TFMR Podcast - Thursday, July 30

With silver and gold still being capped at these levels, we're reminded of the similarities to mid-July, just before this most recent beatdown began. Could another selloff be right around the corner? The charts, with an assist from Dr. Copper, may hold the key.

Wrapping Up July Comex Silver Deliveries

As we first reported two weeks ago, deliveries of July silver on the Comex were quite unusual. And the rest of the month only served to add to the spectacle.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, July 29

Mother Fellen leaves rates at zero and Fed Funds futures now show a 0% chance of even a small hike in September. One would think that this might cause a rally in the precious metals but one would be wrong. All of the recent shorts are desperate to keep prices below July 17 levels and this sets up an interesting remainder of the week.

Ukraine Still Simmers

As usual, last night's Batchelor-Cohen discussion is a must listen for anyone seeking a fair and honest discussion of the events in and around Ukraine and Europe.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, July 28

A slow day ahead of tomorrow's Fedlines. Regardless, there's still plenty to discuss from S&P "V" #16 to the July silver deliveries. There's also the question of the current status of Greece's 112.5 metric tonnes of gold reserves.

Comex Leverage Widens To Record

With a move yesterday by JPM to reclassify 104,000 ounces of gold from registered to eligible, the total Comex registered vault has fallen to the lowest level in recent memory.

Chart Catch Up

Whew! Miss a week, miss a lot. But we'll try to play some catch up this morning and prepare for another volatile week ahead.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, July 24

While still on vacation, Turd distracts MrsF just long enough to steal his computer and mic in order to record this brief, weekly wrap-up podcast.

Guest Post: " The Collapse Of The U.S. Retirement Market & Epic Rise In The Price Of Gold", by Steve St. Angelo

After Steve's terrific A2A webinar last week, I thought everyone should see his latest.

Another entertaining Podcast

Well, why not another podcast. Its sure easier than writing a whole article with footnotes and everything.

And I just don't understand why Bo won't return my calls. I thought we really had something going there a couple of days ago.

Disclaimer: My trading advice is not intended to advise you. I just cannot keep my mouth shut.

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