Another Interesting Tuesday

While gold and silver remained capped at the noted $1260 and $19.20 levels, continued strength in platinum, palladium and crude oil is making the capping more difficult.

Fiat Angst--Rejecting the System (FARTS)

Is this a happy Tuesday? Well… probably not, so let’s talk about other stuff. Early in 2012, with gold soaring, and a key restriction lifted off my retirement account as I switched jobs, and with a severe case of fiat angst, we decided to reject the system and convert our fiat into precious metals.  A month later, I was 47% poorer, if I count wealth in fiat. 

Today I see lots of negative emotion out there in the blogosphere from people who did as I did. They are frustrated at their loss, angry at those who said the system was collapsing imminently. But we are currently in the eye of the storm with the other wall approaching.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, June 9

This week is off and running but, uh-oh, tomorrow is Tuesday again. What can we expect the rest of the week? C'mon in and let's talk about it.

Here We Go Again

The new week begins in the same manner as last week ended. Namely, rallies with no substantive gains and caps at $1260 and $19.20. Is there any hope for progress this week?

Gold Market Cycles

Gold cycles - a status update for some of the more important medium term waves.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, June 6

This week's Commitment of Traders Report came in as expected and the resulting changes only increase the likelihood of MAJOR LOWS in gold and silver later this month.

Bergdahl and the War on the Individual

Normally I wouldn’t want to add to the excessive focus on what may be a giant distraction, but count me in with the “WTF” sentiment regarding the Bergdahl swap. (California Lawyer has written a great article outlining some of the odd questions, which you can read here if you missed.)

Delayed Response

I just spent about two hours typing up a new column but, before posting it, I decided it needed more work. So, now I'm two hours behind schedule. Here's just a quick update.

A Special Announcement from SD Bullion

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and the Allied invasion of France. To commemorate these events, our friends at SD Bullion and are launching a special edition coin series and they've offered one of the proofs to the winner of our newest contest. <Note: This is a public thread and a public contest.>

Sgt. Bergdahl and MOPE

I wanted to weigh in on this immediately, because of my very strong feelings as a former Army officer myself.  I felt it best to wait, and let the anger subside.

It still has not.

There are three questions and no real good answers.  

The truth, then, paraphrasing how Sherlock Holmes would argue, when all other explanations are ruled out, must be the one left, no matter how improbable.

So here we go:

The Sgt. Bergdahl story is front page news, all over the internet, too.  These links will get you a flavor of the story.

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