Hmmm. Maybe ole Turd's silly little lines and doodles have some merit, after all?

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 5

Gold was down early but rallied late. What might tomorrow bring?

Still Right On Schedule

As mentioned yesterday, I took advantage of today's dip below $20 in silver and once again added to my stack. Though there may be a bit more weakness to come, this week is certainly progressing just as we thought it might.

Holding Down the Fort

The rhetorical vision of the precious metals markets in 2010-2011 brought a distant dream near to us with arguments for silver strength coming from various directions, including a couple of cartoon bears. As Max Kaiser jumped in and repeated “Crash JPM” with a chorus of other hawkers chanting “silver to the moon,” and “parabolic,” we watched the price rise to nearly 50 before illegal actions put a cap on the rally and dashed our visions of future wealth as AG might have shot up into multiple hundreds per ounce. 

Riding The Line

As expected, prices have begun the week weak. Remember, that's OK. We are simply "riding the line".

"Laundry Day" and Some Gold and Dow Rhythms

Did you know the Market "Laundry" is a hundred years old! We should not be surprised Wall St failed to bring attention to this by having a party!

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, August 2

A time to get caught up. A time to look behind and a time to look ahead.

Surviving the BLSBS

It has been a volatile week full of wars, insurrections, defaults, data points and Fedlines. However, as I type, gold is only down a whopping $8. It sure seems like it could have been a lot worse.

Rays of Hope (extended)

If this small, relatively insignificant NATO-member and formerly staunch Keynesian lackey can indeed change, and brave the perilous waters of taking on the Fin_Mil_Industrial_Gov complex, there may yet be hope for the rest of Europe, for the rest of the world. I have no idea whether this truly a real ‘exit’ from the current world order. But my lineage and upbringing dictate that I continue to believe in the indomitability of the human spirit. Light will eventually prevail, and victories that seem pyrrhic may topple symbols and thus ideologies.

Futures Manipulation - Third Branch Getting Involved

Whether this is misplaced hope or a sign of good things to come is certainly anything but certain.  Articles abound regarding recent lawsuits filed against CME and big banks, for example:

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