TFMR Podcast - Thursday, December 26

Turd's back and still feeling the holiday spirit. Today we talk gold and silver, of course, but if you're not paying attention to ole DrC, you should be. CNBS will tell you that it's about "the global economy". Uhhhhhh......not so much. And this has enormous implications for gold and silver in 2014.

Jackass Roasting On An Open Fire

In what's become a holiday tradition, The Golden Jackass stopped by Turdville recently to spread some holiday cheer. In this lengthy podcast, The Jackass sums up the events of 2013 and then gives warning regarding the events he sees coming over the horizon in 2014.

Hey Joe

Does the frog really just sit in the pot while the heat is turned up, and slowly boil to death?  Or does the frog actually realize at some point that he is getting really uncomfortable and that he better jump if he wants to live?

An Inauspicious Anniversary

One hundred years ago today, The Federal Reserve System of The United States was born. To "celebrate" this unfortunate anniversary, I invited G. Edward Griffin, author of the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island", to spend some time in Turdville. In a webinar format, Mr. Griffin spoke candidly about his dislike of central banking and he took questions directly from listeners.

Gold & Business Cycle Relationships

Central Bankers have turned some facets of the Business Cycle topsy turvy. But how difficult is it for them to maintain this, can they afford the price, and what will happen when things are allowed revert.

Opening One Gift Early

The LTs always badger MrsF and I to open at least one or two gifts before Christmas. Just for fun, we usually let them. The same principle applies here. Though I will release the entire podcast next week, here's a preview of my latest podcast with Jim early present for Vaulters.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, December 20

I probably could have talked all evening. Instead, I stopped myself at about 29 minutes. Between prices, The CoT, the surging open interest, JPM hoarding deliveries, the taper-that-isn't...

The Silk Cord

Some of Turkey's richest and most powerful men, the kids of several cabinet secretaries, and an Istanbul mayor were among those arrested this week for charges connected to Iranian transactions. The General Manager of Halkbank,the facilitator of gold-for-Iranian-hydrocarbons trading, was also among those detained. Let's take a closer look as to why.

Guest Post: "What's Ahead for the American Silver Eagle"

The good folks at Gainesville Coins offered to write up a guest post for us regarding Silver Eagle demand in 2013 and 2014. I said, "knock yourself out", so they did. The result is this excellent summary.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, December 19

A podcast and an A2A today? Yep. There's no shortage of things to discuss, that's for sure.

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