TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, June 18

The Fedlines are in and prices have edged higher this afternoon. What does this mean for short-term direction and price? And what about that long-term silver chart? C'mon in and lets's talk about it! <Making this public a/o June 20. Worth a listen.>

An Excellent New SFC and JB

After taking a week off, Stephen F. Cohen joined John Batchelor again last evening for a full update and discussion of the current events in Ukraine. As you wait for the Fedlines at 2:00 p.m. EDT, listening to this is a very productive use of your time.

Jim Rickards: "Connecting The Dots In The Global Mosaic"

The relationship between geopolitics and global finance has rarely been more densely connected and complex as it is today. Knowing how to invest and allocate assets among various classes requires understanding the strategic drivers of valuation and volatility. Here is an around-the-world tour of flashpoints and their implications for investors.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 17

A morning raid. An FUBM. Then a tight range. All par for the course for a Tuesday during an FOMC week. The good news of the day, however, comes from silver where the bounce was particularly interesting. <I've added quite a few comments in preparation for the Fedlines. Please check.>


If you've got any other acronyms to describe the current global situation, I'm open to suggestions. For now, I'm just going with this one...F'd Up Beyond All Recognition.

Who's got your back?

One cannot help but notice the exuberance around here after a small rally, as well as the pessimism after smashes. But I hold my emotions in check by working on other projects that prepare my family for the new economy. As of late, those efforts are being channeled into constructing physical living arrangements as well as developing relationships with people who can help my family survive the future and vice-versa. Friendships can run deeper than blood and family can be flaky. Find solid stable relationships and strengthen them to provide a solid foundation your house.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, June 16

A rested and ready Turd gets you fully prepared to tackle what will, undoubtedly, be a very volatile week.

A Gold Oddity

The dog that didn't bark .... was it called "Accumulation"?

Immigration Crisis: Engineered Collapse? Or Opportunity?

So is this it? Is the engineered collapse finally starting?

With so much crazy news lately (VA scandal, outrageous Bergdahl swap, immigration crisis, Iraq falling), it seems that events are happening faster and faster.

Considering The Latest Bank Participation Report

The latest Bank Participation Report was released last Friday afternoon. I know that's six days ago but I needed some time to give it full consideration...and I'm still not certain I can draw any real conclusions. So, here's what I think along with things that I think I think.

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