Lost package of shiny in the mail.... anyone????

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Lost package of shiny in the mail.... anyone????

Looks like I'm dealing with my first lost package of shiny in the mail. I'm not going to name the company unless I get death threats from you all, but they have assured me that if it doesn't shot up after 30 days from ship date that their insurance will cover everything and they will reship. I have ordered from this company at least two dozen times and never a problem. If anything, it arrives before they say it will... This time, some low-life USPS worker evidently is stacking.

So, has anyone ever had to file a claim for a substantial order and get it properly filled? I'm not super happy about this, as you'd expect.

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I hope your experience has a happy ending. You would think their insurance company would be able to find where the point of loss occurred.

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Just a Money Order...

Someone intercepted a MoneyGram money order and cashed it after just writing over it (Lousy obvious job too). The claim/refund process was so convoluted with fees for everything I just gave up on it. ;-( Now I just pay with credit card. On my orders, the extra premium is less than getting a money order and Priority mail. Plus I get cash back!

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