The Summer of Recovery

Harken, if you will, to the glorious days of times gone past when the stimulus flowed like honey and the unicorns of government-created prosperity roamed the land dropping their spoor of jobs and skittles hither and yon.

Rogue Traders, Martingales and Central Banks

Martingales are walking the corridors of monetary power, and they shouldn't be.


The collective consciousness that is beginning to (re)emerge, and show ever-so-slight flutters of life is something that serves as a source of hope. With each human being a node, the internet makes an adaptive and ever-growing neural network of us all. A network that is already perhaps beginning to rival the complexity of the human brain – which was heretofore already so absurdly complex as to be deemed unknowable for centuries. The narrative provided by the system is no longer being swallowed whole as easily by the population. People are becoming increasingly skeptical as to the official explanation for what is being done to them and their fellow humans around the globe.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, January 17

All I'd hoped for was an unchanged week that left prices near the important resistance levels. Well, we got...along with surging miners and a very interesting CoT. Are you ready for the weekend? So am I but be sure to listen to this podcast first!

The Great Unraveling

The cloak of manipulation and suppression that has shrouded the precious metals for decades continues to unravel. Just the past 24 hours have brought a few, significant events.

The Census and Their Crazy, Unconstitutional American Community Survey

I used to be skeptical of people who complained about Census workers coming to their door. What was the big deal? 

Until now.

I have just received the American Community Survey, which is a highly intrusive, utterly unconstitutional questionnaire sent out to random homes in America. Supposedly the survey is to be used to help decide "where new schools, hospitals, and fire stations are needed." But why does the federal government need this information? Deciding where schools and hospitals are needed is the job of the city, county or state.

A2A with Bill Holter of MilesFranklin

This week's guest was Bill Holter of Miles Franklin. If you want to learn more about German gold repatriation and Comex delivery issues, be sure you take the time to listen.

By The Short Hairs

Just two weeks from today, The Comex will begin the process of delivering February2014 contracts. More than ever before, JPMorgan has The Comex "by the short hairs". Will they let go?

Focus, Concentrate, Pay Attention

It seems like a simple concept, really.  But there are people who readily admit that they make their livings, nice ones at that, by knowingly creating distractions even though people are keenly watching their every move!

No, I'm not talking about bankers--yet.

Of course, I am talking about prestidigitators, magicians, wizards of the sleight of hand.

We all know they are not really magic, but look at how skillfully they fool our simple brains.  Why is that?

Easy, really.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, January 15

Lots to talk about today. Price is holding steady but crude and copper rallied nicely and did you see the huge movements within the Comex depositories? The plot seems to thicken by the day and I can't wait for February.

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