A Word of Caution

A line has clearly been drawn that attempts to keep silver below the old support and "physical floor" level of $15.50. With today's sideways to downward action, now is the time to be cautious.

Guest Post: "Gold and Silver Stand-Off: Demarketing and Deep Value", by Paul Mylchreest

"The demarketing of gold may be close to running its course as it seems that sellers of paper gold instruments are attempting to induce one more sell-off to fully cover their diminishing short positions. Indeed, signs are emerging that the long Nikkei/short gold trade, which has done so much damage to gold’s price, is becoming problematic." -- Paul Mylchreest

TFMR Podcast - Monday, July 13

News of a Greek "deal" leads to turmoil in the forex markets as global central banks work overtime to prop up the illusion of their free and fair capital markets. But it's all just a charade and today's events only serve to draw the eventual collapse even closer.

A Conversation with Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver

Keith Neumeyer is CEO of First Majestic Silver and chairman of a new venture called First Mining Finance. He stopped by TFMR today to discuss a number of topics near and dear to the hearts of metals investors everywhere.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, July 10

A crazy week is behind us and for all the angst and fear, gold finished down a whopping $2. Now, that said, Monday will be an extremely important day for determining the short-term direction of silver. Why is that you ask? C'mon in and I'll explain.

Into The Weekly Close

First, we'll be curious to see where prices close today. Next comes the latest CoT report, the survey taken right after the carnage of Tuesday. And then this weekend holds all sorts of intrigue as Greece takes it right down to the wire.

Today Show Preppers

For some unknown reason, longtime Turdite StevenBHorse was watching the U.S. morning program called The Today Show earlier today. The discussion there caught him by surprise and I think it will surprise you, too.

A2A with Bill Holter

Just a great call earlier today illustrating why we host these webinars in the first place. Bill spent nearly an hour answering a wide array of questions from a great group of listeners. Great stuff and you should definitely take the time to listen yourself.

A New Manifesto

In a world that believes in printing to prosperity, why hadn't we thought of this before? If you want to make everything go UP and everyone rich, just simply outlaw selling. Make all markets "buy only". It works for the communists in China. Why can't it work everywhere else?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, July 8

Just when you thought this week couldn't get any wilder, today comes along as one for the record books. The NYSE shut down for nearly four hours while other "glitches" occurred at other businesses and websites and the S&P closed significantly below its 200-day moving average. Chinese trading resumes (in the shares that are still open) in a few hours. My goodness, what will Thursday hold?

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