In The Woods

Though the past two weeks have serves to ease some of the pressure on the metals, we are far from out of the woods. Particularly in silver, moving back above a key technical barrier would be very important so be sure to watch the action today and then be sure to make note of the weekly close.

A2A with Yours Truly

Every 3-4 months, we like to do these A2As with your host acting as guest, as well. Always some interesting questions on the collective mind of Turdville and today was no different.

Checking A Few Correlations

With the metals churning sideways today, I thought we'd take a quick check on some of the HFT-algo correlations that we've been following.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 12

The day brought the metal rallies that we expected and discussed last evening as well as "V"-reversal #14 for the S&P. So, what happens next? Is this just another "Calvin" bounce or has something more significant changed?

Yuan Down. Commodities...Up?

A second yuan devaluation in as many days has had some surprising results. Global equity markets are down big across the board and the dollar is getting drilled. Bonds are rallying and so, too, are commodities as the investing world begins to realize that The Fed is NOT going to be raising the Fed Funds rate anytime soon.

Cold War Gets Hot

Sadly, it appears that the Minsk2 peace accords are failing and that SE Ukraine is once again moving toward hot war. As we've been stating here since early 2014, this is the most important international crisis of our time and certainly the most dangerous. It's time for you to start paying close attention again.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 11

What a fascinating day today across all "markets". Though nearly every commodity was down, along with the S&P, gold and silver were both slightly positive. And wait a minute...hold on just a second...suddenly, the charts don't looks half bad!

Bank Participation Report For July

Again, ole Turd doesn't put too much stock in these reports as they are based upon "scout's honor" reporting from The Banks and JPM has already been fined for repeatedly submitting false information. So, FWIW....

China Devalues Yuan

Wait a second! Paper "money" being devalued? Who's ever heard of such a thing? Forget all of the deflation mumbo-jumbo. Last night's announcement simply serves further notice that The Race To The Bottom in fiat currency continues. And it's why my personal stack of precious metal grows in value every day.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, August 10

Another green day as silver closes UP for the 5th straight session and gold extends its winning streak to three. What's next? Can these gains hold and extend? The answer, as if often the case, can be found by looking at The POSX.

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