Earlier Today with Elijah Johnson

A few hours ago, I had the pleasure of visiting again with Elijah Johnson, proprietor of the Finance and Liberty YouTube channel. It was great fun and there's plenty of good info here ahead of what should be a very interesting remainder of the week.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 28

As you prepare for what will be a wild and wacky Wednesday, please take the time to listen to this podcast.

Andrew Maguire on with Sprott Money

This new interview/discussion is tremendous and a must listen for everyone.

A Wild Week, Indeed

We promised you a wild week and, so far, we've had exactly that. A massive rally yesterday and...surprise...an additional rally today on POSX weakness and some more lousy economic data. And the fun doesn't really look to get started until tomorrow! Whew!

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 27

A very nice squeeze today will likely be followed up tomorrow with some selling and weakness. This all sets the stage for a very wild and wacky Wednesday.

Squeezing Expiration

So, let's see. Record open interest. Huge Spec short interest. A bank option "sweet spot" way above Friday's close. Sounds like a recipe fpr a mini-squeeze. And so it is.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 24

Another down day and it was an odd day, at that. While the yen rallied and the dollar fell, gold was down over $16 so you can clearly lay the blame for today's decline at the feet of the Bullion Banks. The question becomes why. Why raid price today?

An Update from Bullion Capital CEO, Tom Coughlin

A few weeks ago, we notified you about a brand new global, physical precious metal exchange that was being built with the expectation of eventually drawing interest and pricing power away from London and New York. Today, we have an update on the status of the rollout of this new exchange.

Just The Metals

Just a brief post to update where we are and what to expect next week.


Since the podcast we'd hoped to have today was rescheduled for tomorrow, we instead hosted an impromptu A2A with TF earlier today. The questions were wide-ranging and fun so I think you'll enjoy listening.

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