JBSFC Discuss Paris, Syria and Ukraine

Another excellent program last evening though John and Steve are forced to cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time. As usual, please be sure to take the time to listen.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, November 17

As we've been warning was possible/likely, gold broke to new lows today and now seems almost certain to head even lower into the end of the month. However, since this is all going as forecast, we're more confident than ever that the next upswing will begin shortly thereafter.

It's Getting Ugly Out There

Not much good news to report today but, of course, this is no surprise as we remain on the sidelines, waiting for the CoT to completely rinse out and the disinflation bias to abate.

Banking Cartel, Fraud, and Antitrust - Where is the Enforcement Action?

At some point, certainly, the concept cannot be lost on law enforcement officials that the banking cartel selling massive paper futures, naked or not, are perhaps violating the law.  I say this somewhat in jest, because also at this point, there is clear evidence of the banking cartel taking massive, concentrated, short positions on the Comex, something the CFTC could, but won’t, do anything about.  

Guest Post: "The Gold Market Isn't Fixed, It's Rigged", by the late Adrian Douglas

As we just celebrated our 5th anniversary, I thought it would be fun today to go back and review one of the most comprehensive articles on gold price suppression and manipulation ever written. This piece, from the late Adrian Douglas, was written in October of 2010 and was a primary influence in prompting the start of TFMR.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, November 16

Today was almost too much to take but we give it the old college try. From global market manipulation to the latest CoT, we try to cover it all while somehow retaining some sanity.

Another Week In The Disinflation Barrel

As ZH stated earlier: "If stocks are red, the terrorists win". We'll see about that, though, as the disinflation bias continues to dominate with crude and copper both moving substantially lower again this morning.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, November 13

No CoT to review today, which leaves us extra time to study about a dozen charts and make the case for where we think things are headed next.

Guest Post: "What Hath The Fed Wrought", by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital

Longtime readers know that Brent Johnson consistently puts out quality presentations. His latest is no different and, with Fed/FOMC policy being such a major focus at present, you should be sure to take the time to watch his latest.

A Long, Slow Disinflationary Week

Jeez, you can only imagine what next week will bring. For now, let's take a look at the damage and watch to see what the rest of today brings.

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