Chart Catch Up

Whew! Miss a week, miss a lot. But we'll try to play some catch up this morning and prepare for another volatile week ahead.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, July 24

While still on vacation, Turd distracts MrsF just long enough to steal his computer and mic in order to record this brief, weekly wrap-up podcast.

Guest Post: " The Collapse Of The U.S. Retirement Market & Epic Rise In The Price Of Gold", by Steve St. Angelo

After Steve's terrific A2A webinar last week, I thought everyone should see his latest.

Another entertaining Podcast

Well, why not another podcast. Its sure easier than writing a whole article with footnotes and everything.

And I just don't understand why Bo won't return my calls. I thought we really had something going there a couple of days ago.

Disclaimer: My trading advice is not intended to advise you. I just cannot keep my mouth shut.

Guest Post: "Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics, by Jim Quinn

We write every week about the endless SPIN and MOPE from a mainstream press that is desperate to maintain the illusion that all is well. This latest from Jim Quinn exposes just a few of the whoppers for the propaganda that it is.

This Week's JB-SFC

You can try to disconnect but the world keeps turning, regardless.

Ounces of Truth, Shares of Illusion

Don’t worry, disheartened Goldbugs- if you can pull yourself away from your shiny rocks for a few minutes, I have a killer stock play that will help ease your considerable pain.

Looking Forwards from 7 Months Back May Help Clarify the Fog

Argentus Maximus talks about the current July 2015 gold price break and releases his Rhythm and Price video newsletter of November 2014.

Guest Post: "Analyzing PBOC Official Gold Reserves Increment", by Koos Jansen of Bullion Star

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about the intricacies of the Chinese gold market than our pal, Koos Jansen. The updated reserve figures released by China back on Friday have stirred all sorts of speculation on the honesty and validity of the Chinese numbers. We've been waiting for Koos' interpretation and he released it on Sunday.

Somebody say Podcast?

Well, I am no Turd, and my market views should be carefully examined and questioned, possibly ridiculed, and not traded. But since friday's are just not the same without a podcast...

I sort of tried to arrange an interview with Bo Polny, but couldn't find his name in the phone book.

Click to listen

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