This Is Going To Get Interesting

Well, what a week ahead we have. Grexit fears and the FOMC will dominate but who knows what else might happen. Let's start the week by reviewing the charts.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, June 12

Everything appears to be set for another exploitation of the spec algos in silver. Did this week's Commitment of Traders Report confirm our confidence in this forecast? C'mon in and find out.

Here We Go Again -- Another Silver Short Squeeze Looms

Back on April 15, we accurately projected that a major Spec short squeeze was brewing in the coming days. Nine days later, silver shot higher in a move of +14% in just over three weeks. Well, guess what. The conditions that created that move have returned and another significant short squeeze is right around the corner.

<Note: This is another public post of information provided to Vault subscribers one week ago.>

Manic Friday

For a summer Friday in June, there sure is A LOT going on today. Yes, the metals are flat but it should be noted that they're not down decisively this week, either, as so many preached they would be. Next week, instead, will be the key.

A2A with Dave Kranzler

Earlier today, our pal "Denver" Dave stopped by for a terrific, one-hour discussion of current events and the precious metals. Great stuff from a wise and experienced analyst. Please make the time to listen.

What Am I Missing?

A LOT of talk these past two days about an article written by Avery Goodman that was posted at Seeking Alpha. Maybe I'm missing something but I fail to see what the big deal is.

Faith Rewarded

Jeezo, pete. All the doom/gloom/despair last week with the nonsense BLSBS numbers. "Sell your gold and silver" screamed the various "analysts". But not here at TFMR. And now the metals, particularly silver, are set for another stout short squeeze.

Ukraine Crisis Reaches A New Flash Point

Events in recent days have brought the situation in Ukraine to a new danger point. Things could get dicey very quickly now that the government in Kiev has denied Russia access to resupply their troops and bases in Transnistria. What the hell is "Transnistria", you ask? I'm afraid that, before the end of June, you'll know very well what and where Transnistria is.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 9

While the metals are certainly interesting, it's just about everything else in the world that has Turd pretty worked up today. Please take the time to listen to this important podcast.

The "War On Cash"

A collection of items here to make certain that you are aware of what is happening and where this is headed.

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