You know how much I hate being wrong.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, December 18

What a day. Right about the BLT but wrong about the immediate aftermath regarding prices. What happens next? Will $1210 hold? Will $1180 hold? Will the Fed taper QE∞ to zero? Is gold heading back to $35?

Another Thought Experiment

About a month ago, I was maligned and pilloried by some detractors for having the audacity to suggest that the reported Comex vault stock numbers were obviously dubious. Other bloggers suggested that the deposits in question were easily explained by the deposit of 99.99 pure, Asian kilobars. OK, maybe. For fun today, I thought we'd take these folks at their word and see where it leads us.

Pre-Fedline Open Thread

With just fours hours to go until "the most important FOMC headlines in years", here's a thread to enter your predictions and discuss the consequences.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, December 17

Even on this "slow news day" while everyone waits for tomorrow's Fedlines, ole Turd's got plenty to say. Will gold and silver rally tomorrow or will they crash? What's up with the December gold deliveries and what about the Comex paper shell game? All hot topics so c'mon in and get brought up to speed.

The Bernank's Final Bash

Today begins The Bernank's final FOMC meeting. Oh sure, first they'll discuss how they can keep The Grand Illusion running a bit longer but the fun really starts tonight. The Bernank's Celebrity Roast will be a black-tie affair, with nary a dry eye in the house from the laughter and the heartfelt tributes, complete with guest appearances by Red Skelton, Don Rickles, Rich Little, Nipsey Russell and Foster Brooks!

A Conversation with Bron Suchecki of The Perth Mint

Bron Suchecki of The Perth Mint and Argentus Maximus of TFMR & Rhythm and Price chat together about things affecting the price of Gold

TFMR Podcast - Monday, December 16

Another day, another Monkey-manipulated short squeeze. Ho-hum. C'mon in for some fun and sparkling conversation while we wait for Wednesday.

Just Charts

As we begin a pivotal week, there's no time for messing around. Here's a full chart update.

Untitled humor

I would think twice about recommending a 60 Minutes segment these days, but this one is worth it for the comedy factor alone. This is simply gold, Jerry, GOLD. Pure, elemental comedy gold.

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