On Again with Dr. Janda

It was a pleasure to be on with our pal Dr. Janda again yesterday. We crammed a lot of important information into this one, 25-minute segment and I urge you to take a listen.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, November 6

This baby clocks in at 29 minutes so I hope you have the time to listen. But there's a lot to talk about! Not only did we need to discuss this current beatdown (which we've been warning about for weeks), we also needed to summarize what likely lies ahead (and it ain't pretty).

Lah Dee Dah

So what about any of this is surprising?

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, November 5

Today's podcast covers a bunch of topics ahead of Friday's BLSBS. However, Turd also unleashes some vitriol on a few of his "favorite" manipulation deniers. Parental discretion is advised.

Guest Post: "The Most Devious Liars In The Room", by Jim Quinn

In this extraordinarily informative and well-written new post, Jim Quinn address U.S. debt, deficits and interest rates. Please take the time to read and forward it.

Disinflation Bias Rumbling Forward

All of the hawkish jawboning of the past week has sent the POSX higher which, in turn, has re-ignited the global disinflation bias trade. You can see it all across the commodity sector and it is adding fuel to the CoT rinse cycle.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, November 4

Mother Fellen appeared before a Congressional committee today, ostensibly to discuss "bank supervision and regulation". Of course, she used the occasion to jawbone some more rate hike nonsense. It should come as no surprise then that the metals were slammed lower for the fifth, consecutive day.

Bullion Bank Leverage Soars to Near 300:1

Just when you thought that the perversion of the paper "markets" couldn't get any worse...

Three More Weeks Of This?

The slow bleed of Spec money continues today as prices drift slightly lower ahead of Friday's BLSBS. We still expect relative stability here as everything points toward Friday being an important day.

Batchelor and Cohen Return

Batchelor and Cohen returned last evening with another excellent New Cold War update.

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