A2A with Bill Holter

Just a great call earlier today illustrating why we host these webinars in the first place. Bill spent nearly an hour answering a wide array of questions from a great group of listeners. Great stuff and you should definitely take the time to listen yourself.

A New Manifesto

In a world that believes in printing to prosperity, why hadn't we thought of this before? If you want to make everything go UP and everyone rich, just simply outlaw selling. Make all markets "buy only". It works for the communists in China. Why can't it work everywhere else?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, July 8

Just when you thought this week couldn't get any wilder, today comes along as one for the record books. The NYSE shut down for nearly four hours while other "glitches" occurred at other businesses and websites and the S&P closed significantly below its 200-day moving average. Chinese trading resumes (in the shares that are still open) in a few hours. My goodness, what will Thursday hold?

Guest Post: "Physical Silver Shortage Explodes", by The Doc at SilverDoctors

Lots of anecdotal evidence out there regarding physical silver shortages. Most noteworthy was yesterday's news that the U.S. Mint would not be accepting additional orders for Silver Eagles until August. The Doc just emailed this new link and summary and offered to have it posted here at TFMR, as well. Please read and consider.

Correlation and Causation

The tightly-knit correlation between the Japanese yen and gold has been temporarily broken. What could be the cause of this and, by discovering the cause, can we begin to understand why and how gold has been declining these past two weeks?

Russia and The BRICS

As the 3-day BRICS Summit begins today in Ufa, Russia, last evening Batchelor and Cohen spent most of the hour discussing the importance of these meetings and Russia's leadership role in the non-dollar world.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, July 7

A Terrible Tuesday as a global commodity liquidation spills over into gold and silver. Now, of course, it's just one day but we'll have to keep a real close eye on things as we barrel through the rest of the week.

Commodity Collapse

There are times when all of the fundamentals, technicals and CoT structure simply don't matter. Unfortunately, we seem to be entering another one of those periods.

New from Paul Mylchreest

Our pal, Paul Mylchreest, released today another excellent, detailed research piece. If you own equities and are convinced that all they do is go UP, you might want to take some time to scroll through this report.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, July 6

Just like last week, significant central bank intervention kept Greek news from having a major impact on global markets. However, as we explain in this podcast, all is not lost and there's actually some encouraging news that came out of today's trading.

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