video.


Batchelor-Cohen Update

As the New Cold War expands from Ukraine, north to the Baltic states and south to the Mediterranean basin, Batchelor and Cohen also expand their weekly discussion.

The Attack of The Apologists

The Bullion Bank Shills and Apologists have begun a coordinated and orchestrated attack against anyone drawing attention to the scam and charade of their fractional reserve system. Rather than let their half-truths and distortions stand unanswered, we thought it best to turn the tables back on them, instead.


Another Day Closer

The economic news today is all bad once again. Will it be enough to stop the FOMC from raising the fed funds rate on Thursday or will The fed simply do what The Fed wants to do? Just two more days and we'll find out.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, September 14

Not much happening today so we thought thought we'd take one more crack at explaining a possible scenario for Thursday's FOMC Fedlines.

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