Adding Courage To Your Conviction

At this critical time, I thought it might be a good idea to make today's podcast public.

The Increasing Likelihood

We must admit that it is looking increasingly likely that a washout is coming. Previously, I had only put this at one chance in four. After these past three days, we must now consider this a 50/50 probability, at a minimum.

Just Three Charts

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Sprott on Cyprus

Well, not figuratively. I'm pretty sure he's still in Canada. The topic here is Cyprus and you need to read it.

The Extra "F" Is For "Final"

As anticipated last week, the metals have been severely beaten again this morning. So, is this it? Is gold going to $1400? Is silver going to $22? Or is this your opportunity to BTFFD?

TFMR Podcast #43 - Jim Willie Returns

If you can spare the time, you'd better give this a listen.

Greater Fool's Day

Usually, the "Greater Fool Theory" applies to fools chasing the momentum of a hot stock. They bid it up, hoping to unload it onto a "greater fool" at a higher price, sometime in the near future. This same process is currently playing out though, in this case, the fools are short and the instrument is silver.

Your Weekend Reading Assignment

Our friend, Jim Willie, has penned something he calls the "most important article he has ever written". Good thing you have three days to study it.

TFMR Podcast #42 - David Morgan

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit with the very wise and experienced David Morgan.

On The Lookout

I'm not liking the looks of things here so this post is intended to keep you on your toes in the very short term.

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