TFMR Podcast - Monday, March 17

Intent on keeping gold back, The Cartel today seized upon a lull in the "action" to reset price lower. So, is that it? Is it over? Are gold and silver now headed back down?

More From Dr Jerome: Primitive or Pampered?

Primitive or Pampered? That is the question.

As a teacher and writer, if I have a strength or gift, it is that I understand the basics of a wide range of endeavors. My true expertise is limited to rhetoric and composition. I also worked as an electrician for 15 years (union member) with a formal apprenticeship before going back to college. Beyond these two fields, I am no expert, merely knowledgeable. But I also learned that a bit of solid knowledge is quite useful and should not be dismissed. So I share freely what I learn and hope that I know where to draw the line—and on a blog like this I trust that we have at least one expert from every relevant field who will keep us in line and hopefully contribute to the community.

Let's Get It Started

OK, then. I hope you enjoyed your down time. The precious metals "markets" were closed for 48.75 hours. Did you miss them? Did you experience withdrawal symptoms? Well, they're back open now and it's going to be an insanely volatile week. Let's get it started.

A St Patrick's Weekend Tale of The Discovery of a 2100 Year Old Golden Hoard

A St Patrick's weekend tale of a Golden Treasure Hoard brought to light by two ploughmen in 1896.

Gold was precious when these pieces were made in the 1st century BC Iron Age. It fetched a high price, and yet it's ownership was contested after it was found at the end of the 19th century, and this particular gold is even more precious today.

A Conversation with James Turk

One of the regular features that Vaulters enjoy are the weekly Access2Access webinars. Every Thursday, subscribers get to interact with influential members of the "gold community". This week's guest was James Turk and the information he provided was so terrific and timely that I thought it should be shared with everyone.

Et Tu, Part Two

For your weekend pleasure, here's Part Two of The Golden Jackass podcast.

<And please be sure to also read the terrific piece from JY posted below.>

Plunder and Pillage (extended remix)

There is an oft overlooked global empire that has had rather bad PR over the centuries, and is little-remembered in history books beyond brief mention. While having earned the reputation of sadistic, homicidal maniacs in the public lore of Europe, there was a method to the Mongol madness.

The horde being sent to conquer new vassals these days is not (for the most part) a physical set of boots and hooves on the ground, but rather the tentacles of finance. I wanted to share a possible bright spot and (grudgingly acknowledged) positive example of trying to stand up the monetary machine.

Et Tu, Jackass

In this Ides of March Weekend special, The Golden Jackass returns to Turdville to give us his thoughts on current events.

Drones, 3D Printers, and the New Cyberpunk at SXSW

Walking through the SXSW crowds in downtown Austin this past Saturday, I had this brief, morbid thought about how much damage someone could do to a large group of people there, if they so chose. It seemed inevitable that eventually something bad would happen, and a few days later, it came in the form of a cowardly drunk driver who decided to plow through crowds of people rather than deal with the police. So now, instead of a drunk driving conviction, he's going to go to jail for murder.

You can't fix stupid.

I wonder how much this tragedy is going to affect the usual party atmosphere at SXSW. For one week, Austin, Texas is transformed into a mix of New Orleans and Los Angeles. It's amazing how all those entertainment billboards that are so ubiquitous in Los Angeles suddenly pop up here in Austin when the film industry comes to town. I never quite figured out the purpose of them in Los Angeles - after all, why do film industry people feel the need to advertise their own television products to themselves? But that's what Hollywood likes to do.

Late Thursday Afternoon

It has been a crazy day on this end and I plan to start a "working Spring Break" tomorrow. I figured that I'd better crank out this late Thursday update because, in the understatement of the year, there's a lot going on.

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