Non-Relational News Roundup

“Now if anybody thinks we are getting average daily news items this week, I will not try to differ with them, as this is an admittedly subjective side to what I do, but just allow the rest of this week bring us whatever it will.”

It seems his observations hold just as true now, if not more so. To be honest, I am having trouble keeping all of the global, regional and nation-level geopolitical developments all in frame as a single interconnected whole – there are simply too many simultaneous events. It certainly feels like the time remaining on the clock is rapidly running out for at least one of the players, and the little buttons on top are getting whacked at an ever more furious pace.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, April 12

It's hot where Turd lives and the headlines out of Eastern Europe are getting explosive. Historic changes are happening, thus this rare Saturday podcast.

Working For The Weekend

Time to wrap up the fastest longest week that I can recall. (God bless both of these guys.)


The Nevada Stand-Off, Precious Metals and the Home Shopping Network

By the time you read this, God knows what will have happened with that crazy stand-off going on in Nevada, where apparently "public lands" aren't quite so public when an endangered turtle is sitting on them. Natural News, however, calls into question this so-called environmental siege, by blowing the lid off of certain crony capitalism deals involving said lands in question, energy companies, and fracking.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, April 10

We don't usually have podcasts on Thursdays but there's so much happening today that an exception was necessary.

A2A with Chris Martenson of

Maybe it's just me but it seems that these A2As just keep getting more and more informative. This week's guest was Chris Martenson and, boy, did he ever turn out to be a great guest. You really need to listen to this podcast.


It's not just the daily manipulation of all markets. The lies and corruption are now so endemic that it seems we are far past the "point of no return".

Rational Economic Behavior - Can This Prove Reliable as a Metric?

Here in California, one is barraged with idiocy, constantly and incessantly.  If one steps back from the managed news, and asks critical questions, it even becomes comical, of not enjoyable, to see the simple human condition in its perfect, rational form befuddle the central planners.

So here is one I took notice of, and specifically because I wonder if this data can be useful as an economic barometer, a metric?

And by "this data" I mean recycling rates.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 9

Miss a day, miss a lot. Sorry that I was out most of the day. We'll try to make up for it with a very informative podcast.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 8

Things are heating up and gold is approaching some serious resistance. We appear to be at a critical juncture. Are you ready?

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