Sunshine and Lollipops

Just as the HFT machines nearly destroyed the equity markets yesterday, today they've been tricked into buying back all of the very same stocks. And, once again, how is this done? Through central bank intervention in forex.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, August 24

What a crazy day but this is very likely just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A day is coming very soon where the world finally recognizes that the central bankers are nothing but lying, spinning mopers. Once that happens, the fireworks show will finally commence.

Blue Monday

Blue Monday, not Black Monday, as U.S. equities are "only" off 4% as I type. Nice to see the complete panic in the eyes of the stockroaches for once, though.

<Given the global market turmoil, this post from early Monday is now public.>

Crazy Bartlett

At the risk of preaching to the choir... besides, we need a new thread for the day so we can speculate about the price action in the coming week.

One of our family stories is about my great-great grandfather who moved to Oklahoma at the edge of civilization after the Civil War. He learned that a railroad line was planned to pass through their region. Of course such things took time, but he got busy...

TFMR Podcast - Friday, August 21

Oh my goodness. We've been talking all week about the effects of the "disinflation bias" but even the most hardened Turdite had to be shocked by the way the equity markets finished the week. So, of course, the question becomes: What's next?

Guest Post: "A Mathematical Certainty", by Thad Beversdorf

I found this at ZeroHedge a few days ago and I like it so much that I contacted the author via twitter to ask if we could reprint it here. He accepted the invitation I'm very please to post it here as required weekend reading.

And It's Only August

Usually, August is a time of some relaxation. Low volumes. Traders on vacation. Not this time. Not in 2015.

A Visit with Charlie Johnston

Standing on this Watchtower, we all sense that we live in an uncertain and dangerous period. Some of us have found confirmation of this through the study of market cycles and/or the works of Strauss & Howe. Charlie Johnston speaks of these perilous times in more religious terms and it was quite interesting to visit with him earlier today.

Interesting Days

It seems that the entire investing world has caught on to the "disinflation bias" theme as stocks are sagging and bonds and rallying. The metals have moved up smartly again this morning and are once again poised to achieve breakout closes. Will they? Can they??

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 19

With crude down big today, stocks and most commodities fell, too. Not surprisingly, the bond market rallied across the board. So, the "disinflation bias" continues to dominate but for how much longer? How long until "the market" finally realizes that Mother Fellen and Her Goons are lying and that the next move is not to hike but to print, instead?

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