TFMR Podcast - Monday, March 10

The week is off to an interesting start, to say the least.

Space, Time, Nathaniel and The Gold Market

If occasionally you feel that trading gold is like living inside a science fiction movie, you're not paranoid. You're probably right!

A New Week Begins

And it seems like last week just ended. Where do we go from here? While we must expect the metals to remain under pressure, none of the "big picture" items have changed.

The Latest Bank Participation Report

If you've been following the daily changes to open interest and the weekly changes to the CoT, then the changes to the monthly Bank Participation Report should come as no surprise. Some perspective is needed, though, and I hope to provide some in this post.

Dr Jerome Joins The Crew: Prepper Guide for Gold and Silver Stackers

I am not a great trader or a gifted entrepreneur. My contributions to this site ought to come from my scholarly expertise in speech and media analysis, but most of you see right through the bullshit of our leaders and the biased reporting of the media. So I’d like to offer a creative problem-solving side of my world. I work through new ideas by writing and through dialog with others. So I hope this post, and future ones, can begin fruitful dialog that helps new members get a firm grasp on our times and provides hungry ears to listen as our experienced members share their wisdom, experience, and practical knowledge. After all, we are preparing for the end of the Keynesian experiment and a transition into a new world. The stakes are as high as they get.

Ides of March

Pretty much everyone here knows (or should know) the story of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, and the sealed train provided by the German government that brought him to St. Petersburg. Whether it truly WAS the government itself, or industrialist and bankers (and of WHICH country) matters little – the Soviet propaganda films did not lie about the fact that the shot from the Aurora truly WAS heard around the world.

However, here’s a fun little fact I am pretty sure most people don’t know...

TFMR Podcast - Friday, March 7

Yes, prices fell today after more BS from the BLS. Regardless, gold finished the week UP again and green for the 8th week of 10 so far this year.

That's Disorderly, Alright...

Well, nuts. The stage was set for volatility today. I had hoped it would be UPward. Should have known better with so much at stake. In the end, that gold and silver are being driven lower on the "better than expected" jobs report should really come as no surprise.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, March 6

Because tomorrow will likely be volatile, perhaps even disorderly, I thought I'd better send out this special, Thursday-edition podcast.

A2A with Greg Mannarino of

Today's A2A guest was Greg Mannarino. Greg's free website,, is very popular with traders worldwide and his daily youtube updates are often a must-watch wrap up to the day's events.

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