TFMR Podcast - Friday, March 28

It was a long week but there were signs of life at the end. Can prices begin to recover and rally next week ahead of the BLSBS? Turd thinks so. C'mon in and learn why.

Wrapping an Ugly Week

Well, that was no fun. What a difference two weeks makes, eh? The good news...By this latest beatdown, The Cartel has shown more of their cards, making the "art" of predicting their next move that much easier.

Time to Re-Visit a Recent Thought Experiment

Recent Comex gold vault activity causes us to re-examine an issue first discussed last autumn.

A2A with Andy Hoffman of MilesFranklin

This was just tremendous. Andy is such a great guest and the questions provided by Turdville were terrific. Make sure you give this a listen when you have the time.

Quick Chart Update

I'm off to a bit of a late start today and we have an A2A in less than two hours. Therefore, just this quick chart update. Not just gold and silver but crude, the LB and The Pig, too.

California Lawmaker Accused of Corruption

Does this surprise anyone?  Not me, either.

What also does not surprise me is the noteworthy omission as to which party the accused senator belongs to.  Look how the story opens:

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, March 26

<Given the volatility, the questions surrounding gold and the timely nature of this podcast, I've decided to make it a public thread.>

As The Forces of Darkness break gold down on the Globex, what can we expect tomorrow and Friday. Will this be the final dip before the 2014 rally resumes in April?

David Morgan on with Greg Hunter

Recorded and posted yesterday, this video of David Morgan on Greg Hunter's show is pretty interesting stuff.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, March 25

The proprietary accounts of JPM continue to take delivery of Comex silver at an alarming rate, over 21,000,000 ounces in the past 100 days. After stopping 6,254 December gold deliveries but then issuing 1,750 in February, almost everyone wants to know what will happen in April? Today we make some educated(?) guesses.

A Small Bounce

With all of the shorting and dumping done by The Banks this past week, it's really no surprise that today has been a bit of a "Happy Tuesday". But I doubt The Leghounds are finished with their business so it's best to sit tight.

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