Unemployment, Education and the Cultivated Victim Mindset

One Wall Street adviser recently stated that actual unemployment is at 37.2%. I don't doubt this. Certainly, a lot of blame is warranted towards the top, but am I the only one who is thinking that America is just giving up on herself? Where is the spirit of entrepreneurship? Where is the can-do attitude?

It's dead in the water. People would be rather just take whatever money they can from the government than try to fix their lives or their communities.

I have noticed more and more that Americans are living in learned helplessness. They can't seem to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and many don't want to. It's not just the younger generation - I know people from my generation (X) whose main goal in life seems to be just to throw their hands up and quit trying.

Miner In Possession?

<I asked some Vaulters today if this thread from Monday should be made public. So far the response has been unanimous.>

Of the more encouraging signs since the first of the year has been the UPtick in the HUI and most of the mining stocks. Is this just a blip or are we in the early stages of a reversal and rally? And if we have found The Bottom in the shares, which ones should we consider possessing as the rally continues? C'mon in. Let's take a look.

It's Good To Be Wrong

Man, they had us set up. There was hardly any doubt that a raid was coming today. But then some unexpected news hit and...whaddayaknow? A rally! A big rally! It's good to be wrong. It's also very encouraging, too, for reasons I'll discuss.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, January 22

As early year momentum fades a bit, what should we expect next? Is the next small dip going to be a buying opportunity or just the first stage of a new decline?

More on the German Gold Repatriation Scheme

This story gets more fantastic by the day. Just like The Jelly of The Month Club, I suspect that it will be "the gift that keeps on giving the whole year" in 2014.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, January 21

The week is off to a somewhat rocky start but who cares? The lies and the schemes are now becoming so bald-faced and obvious that The End cannot be that far off.

Patience, Grasshoppah...

Look, I know you're excited. It has been a brutal two years and the nascent recovery in the PMs has you optimistic. Well, you should be...BUT...these things take time. Just be patient.

Guest Post: "The Retail Death Rattle", by Jim Quinn

The latest effort from Jim Quinn is a powerhouse and one of his best. Rarely has the economic malaise and decline of the U.S. been so efficiently chronicled. This article needs as wide of distribution as possible so I asked Jim if I could use it as a "guest post". Thankfully, he obliged.

The Summer of Recovery

Harken, if you will, to the glorious days of times gone past when the stimulus flowed like honey and the unicorns of government-created prosperity roamed the land dropping their spoor of jobs and skittles hither and yon.

Rogue Traders, Martingales and Central Banks

Martingales are walking the corridors of monetary power, and they shouldn't be.

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