TFMR Podcast - Monday, November 25

Things are looking better by the minute but lets get through (Terrible or Happy?) Tuesday before we begin to exhale.

The Consent of the Governed

Almost Done

Today is option expiration day for the Dec13 gold and silver contracts. Not surprisingly, prices are getting yanked around as the Banks play with the Specs. It's interesting to watch. More interesting, though, will be what comes later this week.

Perception Deception

A couple of remarkable items hit the wires late last week. I thought we should begin this week with a recap.

Are You in Control of Your Mind While Trading?

People talk about financial market manipulations. But traders should consider if they are manipulating themselves, or more specifically, if the market could be manipulating them. Here’s how the market itself causes traders to make mistakes.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, November 22

The new Commitment of Traders Report is out and it definitely gives some clues as to future trend.

Considering Open Interest

As we approach contract expiration and First Notice Day for the Dec13 gold contract, I thought it would be fun to see where current open interest stands versus recent delivery months. Using this data, can we begin to predict how many might stand for delivery in December?

Silver Certificates and Counterfeit Mobs

A speech from JohnF from 1961. There is plenty in it that is as timely now as it was then, if not more. It contains as many, if not far more, potential offenses against the then-PTB than just silver certificates. When thinking about men like JohnF, I am reminded of the need for inspiring, thoughtful and honest leadership. The ever-declining quality of the ‘facsimilies’ thereof that are served up to us (as opposed to rising up from among the people), has gotten to be alarming as the decades rolled on.

And of course the ever-popular, yet mysterious Executive Order 11110: what was it, what did it mean, and could it have contributed to (or caused) the national shock that took place five decades ago today.

If Only I Had A Nuclear Option...

Longtime Turdites know that I very rarely write about politics. Frankly, the farce of the American, one-party system bores me. However, sometimes the audacity of the lies is so breathtaking that it stops me in my tracks. Today is such a day.

A2A with Jim Comiskey of ADM Investor Services

Please take the time to listen to this recording of today's A2A webinar. It's full of great information but the first 11 minutes, where Jim explains the massive purchase of Dec15 gold calls yesterday, is worth its weight in gold. (Pun intended.)

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