Kamala Harris Loses Second Amendment Case

I know its 9/11.

A2A with "Denver" Dave Kranzler

With so many markets in turmoil, I thought that today was the perfect time to visit again with our pal, "Denver" Dave Kranzler of "The Golden Truth" and Investment Research Dynamics. Boy was I ever right. If you want the straight skinny, please be sure to listen to this recorded podcast.

This Might Be Helpful

I've noticed a rather interesting trend in the "inventory" numbers of the GLD and it may indicate that this current selloff has nearly run its course.

Fool me once, shame on you...

Well, its not every week, or even any week, that you will get two posts out of me. But recent events demanded to be shared lest any of the fine members of T-ville be deceived!

Turd, you should probably not read this...

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, Sept 10

Turd's been out for a few days so today was a bit of a catch-up. I hope you have some spare time because this baby clocks in at over 30 minutes.

Watching The Flows

So here we are. It's September 10 and things sure don't look any better than they did at the end of May. For that matter, things don't look much better than they did at the end of December, either. What's left? Is there any remaining hope for a rally into year end? Can the metals at least eek out a positive return for 2014?

This Week with JB and SFC

Last evening brought the latest in the ongoing Ukraine discussion series of John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

Getting too close to home

What gained my attention this week, and prompted me to write this, as we close in on mid-September, were my recollections of predictions that something may happen this month or next, that we may indeed be approaching some system-changing pivot point. Rob Kirby got my attention two weeks ago. Of course, Jim Willie always piles on the evidence thicker. Then a series of ZH articles began to cite financial luminaries as concerned for the near future.

A Long Day

Not only did Turd have a long day, no doubt you did, too. Prices for precious metal remain under pressure and there doesn't appear to be any catalysts coming in the near term to flip things around. Here are just a few charts that show where we are.

Guest Post: "The MOAMOPE", by James McShirley

In this tremendous article, James McShirley exposes a small but extremely significant portion of the ongoing metals price manipulation scheme. It is reprinted here with the expressed permission of Bill Murphy at http://www.lemetropolecafe.com.

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