Trust and the System

When trust is destroyed so is the foundation of the entire market economy, undermining its ability to perform its most basic, existential functions.  This, I suspect, is not something that the central planners, media spinmeisters, and their legions of bureaucrats have accounted for.  Someday, they may well wish they had.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, Sept 23

Today, we discuss again the mechanics of Friday's raid and Turd speculates whether even lower prices lay ahead.

Proving My Point

As if on cue, two Fed Goons came out this morning to confirm The Bernank's current QE policy. Did gold rally back the $50 that was clipped on Friday? Yah, right...

The Golden Bear of 2011

Gold's current bear market compared in percentage decline to other bear markets of the last half century

Hopelessly Broken

The "markets" for precious metals have become a farce. That gold and silver...TRUE, SOUND AND UNIVERSAL MONEY...continue to be valued at the whims of computer trading on The Comex is a disgrace and a complete sham.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, Sept 20

Today's ridiculously choreographed and contrived manipulation has Turd ready for the weekend.

Comically Obvious

You could see it coming a mile away. Plain as the nose on your face. Pick your own metaphor, it doesn't matter. Sometimes, the manipulation of gold is so plainly obvious that even a Turd can see it.

Cynicism on Syria

While I am very happy to welcome any REAL signs pointing to an end to the bloodshed, the perfect unison and timing with which all of these puzzle pieces are suddenly falling into place is truly astounding to me. BUT -- perhaps we are all being cynical, and government’s long-awaited efforts to secure peace in the Middle East are finally bearing fruit, and we are about to see some major group hugs. At the rate things are going, the next Peace Nobel could now be in the bag.

A2A with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin

Today's Access2Access webinar guest was Andy Hoffman of MilesFranklin. A terrific bunch of questions were asked and Andy did his usual terrific job of clearly and concisely answering them. Be sure to carve out some time and give this a listen.

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