Project Mayhem

These folks took a stand, stood up to be counted. At first through 'acceptable' channels, through law-abiding traditional methods. And when they realized that sanctioned forms of (controlled) opposition such as political activism, protests, letter writing, petitioning politicians, collecting signatures, organizing sit-ins were ineffective, they decided to take a calculated risk with their livelihoods, freedom and reputations, and did what needed to be done. They took no credit, they sought no limelight or recognition. For good reason, of course. Yet, ironically, because they were successful in evading detection, they perhaps lessened some of the impact of their (unquestionably courageous and ultimately effective) deed.

A2A with Koos Jansen

This week's Access2Access guest was Chinese gold demand expert, Koos Jansen. In this 40-minute webinar, Koos discusses:

  • The methodology of calculating total Chinese demand
  • How China is acquiring and importing so much of the world's gold
  • What the ultimate goals and endgame of The Chinese might be

YELP Forced to Identify Anonymous Users; Elite to Launch "World Post" Online Publication

This will be short and sweet. This morning I ran across two headlines that I felt were important to share:

1) YELP critics must be identified, court rules in online landscape altering decision

I'll write a longer article at some point about privacy and the Internet, but this ruling is bad news for individuals as well as content providers. It irks me, because most of these judges and politicians who try to write rules for the Internet are clueless about the underlying technology, and I'll bet half of them can barely handle sending out an email.

Ahead of The BLSBS

Volatility continues, as expected. Here are some charts to get you ready for tomorrow. A warning: Though I'm still hopeful, we are by no means out of the woods.

Happy New Year, and all . . .

Well first off, Happy New Year everyone!
After months and months of crazy busywork as a trial lawyer, the Holidays are a welcomed break from the action.  My normal posting days of Wednesday, fell exactly on Christmas and New Years, so that too was a perfectly fine excuse to take some time off and recharge.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, January 8

Sorry I'm late. Here's today's podcast.

Where is the German Gold?

Almost a year ago, the German government put in a formal request to reclaim (repatriate) a portion of their gold reserves held outside of Germany. Reports on the progress of this initiative have raised quite a few questions.

Fukushima? Deepwater Horizon? The Potential Extinction Level Events That Nobody Cares About

I'm not trying to be unnecessarily alarmist here. And perhaps I've been keeping up too much on the latest Fukushima news. But I woke up this morning having a nightmare that another earthquake had hit Japan. While the quake in my dream was not as big as the massive temblor that initially destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, it was big enough to destroy the delicate balance at the smoldering ruins, and the plant was set to blow at any moment.

Heck, the plant is teetering on the edge anyway, even without another quake. One fumble in the cleanup could cause a massive chain reaction. Things are bad. And yet, other than a handful of people covering it in the alternative media, it's as if Fukushima doesn't even exist!

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, January 7

Some Terrible Tuesday selling pushed us down today. It has since relented and prices have come back some. Don't get too excited just yet, though, as tomorrow promises to be a volatile day.

Terrible Tuesday

Trade deficit. Dollar strength. Blah, blah, blah. Today's decline is about grooming and painting the Commitment of Traders and Bank Participation Reports. Nothing more complicated than that.

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