Your Mother Was A Hamster

You don't frighten us, Cartel PigDogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons-of-a-silly person. I blow my nose at your so-called Jamie-King. I will not deal with you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away and let the metals rise or I shall taunt you a second time!

We stand alone and taunt our enemies. There are those who choose to capitulate and run in fear, led astray by mainstream MOPE and newsletter-writing shills. That is not us. We prefer to think for ourselves. We observe the facts and act accordingly. The paper traders may influence price on a daily basis but we have time, fundamentals and the simple laws of economics on our side.

Paper price has once again fallen to actionable levels, for those willing to trade in the casino. Gold and silver, when measured by spot price versus futures price, have moved to levels of backwardation not seen since early 2009. And this is an Asian holiday week. Several Asian markets come back online tonight and more reopen on Thursday. Physical buyers will return in earnest and paper traders will be forced to hedge and cover. &

The charts below illustrate the opportunity. Long-term stackers should be using any and all weakness to continue their accumulation. But...IF the "markets" present us with another opportunity to purchase some paper at a sub-1640 gold price or a near $30 silver price, consider it a gift. Be ready to act.

And here are your other random, assorted items that I've collected over the past few days. First, this very interesting blog piece, sent to me via email. It discusses the inaction regarding the implementation of the Dodd-Frank law. Keep in mind as you read it that, in the U.S., we supposedly elect representatives to go to Washington D.C. on our behalf. These folks are charged with considering and crafting laws for the general betterment of the nation. But then the kleptocracy gets involved and laws are subverted and undermined.

Here's something that will leave you with the impression that the stock market is about to go into the toilet:

You probably should spend some time listening to this:

And this research report is lengthy but worth your time, even if you just skim it.

QBAMCO - Locked & Loaded by zerohedge


We've been watching the Yen sink like a stone since October and it looks like the subject will be on everyone's mind in Moscow later this week, when the full G-20 meet.,0,2456971.story. It's perfect timing, actually, as the Japan situation will serve to distract any and all conversation away from what's really going on...the inexorable march away from the dollar and every other fiat currency. Jeff Nielson has begun a new series meant to discuss these issues and Part 1 can be found here:

And this Bloomberg video is terrific. It discusses the "currency wars" but, from about the 3:00 mark on, the panel has a reasoned discussion of the gold standard. What kills me is the fixation upon the standard being unworkable because "gold is $1675". One of the guys suggests the real solution (which will happen) which is a revaluation of gold multiples higher. Unfortunately, that comment is quickly brushed aside and the conversation continues in a different direction. Regardless, this video is a must watch. Please do so.

Now, go have a great day and enjoy taunting The Monkeys.



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@ It's so easy.

"to blame the guy at the podium. Remember the problems we had and blamed Nixon, Ford, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama? It's all what you WANT to hear. Or NOT want to hear."

This part makes sense to me.


This part is enlightening.

"I agree and respect

your opinion. But who else that ever had a chance could do a better job?

Please don't say Ron Paul, because he never had a chance."


At some point people will regain their government when they realize that THEY must be involved and hold it accountable, from the local level up.  And NOT cheer or boo anyone stands behind a podium thinking it will make a difference.

Anybody that thinks difference is diluding themselves by searching for the right party to join, or the PERFECT FORUM.

Only deciding for yourself that America became a great country because it stood for individual freedom and making that a theme in your everyday life will you get there.

Remember, none of us can really change anything but ourselves, but when we do we realize that is the only thing that will fix this mess.


ag1969's picture


"About 55% of government spending goes towards paying the nation's debt, while 25% goes on wages. That leaves just 20% for everything else - including education, security and health."

Good deal they got there from the IMF.  What is the problem?  Can't they just borrow more money to pay their debt?

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A quote from Mark Levin

and I agree 100%      

You should view these politicians with the deepest contempt you can possibly imagine. What they are doing to this country, what they are doing to our finances – there is not a criminal in any federal prison, state prison, city or county jail, with respect to financial crimes of any sort who collectively could have done the kind of damage that Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and YES, willing, timid, gutless Republicans have done to this country! To your future, to your children and your grandchildren! What they are doing is with malice and with forethought….

What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?

Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!

TJeffson's picture

@ Dyna

While Levin may be right, he's a hypocrite.  He rants about the GOP but he was out there supporting McCain and Romney.  If he had an ounce of credibility he'd have been destroying not only Romney and McCain but Santorum, Gingrich and many more for being gutless neocons that have the same policies as the democrats.  

kingboo's picture

@Karankawa, I am an equal opportunity blamer......

i dont just blame Obama......i blame all of them.  And i don't consider it a failure of mine when they fail to fulfill the stated mandate that they spew on the campaign trail...... Shy of running for office, what the hell are we supposed to do?.....shit, voting doesn't  What?   Should i run for office? or you run for office?   Should i close my business and go run for office? and if so......why do we send "representatives" to begin with?   i like you Karankawa but i'm not buying this time....

