Where's The Tylenol?

So I try to have a "normal" day. The kind I enjoyed pre-Turd. Took MrsF and LT#2 to an amusement park and had a few laughs. After dinner, I spent about 45 minutes talking to MamaFerg, getting caught up.

Then I think to myself..."Self, you should down to your office and get a few things in order before the morning". I open up the creaky, old MacBook and....

From Here, Where?

I've been thinking since yesterday about what I should write today. My first idea was to overwhelm you with information. Charts, data, links...the usual stuff, only more so. Then it dawned on me...that's probably not what you want to hear right now.

Friday Gold Theatrics

A concerted effort was made this morning to smash gold through the bottom of its 18-month range. It failed. However, you can be certain that they will try again so you need to keep a few things in perspective.

Unencumbered GoLD

After yesterday's nearly 17 metric ton withdrawal, it is becoming increasingly clear that a global movement is afoot to hoard massive amounts physical gold. Today, let's try to put all of this into perspective.

Desperation Time

Wow! A few years back, the early release of The Fed's latest FOMC minutes to a handful of their friends would have sparked outrage. Now it's just...whatever. Everything is so freaking corrupt anymore, nobody even cares.

A Turdville First: An Online Auction

Do you recall the meeting Santa held in NYC a few weeks back. Well, the highest bidder in this auction will receive a truly special memento.

Shorts Getting Tight?

The Spec Shorts have been feasting on the easy momentum of the downside trade. Now gorged, pockmarked and slovenly (picture Jabba The Hutt), are their shorts beginning to get a little too tight? Have they begun to bust at the seams? It's only a matter of time.

Digging The Ditch

Isn't it great? In the world of leverage, rehypothecation and malfeasance, it's like Friday never happened. That lousy BLSBS, the crappy participation rate, all of it...never happened. Our blissful, fiat utopia chugs forward. For a few more days, at least.

More From Morgan

You'll recall a podcast with David Morgan last week. Here's another one that's pretty interesting.

Saturday Gold

I don't know if the old week has ended or if the new week has already begun.

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