A2A with Futures/Options Broker Jim Comiskey

Want to hear some frank opinions? Ask a few questions of a lifelong Chicagoan who has worked in and around the Board of Trade for the past 30+ years.

The Chinese Curse

What in the world isn't awful these days? We've got Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Gaza, ISIS/everybody and a growing, potentially global pandemic. No doubt, we all "live in interesting times".

Figured it Out - Bail-Ins are for Amateurs

Fiat paper schemes always end with the currency devaluing to zero, worthless.  Along the way, though, through the years, history teaches us that those in power, that is, those issuing the worthless colored paper, always resort to trickery, deceit, then war all in an effort to remain in power.  

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 6

A fun day with a $20+ rally and a breakout through the short-term trend. So, is that it? The next few days may hold the key so come on in and give this podcast a listen.

A Very Important JB-SFC

The discussion last evening was one of the most pointed and significant yet. Please make the time to listen.


Hmmm. Maybe ole Turd's silly little lines and doodles have some merit, after all?

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 5

Gold was down early but rallied late. What might tomorrow bring?

Still Right On Schedule

As mentioned yesterday, I took advantage of today's dip below $20 in silver and once again added to my stack. Though there may be a bit more weakness to come, this week is certainly progressing just as we thought it might.

Holding Down the Fort

The rhetorical vision of the precious metals markets in 2010-2011 brought a distant dream near to us with arguments for silver strength coming from various directions, including a couple of cartoon bears. As Max Kaiser jumped in and repeated “Crash JPM” with a chorus of other hawkers chanting “silver to the moon,” and “parabolic,” we watched the price rise to nearly 50 before illegal actions put a cap on the rally and dashed our visions of future wealth as AG might have shot up into multiple hundreds per ounce. 

Riding The Line

As expected, prices have begun the week weak. Remember, that's OK. We are simply "riding the line".

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