    It's not our fault if they lie to get votes.......then abandon all principles and do the opposite.......   No....thats on them.

And until we get REAL campaign finance reform......all we can do is vote.....then pray.....that they won't put this fucking ship on the rocks.....                  but dont blame the honest people for not being ABLE to change the corrupt nature of the system without endangering their livelihood and everything that counts on it....

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So much for a trial...Srry I was watching this in so cal media

Sorry for being off topic....guess this is what they meant by loss of due process by NDAA.

comrade nooni's picture

Mark Levin

is a neo-con hack who is desperate to ride the next big wave.

Just as Glenn Beck is now a "libertarian" with principles.

philipat's picture

Keeping it all in perspective...

Gold has corrected ABOUT 15% from its top to where we are now. That's NOT a lot. Equities saw a 50% decline in short order. It has been a painful period and maybe it would have been easier on us all had there been a short sharp correction more like happens with equities, instead of the slow churning down we have experienced. But this won't go on forever and, in the bigger picture of things, a 15% correction is normal and not that much actually.


TJeffson's picture

@Philipat re perspective

I consider it a sale. I only wish I had been so learned a few years earlier and gotten in at much lower prices.  A 15% correction is just sale prices to increase the stack.  

The only way I see PMs going down a lot in price is if they allow a massive deflationary event to happen.  But since that would wipe GS and JPM et al out overnight, we knw they won't allow it.  

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@ A quote from Mark Levin

I used to listen to him.

He only uses the Constitution when it suits him.  He was all for the Bush wars.  Never Ever said anything but we have to defend America for foreign aggressors ...............

While America was being ripped apart.

onewileyz stated it well.

"Remember the problems we had and blamed Nixon, Ford, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama? It's all what you WANT to hear. Or NOT want to hear."

To me, that sums up America's problem.

All I can say about what to do about it, is to stop supporting corruption.

A friend of mine that 'works' for the government offererd me free trash bags he stole from his workplace, telling me "this is a way to get some of your tax money back".  I declined.

Government is TOO BIG when it gets to this and the signs are all around, too many to mention.

And get this, the guy is a Ron Paul fan!!!

I know he's brainwashed by working for the 'best job in town' and he wants to kill the ragheads because it's trendy.

But this is where America is today.


Puck T. Smith's picture

@onewileyz: What if

@onewileyz: What if tonight...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I would have ignored their speeches just like I'm ignoring Obama's.  I wish more people would ignore them all.  Nothing good comes from DC, nor from people who think something can.

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Hey check this one out, I

Hey check this one out, I just did a Checklist of Governments in Terminal Decline (kind of stolen from Simon Black) in-terminal.html

Dyna mo hum's picture


I agree with what he said.  The hell with the Levin hypocrite neo con talk. If we will only settle for perfection in a pundit then perhaps our realistic expectations are too demanding. I have yet to see the perfect pundit yet.  I have talked to a few folks who are disappointed in Ron Paul lately for not being perfect.  So what! Jesus will be along soon enough to sort this mess out.

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For Hammer

Thousands of Japanese children from Fukushima and the nearby areas have been diagnosed with cysts and nodules on their thyroid glands. So far, 41.1 percent of 57,000 tested have shown these early warnings of potential thyroid cancer.

Caldicott explained that the high rate of abnormal growths in Fukushima children is very unusual — it usually takes five to 70 years to see what the medical implications of radiation are — and insisted that the international medical community become involved.

A just-released pdf document.........three-fold increase in infant mortality:

Urban Roman's picture

It's not about who's on the Blue Team,

Woohoo, I'm on somebody's ignore list. (hint: there's no need to announce  it, ... maybe he can figure that out ... no wait, he won't see this)

It's a matter of centralized/authoritarian -vs- distributed/local government. And it's about freedom. Not some silly notion of freedom where the authoritarians cruise down main street Baghdad with machine guns blazing, but individual freedom for (duh!) individuals. I think most Turdites understand this. 

Right toward the end, Zero announced that he wants to expand on the TPP with a TAP! I'm so excited. Not. 


You didn't really think he was going to put Corzine in an orange jump suit, did you? 

