Information Asymmetry

Well lookey there!  The lawyer pops up from the foxhole!

Recess is over.  Time to get back to analysis.

Let us start with a most simple observation, and apply it to the many, important, global events unfolding seemingly every day.  The concept is not radical.  It is just the way things are, based on the fact that we are imperfect human beings.  So let's look at it, intelligently, and use it to our advantage.

Searching For Support

With the volatility that will surround the Fedlines later this week, I thought it best to review support levels for both gold and silver.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, March 14

After some technical difficulties yesterday, I've finally gotten this podcast recorded...and it's a good one, too. Please be sure to listen before Monday in preparation for next week.

Making The LBMA Obsolete

We all know that the current, LBMA system is broken, arcane and in need of modernization. Into this void steps a company called Bullion Capital with a new, wholesale metals exchange designed to rival and, ultimately, circumvent the LBMA. In this interview, the CEO of Bullion Capital, Tom Coughlin, addresses how this new exchange will operate and why it has the potential to be such a game-changer.

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Euro Madness

After a sharp bounce yesterday, the euro is back in the toilet today and once again flirting with the key 1.05 level. This places the POSX very near 100 and puts extreme pressure back onto crude. So far, the metals have held steady. So far...

A2A with David Morgan

Earlier today, our weekly webinar hosted silver expert David Morgan. This call was tremendous and, if you own the metals or the miners, it is a must listen.

Taking A Breather

After tapping par overnight, The POSX found the psychological resistance of 100 a bit too much and has pulled back some this morning. This has allowed the yen and euro to relax a little and the metals are breathing a bit easier today, too.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, March 11

Earlier today, we discussed the need to steel yourself against the coming price decline. In this podcast, we lay out exactly when this decline will occur and just how far prices will fall before reversing.

Gird Your Loins

Frankly, I have no idea what that means. I suppose I could have typed "batten down the hatches", instead. Either way, now's the time to gird/batten. I fear that your faith in gold and silver is about to severely shaken.

Batchelor-Cohen Return

After taking a week off while Professor Cohen was traveling in Europe, the Batchelor-Cohen discussions of Ukraine Crisis resumed last evening.

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