Moon River

After being poked, prodded, felt-up, electrocuted, weighed and measured, it's good to be back behind the MacBook. It's also good to see silver rally just as predicted in last night's podcast.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, January 12

A very nice, little rally in gold drags silver along for the ride. Now, can we finally break through the brutally-enforced cap at $16.65? Tomorrow's action will be the key.

How They Did It

The Vaults of London are empty. The GLD is being drained. Eastern demand remains insatiable. So how did The Banks manage to maintain the paper price downtrend in 2014? It's quite simple actually.

Surprising Strength

After the late afternoon rally on Friday, I expected some "clawback" last night and today. Glad to say that, so far, this hasn't materialized. Now can gold extend, instead? A close above $1230 would be a first since late October.

Guest Post: "The Road To War With Russia", by Chris Martenson

Regular visitors to Turdville know that we've been falling Ukraine Crisis very closely for nearly a year. To that end, please take the time to read this excellent summary from Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity.

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, January 10

In this special, over-caffeinated weekend podcast, Turd examines the latest Commitment of Traders and Bank Participation Reports and he does not like what he sees. 

LSHI In Deeply Positive Territory

Poor old LIESman was really forced to earn his paycheck today. The BLSBS was lousy and awful, nothing like what they wanted. Now the day will be spent in panic mode, desperately trying to support a bullish tone for equities. On the bright side, at least a small notion of sanity prevails in the metals as they are poised to finish the first full week of the new year on a very firm, UP note.

A2A with Jim Comiskey

Legendary commodity broker Jim Comiskey joined us today for the first A2A of the new year.

The Defense Stiffens

Much like The Steel Curtain or The Purple People Eaters, The Silver Cartel defense of $16.65 is stout and punishing. Will they soon win the day and force another "turnover"?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, January 7

A ho-hum day sees stocks climb back while gold and silver are rather aggressively capped in the same tried-and-true, Cartel modus operandi of "Cap & Hold". So when will the raid come? Very likely within the next 48 hours.

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