Strongsidejedi's picture

More on California (Dorner is no distraction guys)


This Dorner case is no distraction.  We have CHP, Sheriff's units, and other LEO's crossing over normal jurisdictional lines.  We have innocents in the line of fire and the hot zone keeps rolling from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  We have people getting shot up who are simply fired on without being pulled over and without (allegedly) being commanded to do anything.  Their only problem is that they're driving a dark colored truck.  For a while, some radio stations and TV stations were suggesting that people with dark trucks stay off the freeways.  This is what passes for "commentary" on "live TV".

Then around 1-2 PM the story on KFI 640 AM (the probably the most powerful transmitter west of the Mississippi River) was reporting a story that Dorner may have jumped in a police car and driven down the mountain.  The KFI radio reporter personally saw caravans of vehicles LEAVING the area of the "shoot out" and "driving downhill" "away from" the scenes at high velocity.  Eric Leonard's sources were reporting that a police car was supposedly missing and that the vehicle was not located as of 3-4 PM.

Just a few hours prior to the SOTU speech, the story was that Dorner was holed up in the cabin and surrounded by police units. TV channels were plastering coverage for five hours on 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11 (no joke) with each TV reader saying things like "we don't know what's going on inside" and "they're stopping vehicles on the road" incessantly over and over.

By the time of the SOTU speech, Channels 5 and 9 were reporting a single gun shot and the cabin burning down.  Tape was running on 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11 with the subtitle that the cabin is burning down.

Now, get this story from LA Times dateline 8:30 PM... Dorner's body is not located in the cabin and the LA Times seems to be reporting confusion on whether or not he's actually in the cabin.

"[Updated, 8:38 p.m. Feb. 12: San Bernardino County Sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said officials have not confirmed what is inside the cabin. She said police believed a suspect was inside the cabin at the time of the fire but that officials have not gone in yet to look for the body.]"

If the San Bernardino County Sheriff's units can not confirm the situation on the ground, then the body has not yet been located.  The update suggests that they haven't looked yet.  The point is that California Lawyer front ran the newspaper's own headline by several hours. 

The reality is that this situation is a reflection of the fact that government agencies are no longer able to do their assigned tasks in California.  The degradation of the situation is extremely bad at this point.  Although I have never met "California Lawyer", the reality is that he and I are reporting the same thing from two different vantage points in Southern California.

Government must act responsibly in order to legitimately govern.  If this erosion continues, the situation will get out of control and unfortunately, I have to side with the preppers.  The preppers have been concerned about a generalized degradation in society that undermines local security.  The situation in the last week has convinced me that local governments and local law enforcement no longer has the ability to proactively manage security in California.  Instead, they are purely a reactionary force that can only act along political lines.  These political lines are ultimately responsible for policy and law making, but the LEOs are not able to proactively act effectively.

They were not able to even protect themselves without taking significant risks and sadly several of these men have paid with their lives.  That is not fair to the families and communities around these men.  One of the early victims of Dorner was a black officer who was working at a local university as part of campus police/security.  Far from a story that does not belong in the precious metals discussion, the story is about security and our confidence in local law.

Ultimately, any investment must rely upon the societal norms and laws to maintain transactional integrity.  That integrity is lost when "new normal" becomes a standard.  The only people who use "new normal" as a measurement of leadership are people who were not effective under traditional means.  It suggests to me that leaders who argue that "the new normal" is the way of life for all are in fact leaders who do not belong in leadership at all.

Under no circumstances should those who are committed to constitutional principles and "God given liberties" accept a "new normal" definition of rule.

The term "new normal" tells me that the "new" is not "normal" when compared to prior policies. I find the term "new normal" to be rather Orwellian and about as honest as calling a Russian bolshevik a "majority" rule.

ivars's picture

GSR went down yesterday a

GSR went down yesterday a bit, may move up today a bit as well, but that would not mean yet PMs plunging further:

Based on this GSR fork below, which fell below support and found resistance there, we may have a small down day today, or an bigger up day after initial down. Again, this is the only fork in PMs I can find working at this trubulent moment. The reason I went long is that it hit parallel line support turned resistance yesterday. 52, 5 would be first target as it moves down (silver up to 31, 7, gold 1664) . if it breaks that , 51,7 ( 32,5, 1680) , if that- 51 ( 33, 4, 1703) . I would get cautious there.

Hammer's picture

Maggie, I am fully up to


I am fully up to date with things regarding Fukushima. Thanks for the post though. The small children and the elderly are always the most at risk.

Karankawa's picture

@ Kingboo

I understand the quantery.

"i dont just blame Obama......i blame all of them.  And i don't consider it a failure of mine when they fail to fulfill the stated mandate that they spew on the campaign trail...... Shy of running for office, what the hell are we supposed to do?.....shit, voting doesn't  What?   Should i run for office? or you run for office?"

