TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, Sept 30

Jeez, what a day! Q3 ends with mass liquidations and a new record for TBTF cash repos. It also ends with the first official case of Ebola within the continental United States. Sheesh! What might tomorrow bring?

Maguire/NN-L Respond To Cohan Interview

The latest in the saga, though not directly from Andrew Maguire, seems to place the onus back upon William Cohan.

A Public Service Post

We've been following the Ebola story pretty closely these past few months then a headline today made my hair stand on end. Thus this new post.

Q3 Ends

Finally. Just like Q2 of 2013, Q3 of 2013, Q4 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014, Q3 of 2014 has been lousy and brutal, culminating with a selloff on the last day of the quarter. So, is that it? Will a relief rally begin as soon as tomorrow?

TFMR Podcast - Monday, Sept 29

Metal prices have begun the week mostly quiet and unchanged. Something tells me we won't end the week that way.

Sitting On My Hands

As we begin the week, it's important to note how we're going to end the week. Keep in mind that this Friday brings the latest, fun-filled and action-packed BLSBS report. Anticipating volatility ahead keeps me on the sidelines, waiting to see if another dip in price is coming.

William Cohan on with Dr. Janda

Our pal and loyal Turdite, Dr. Dave Janda, took up the cause on Sunday and invited journalist/author William Cohan onto his radio program. Yes, that William Cohan...the guy who has written the expose on silver manipulation that, so far, has not been published by any "mainstream" outlets.

Interesting People: Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian

Day shift leaving, night shift not yet arrived.

A Special Presentation

Back on Tuesday, I had the honor of joining a roundtable discussion, hosted by David Morgan. The guest for the show was our pal Ned Naylor-Leyland.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, Sept 26

Whew! I'm glad that week's over. Now, can things get better next week and next month? Perhaps this week's CoT has some clues...

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