Circling the toilet, or light at the end of tunnel?

Feeling somewhat prolific lately, here is another sermon for the choir for your weekend reading. Perhaps I am just getting some ideas sorted out of the messy desk of my mind.  I have sent this open letter to my friends and family, not wanting them to hate me for not warning them. I'd rather they think me crazy. I told them it would be my last word on the subject. Feel free to copy, paste, and forward to anyone you like, if you believe it may help the cause. And please, straighten me out if I have said something in error. I tried to err on the side of caution in making claims, staying on solid reasonable ground to make an argument that people who are disinclined to believe might be able to accept or at least consider.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, August 28

Whew! It sure feels like we dodged a bullet today and, with the huge recovery in most commodities these past two days, there's at least a possibility that a major low has been reached. Obviously, the month of September and the next FOMC will hold the key but, at last, there are finally some reasons to be optimistic.

August Gold Delivery Update

Another item of great interest that we follow each month is the ongoing sham/charade/fraud of The Comex metal deliveries. After the extraordinary and unusual happenings in July silver, we've been monitoring August gold all month for similar oddities.

Key Levels For Friday

It has been a wild and volatile week and this has left the metals in a precarious spot. As we move through the day and head into the weekly close, here are the levels that you must watch very closely.

A2A with Dr. Dave Janda

Dave Janda is the host of the weekly radio program, "Operation Freedom", and he joined us today for a wide-ranging discussion of healthcare, the markets, the economy and the criminal syndicates that seek to control all three.

Such An Interesting Time To Be Alive

If you just consider that which we know is happening, it's amazing. Then, when you take into consideration what must be happening behind-the-scenes, it becomes downright fascinating.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 26

An absolutely dreadful news day leaves Turd reticent and reflective. The primary point of this podcast? All markets are now so thoroughly controlled by HFT computers, which are in turn directed by central banks, that there are no actual "markets" left. The conflagration, when it comes, will be devastating and only those with physical metal have a chance at financial survival.

A Repeat Performance

Wednesday looks just like Tuesday as commodities are slammed on the disinflation bias while stocks are levitated by the HFT machines that cue off of the USDJPY. Will the end result be the same?

Poker Meets Dominoes Played on Rickety Tables

Can we assume it's not the stock market? Given the week's crashy style of markets I mean! Hah! But let's play a game of assume it's not the stock market. And I have Central Bankers going crazy in October, so if it's not the stock market what else might it be? Calling Japan ... come in Japan .... Japan, are you there? Japan! ........ California, Illinois  ... Greece ... Ukraine .... Anybody in bondland.... please answer ...   How did we land inside this zombie movie?

What else might it be? Let me consult my current issue of "Trusty Doomster's List of Worries".  Ah, here we are .....

Ukraine Crisis Update

The situation remains tense in Ukraine as both sides position themselves for confrontation. Diplomatic efforts behind the scenes have intensified, too, so please be sure to check this week's discussion and update.

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