Have you every looked into the mirror and ask yourself.  "How much of this am I SUPPORTING?"

Evil doesn't maintain power without unending support of diluded people.

It's up to the indivual once again, this time with the resource of information to make up their own mind how precious freedom is.


Texas Sandman's picture


On one level I agree with you.  Obama isn't the problem.  He's merely a symptom of our problems.  The problems (and there are many) are the depraved individuals who put him in the presidency, then doubled down on a clear mistake by keeping him there.  The problem isn't the fool.  It's the army of fool enablers that have sunk us.  Without his enablers, Obama is just a fool.

I mean, good grief.  This state of the union address was just recycled jibberish from a 1960's protest.  How often can he point out that Warren Buffett is a friend of his whose secretary pays less in taxes than he does without people rolling their eyes and promptly vomiting??  How low have we sunk as a society when this passes for a presidential address?  Is he testing us to see how long he can keep this up before the brainwashed media calls him on it?  Maybe it's all just a game to him...

No word about his decision to play judge jury and executioner with our fellow citizens and the clear fact North Korea is paying absolutely no attention to him or his warnings. I think by any measure, murder would qualify as a "high crime and misdemeanor".  And I'd really like to see him defend himself for killing al awlaqi's 16 year old US born son.  I can guaranty you that kid's face went on an al qaeda recruiting poster.  Bad Move!  In China, they call him "monkey boy".  And I sometimes think the Chinese see things more clearly than we do.  That's about right.

Stack faster & kiss the american experiment good bye.

But on balance, onewileyz, I share the general sentiment here, when I say, don't let the door hit you in the derriere on the way out.

Karankawa's picture

Stack faster & kiss the american experiment good bye.

Texas Sandman,

I would like to point out that this statement is an oxymoron.

The American Experiment IS about honest money.

I'm a fellow Texan and understand how much our state has degraded from it's principles and mean no harm.

But I feel the need to point it out.

In Liberty,


Texas Sandman's picture


If honest money is the defining characteristic of the american experiment, it died in 1913.

And the bones were crushed to dust in 1973.

If your point is the american experiment died long ago, you may be right.

Magpie's picture

Investing in ammo

Guess what one of the top “investments” of 2013 is so far? Most financial advisers or CNBC fans would quickly scan their screens for the top stock or commodity. They might come up with Aurizon Mines and others that gained around 20% or more.

Financial investments from the markets return absolute chicken feed when compared to how much .223 ammunition has increased: from 200% to 300% depending on the market. No capital gains taxes for small purchases. Yes, there are shipping and handling costs, but nonetheless, ammunition has been one of the best investment opportunities of the last 48 months. This is where preppers have a great advantage over traditional investors.

Karankawa's picture

If honest money is the defining characteristic of the american e

It IS the defining characteristic.

The fact that you are on this board proves it.

Where did Turd come from?

Where did Chris Duane come from?

They all want freedom for their kids ;)

Honest trade is the only way to pass that on.  That is the American Idea, and it only exists when people understand it.

And are willing to fight for that idea.


You have to agree that burdening your kids with debt that you don't realize is not responsible.

And educating yourself as to How it happened is the most responsible thing you could do.  Do your kids owe their lives to this scheem?  I don't think so, and I don't know them.

PSS I don't expect to see hat tips for posts like this.  Even though everyone knows it's true.  Thats why I know that real assets are the only way to save today. 

Hammer's picture

(No subject)

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

-Leo Tolstoy

punchbowl's picture

Good Girls

Not totally sure about FEMEN.  Fully support this one, though.

Hammer's picture


El Gordo's picture

I don't know what he said...

but what I heard was tax and spend, borrow and spend, and print and spend.  And don't forget to disarm the people before more of them figure out what is going on.

jonathanmarktaylor's picture

Back to Subject please....

I thought this was a PM blog. Please can we get back to subject!! Less talk of fucking horses and random men with guns in the US!! - You want the guns so deal with the consequences! Now let me get back to my horse burger and read about where silver is going next....

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President omits Chris Kyle from list of gun deaths in SOTU address

Some of the loudest applause for the president tonight during his state of the union address came during his call for a vote on an assault weapons ban. President Obama listed a number of high-profile gun deaths and name-checked Gabby Giffords, who was in the audience. One high-profile shooting was overlooked, though, but not by Twitter.

Dan Lamothe @DanLamothe

Plenty of folks upset President Obama didn't mention slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle tonight. His funeral was held in Texas today. #SOTU


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