TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, May 28

Oh, boy. We have A LOT to talk about today, not the least of which is Sister Christian's latest attack on Uncle Ted. C'mon in. You're going to want to hear this podcast.

Furthering The Discussion

As long as they keep talking, I promise to keep posting them. What and whom? Once again, John Batchelor discusses current events in Ukraine and Russia with renowned Russia expert, Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

Another Review of GOFO and Gold Price

As you know, we've been monitoring this since last summer. The trend continues and the effect on price is obvious.

How To Thrive in The New Economy

As you know, my pal Dan likes to send over helpful videos from time to time. This new one touches upon some different subjects that we don't usually cover here at TFMR so it's worth a look.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, May 27

Today's smash will likely be followed by a few more over the next few days. Will there be an opportunity to BTFD or are prices on a one-way trip to zero? C'mon in and let's talk about it.

Bachelor of Science in Truth Studies

The good etymologists at OED help us to know ourselves: A conspiracy theory is 1) an explanatory proposition that 2) accuses two or more persons, a group, or an organization of having caused or covered up, 3) through secret planning and deliberate action, 4) an illegal or harmful event or situation.

I find this definition interesting because it aptly describes an historian, economist, or political scientist who proposes, in an academic journal, a theory that explains how a group or organization might cause or cover up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an illegal or harmful event or situation. We professors submit articles like this all the time. Isn’t that worth studying and debating?

Frankly, the term is a propaganda meme used to discredit anyone, anywhere, in quick blunt fashion.

Well There's A Big Surprise...

Not! Let's see...Paint the charts with obvious pennants, wait for GOFO to flip positive and then smash price down and out of the pennant on gold option expiration day. I just wish I'd been able to give you more than one day's warning.

“It’s a Funny Old World”

(quote: Margaret Thatcher, Nov 1990 at her last cabinet meeting) She could have been talking about the price of gold!

Another 3-day Weekend? Must Be Time For Some Jackass!

In what has become a tradition here in Turdville, our pal Jim Willie stopped by this morning for a wide-ranging, hour long discussion. <Note: This is a free, public thread!>

No. Really?

In a move designed to mollify and distract, the altruistic Barclays Bank was fined today for repeatedly "sending out bursts of sell orders aimed at moving the price of gold". Ya don't say...

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