TFMR Podcast - Friday, November 8

Ugh. Non-Farm Payrolls made for a Non-Fun Friday. I was expecting and hoping for $1320 but, instead, we got $1280. What will next week bring? Well, come on in. Let's talk about it.

ChiGold - prospecting & nation-building for fun and profit

Is China content to ride the status quo, keep buying foreign currencies to keep the yuan down? Is it moving to advance the cause of the SDR by pushing for inclusion in it, along with Russia? What, if anything do the above have to do with the buildout of Chinese gold production capability, and in-country reserves?

How much non-China-based gold reserves/deposits does China control? What is the rate of production of the COMBINED Chinese-controlled gold mining operations worldwide?

I was not able to find all of the answers, but will try to share the breadcrumb trail that I eventually traced, and the data sources I stumbled upon. They present (what was to me) a remarkable sketch of the lengths China is going to in order to secure resources around the world.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, November 7

Does price action on days like today drive you crazy? Then you need to listen to this podcast because Turd's got the medicine to help you feel better.

A2A with Bill Murphy of GATA

As most know, Access2Access is a weekly feature in The Vault where subscribers get to ask questions directly of some of the biggest names in metals. This week's guest was Bill Murphy of GATA and, since I'm sure that GATA would like to post this recording to their site, too, I thought I should make an exception and create this public thread.

Just A Couple Points

A2A with Bill Murphy starts in an hour so I'd better type fast.

Perspective - We Have it All Wrong!

Here is a thought experiment.  For the next few moments, imagine that you were one of the elites, totally enmeshed and invested in the status quo.  All of your Ivy League training, your wealth, generational in nature, supports every logical thought that ever pops into your head.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, November 6

Today went off pretty much as predicted. Will the rest of the week? We'll see...and don't forget to join us tomorrow for the weekly A2A with guest Bill Murphy.

Take It To The Limit

One more time...

Digging Deeper Into The Gold ETFs

Much continues to be made about the historic "inventory" drawdowns of the GLD. It gets even more interesting when you compare the losses of the GLD to the "inventory" reductions of its two, biggest rivals.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, November 5

The lies, lies and more lies edition.

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