Some light musings on the usually incomprehensible economic prognostications of the Maestro, the notoriously fickle pronouncements of career politicians, and the direction of gold pricing in the near future.

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A2A with James Turk

James Turk is the founder of GoldMoney and one of the leading advocates of gold and sound money in the world today. He graciously offered us about an hour of his time and we gladly took him up on it. The resulting podcast is one of the best we've ever recorded, chock full of relevant information to help you through these current times.

Even More On The Gold-Yen Link

As other outlets catch on to the gold--yen link, I thought we might discuss it a bit more today.

Turd on with The Financial Survival Network

Earlier today, I spent some time discussing the current gold "market" with Kerry Lutz of The Financial Survival Network. I was amped up on an extra cup of coffee and subsequently gave one of the most clear-headed and emphatic interviews that I've given in quite some time.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, November 12

Another day that is full of fundamentally bullish news but absent any gains in the metals. However, we might be finally nearing a tipping point where the paper price begins to disconnect from physical delivery and these two must remain connected for the paper price to have any legitimacy.

Better Late Than Never

A very busy day made more so by my just-completed interview with Kerry Lutz. A lot of coffee fueled a pretty good show and I'll be sure to post it as soon as Kerry makes it available. In the meantime, here's just a brief summary of today's important events.

This Week's JB with SFC

News reports overnight indicate that Russian troops have moved into The Donbass and the UN Security Council has scheduled an emergency meeting for 2:30 EST today to discuss the rapidly changing events. In the meantime, please listen to last evening's Batchelor-Cohen discussion.

Raoul Pal on CNBS

To my amazement, CNBC actually had an intelligent guest on their "Fast Money" program this evening.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, November 11

The plot thickened today as the paper---physical connection seemingly grew more frayed.

Tekoa da Silva and Rick Rule

Released yesterday, this interview of Sprott US Holdings chairman Rick Rule, is worth taking a few minutes to review.

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