Terrible Tuesday

Trade deficit. Dollar strength. Blah, blah, blah. Today's decline is about grooming and painting the Commitment of Traders and Bank Participation Reports. Nothing more complicated than that.

Our Daily Bread

The phrase "The End Of the Great Keynesian Experiment" implies more than just a financial reset.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, January 6

We're off to a hot start so come in from the cold and let's get ready for a wild week.

Welcome to 2014

Meet the New Year. Same as the Old Year. (Except the immediate rebound and FUBM gives us some reason for optimism.) I seem to recall mentioning in Saturday's podcast that you needed to come in Monday "with your gameface on, ready for a wild week". Well that didn't take long, now did it?

Welcome to the Panopticon

The homestead here is in need of another female voice, so Turd has graciously allowed me to share some of my thoughts with all of you. Let me briefly introduce myself - and what you'll see here is only a small portion of the entirety of who I am - I have had many hats, including writer, life coach, yoga instructor and website wrangler.

Don't worry, I'm not going to regale you here with cheery self-help mantras and mindless affirmations. In fact, one of the reasons I moved away from life coaching was that I had a hard time putting on a chipper facade all the time. I would like to take the opportunity here to dig into some deep issues. There's a lot going on in the world right now.

TEOTWAWKI happens every day...

A collapse, no matter how epic, is always a process. Freefall can be engineered in standalone single buildings, perhaps, but the steel beams in the case of the current global monetary regime crisscross too far and wide to pancake all at once. The good news is that we may have some time (Days? Weeks? Months?) between plainly obvious, explicit monetary collapse events. The bad new is that the obvious, explicit ones are still yet to come, and are liable to be nasty, if the endgame truly approaches.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, January 4

The new year begins with a rally, not the big selloff that every other "analyst" was expecting. What happens next? If you only listen to one podcast this month, it should be this one.

A Freebie from Uncle Ted

Ted Butler's "New Year" newsletter was released to subscriber's on Wednesday. He's made it public today through the SilverSeek site.

Out On A Limb

Turd's Limb has been a pretty lonely place. (Much like it was back in college.) Last month, it seemed that nearly every blogosphere "analyst" was predicting a break to new lows in the metals. It got particularly lonely last week but we held firm to our convictions. Now we are being rewarded with a January move UP, not down. Can it continue?

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, January 2

We've started the year off with a nice rally. Will it hold? Can it hold? C'mon in and let's talk about it.

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