TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 20

Well, we survived FOMC Minutes Day. Now, can we survive The Creature From Jackson Hole?

Just A Coincidence

I don't usually devote entire threads to just one video snippet but this latest from CNBS is so priceless that I figured it could stand on its own.

Wednesday is FOMC Minutes Day

In a "market" devoid of volume and open interest, you must be prepared for some whipsaw action when the minutes of last month's FOMC meeting are released later today.

More Great Info from Batchelor and Cohen

Events are moving quickly with hopes for a peaceful resolution growing. There are some important meeting scheduled for next week and, last night, Batchelor and Cohen brought us all up to speed.

Guest Post: "This Is Your Recovery and This Is Your Recovery Without Drugs", by Jim Quinn

Earlier today, our pal Jim Quinn posted to his site an essential and compelling new article. It is so well-written and important that I immediately wrote Jim to ask if I could re-post it here to TFMR as a guest post.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 19

No Happy Tuesday today. And it wasn't "terrible", either. Just a slow, low-volume day ahead of tomorrow's FOMC minutes and the Thursday opening of The Fed's annual Jackson Holedown.

Burn me once … or learn from mistakes

Back in those heady days of plus-forty silver, I used to tell myself that only I wish I had been enlightened just a few months earlier. My actual “date of enlightenment” was about September 15, 2010. Oh! I would have bought lots more silver at $18-24 per ounce in the Fall of 2010. As it was, I had just discovered metals and was picking and choosing, looking for sub-spot pricing, wondering if it really would go higher. Well it did. Then it went back down...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, August 18

It was a flat day in the metals but the miners rallied all day from early-session lows. What does this portend for tomorrow?

The Lies Continue

The situation in Ukraine continues worsen by the day, helped along by the complete and utter lack of truth and honesty from either "side".

Turd With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Back on Friday, I had the honor of joining Greg Hunter for an interview on his YouTube channel.

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