Even Higher Lows

Price is pressing higher again today, even with the second straight day of post-Fix raids. The pressure is building against $1330 and $21.20 again. What will happen next? Will the

Understanding The Latest Bank Participation Report

If you look at it in the proper context, it makes perfect sense.

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TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, July 8

A rally, a raid and a rally. All in a day's work on a Happy Tuesday.

Conversion to Physical

A conversion from loving fiat to loving precious metals is like converting from one radical religion to another. It has to be complete and it could cost you much. Those who talk too much about their conversion to family & friends are often alienated. But, you are literally saving your soul from the hell of poverty and destitution…that is if you believe in societal collapse, or even economic impoverishment as a nation. With conversion to precious metals, you cross a line. You are putting your labor-wages into true money that will survive whatever hell may be approaching us.

(I wonder if those guys in purple & red signify bankers? I guess we'll have to ask Dante.)

TFMR Podcast - Monday, July 7

A frustrated and angry Turd lashes out today at the changes in this week's Commitment of Traders Report.

Is This The Week?

We've been expecting The Forces of Darkness to come after gold and silver for over two weeks. So far, bullets have been dodged and prices have been sustained. However, momentum seems to be fading a bit. Might this be the week that a pullback emerges?

High Stakes Gambling in a Town Called Zugzwang

What do you do when all roads lead to a swampy quicksand between here and the destination? The "Marines" have already been sent to various locations and time is ticking. Is this 1980 or 1936 or 2014? What game are we gambling in? Is it Chess, Poker, Politics, War or Finance? How much time remains on the clock before Main St dies? And who, where or what is Zugzwang?

Just A Few Things

The long, US holiday weekend is half over. I just thought I'd post a few items that I wanted to be sure you saw before Monday.

The Jackass Red Glare

Bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night, that our Jackass was still there...

Soccer! America's New Favorite Pastime...or Trojan Horse? ;-)

Happy 4th of July! Please do not take this post too seriously! It is not about metals, or necessarily anything of importance! It is simply meant to provide a diversion for the holiday weekend. Enjoy! Or don't! :-)

So we must be officially in the Twilight Zone when liberal blowhard Keith Olbermann joins conservative blowhard Ann Coulter in bashing the pretentious nature of soccer!

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