Riding The Line - Update

This post was written on July 14...nearly two months ago. I'm reposting it today for public distribution. I'm not doing this to pat myself on the back or to inspire new subscriptions. Instead, I offer this post as even further proof of the degree to which the paper metal "markets" are manipulated and controlled by the bullion banks, at the behest of the central banks. It also should give you optimism that this current beatdown scheme has nearly run its course.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, Sept 3

With all of the wailing and grinding of teeth regarding yesterday's contrived price smash, today Turd seeks to remind you that all of this was predicted over six weeks ago.

Vital, New Batchelor-Cohen

With all of today's varied rumors of war and peace, it is more important that ever that you stay updated on The Ukraine Crisis. To that end, here is last evening's podcast from John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen.

A Quickie

There's A LOT going on this morning and I really want you to be sure to listen to the full Batchelor-Cohen podcast, therefore just this quick post to keep you up-to-date.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, September 2

As the world seemingly descends into a very dark period, a pensive and troubled Turd returns today with this podcast update.

Just Another Day In Paradise

Jeez-Louise. I feel like I'm ready for another weekend and it's only Tuesday morning. But all is not lost...yet.

Wake up, O sleeper. Rise from the dead

As people begin to awaken from their slumber—awakening from a dream that all is well, that the economy is recovering, that the government statistics are correct and employment is improving—these people are seeing a grim reality that is not pleasant to look at. No wonder they want to stay asleep.

But even as they sleep, people know in their soul that something is wrong. A feeling they cannot shake. I know it when I look at the charts after a three day weekend.

Removing Any Doubt

You may have missed it. In fact, you probably did. While you were out enjoying your holiday, we saw more proof of how Cartel algos are set to manage and control price, regardless of the day or time.

The Critical Mind, Inner Scripting, & The "Game" of Trading

If you trade or invest in financial markets, it matters a lot whether you are  using your inner adult or your inner child to decide your next trade.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, August 30

Don't let the 3-day weekend deceive you. There's a lot going on around the world and next week promises a return of volume, open interest and volatility. Relax but stay alert. This podcast will help you to prepare.

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