Cueball & Thunderlips

As we all wait with anticipation for The Bernank to speak at 4:00 p.m. EST, here's a little something to help you kill the time.

The alert Turdite "silverstool" alerted us earlier today that the CFTC was planning a closed-door meeting. ( If you're wondering what it's about, we have your answer. We've planted a secret camera inside the CFTC offices in Washington and look what we overheard.

The meeting is probably insignificant. Maybe they're just discussing office politics or planning for O'Bottom's re-inauguration next week. Or maybe...

Have a great day!



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Verifiably Real

Great video TFyes and it's verifiably real too. That leaky faucet in the background proves itwink

btw, big O didn't fake his birth cert. - his handlers and the DNC did. He just went along with it to take the payola and enjoy the fame and perks.

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Monthly silver

Monthly silver stochastic RSI trying to make bullish reversal. It's nearly crossing. 

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The whole issue, which has been stated repeatedly, is that in order for them to prove market manipulation they need INTENT.

How do you prove intent?

Unless they have emails from trader's, then they have nothing.

This has nothing to do with HEH.  The CFTC remains the broke dick dog that they always have been, and will be.

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Doc J

I agree with you that there is no fraud so large that the MSM cannot cover it up, BUT...   think about the number of investors worldwide who have lost money trading these markets.  With the information available publicly, that would be a class-action lawsuit of monster proportions just waiting to happen-  everyone who traded during those waterfalls would be eligible to be a litigant.  Corzine and MFG was a big, big fraud- however, I would be willing to bet that if you added up all the trading losses on just the three major waterfalls since May 1, 2011 the total losses to investors would be many times larger than the 1.5 billion MFG fraud. 

It would be very hard to ignore a 10 billion dollar lawsuit, I would think.  Not impossible, but hard.  It would make all the right people sweat, at the very least. 

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@Turd Comparing to Richard


Comparing to Richard Dean Anderson is a great compliment, FYI.

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the straw man agrument

... getting tired of hearing the argument that hunters don't need (fill in the blank) -round magazines to slay deer.

The right to keep and bear arms is, at the essence, to protect the populace from the government. Remember, colonists had just thrown off the yoke of British government. So, the right to be armed is about much more than putting food on the table.

Also, yes, the forefathers couldn't have envisioned assault weapons. But they did know that when the powers that be have muskets, the people should, too. Fast forward to present day. Why shouldn't law-abiding types have assault weapons -- dumbed down, semi-auto versions at that -- when those in power are no longer using muskets?

Mass murders are committed with bombs (Oklahoma City), planes (9/11) and various other means. And, despite massive safety improvements, auto accidents still outdo guns for deaths in this country.

History shows that disarming the populace is an early, yet vital, step in moving to dictatorial government.

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Mr. Horse- intent

I have heard this argument before, but it makes no sense to me- perhaps I am missing something?

Take the May massacre-  you have a silver market that is averaging just 250 contracts per hour, and someone dumps 8,000 contracts in six minutes, totally overwhelming the market.  The only rational intent for this type of trading action is to drop the price, which it did to the tune of 6 dollars in a matter of minutes...  what other intent could there be?  Were they trying to maximize price?  Of course not... intent seems painfully obvious to me on this one.   But hey, perhaps I am missing something. 

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Cueball and thunderlips video???

I gotta know if anyone else besides me heard the water dripping in the audio background? Do I need to replace my sound card?  Or am I losing my friggin mind?

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Thank you Bill Wilson

You just proved my point. You've clearly not viewed, with an open mind, the analysis done on Obama's released birth certificates... and yet you have judged anyone who has and found it of interest, as whack jobs. 

I believe that is one of the two objectives of the Obama administration.

The other objective being to distract those who see this birth certificate as a focus of their attention.

I have no idea one way or the other if Obama is a true citizen of the US. He might have a real birth certificate... but the one released on the White House site isn't it. So, why release an obvious fake? If he has a real one, why not release it? If he doesn't have one, why release anything at all? or at least release a reasonably good fake one?

I think part of the essence of this site is to keep an open mind, to question things, to see the deception and manipulation that is going on with those in power, and to question "why?"

So, step above the divisions. Get beyond the left-right MSM arguments.


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Need Florida Bullion Dealer

I reposted my request from the previous thread; please be tolerant as I would like to have a good showing for the precious metals and I only have 2 so far...

"I have a large Expo planned for this weekend in Central Florida and just had a coin and bullion vendor cancel due to an emergency in the family. If y'all know of anyone or any local dealers who do large expos and shows let me know...just point them to this website for all the vendor details,, also if you know of any other vendors selling items used by the gun and prepper crowd point them as well I still have a few booths to fill."


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Sir Pining

I agree with your point.  

But the intent is in reference to the intent to manipulate prices.  They could make up any bullshit reason why they needed to fuckjam the market by way of dumping 8000 contracts in 6 minutes on a Monday morning. 

This is something that Thunderlips has stated in the past about how its difficult to prove the manipulation.

Check it.

Youtube disabled the video. 

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You will find plenty of folks that agree with you there.

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Michael Barone?

Where can I read or hear his comments on Strauss & Howe's "Fourth Turning"?

I read the book years ago, and it is fascinating seeing it all play out.

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I read the quick birth certificate issue here as an inquiry into what the Administration is doing to distract sheeple from something else. It is a dead issue. Obama won and we are not going to get him out of office. So why did they release a version of the certificate that will get the birthers all worked up? Misdirection? To keep these amateur investigators on a dead trail--a red herring? Classic manipulation tactics.  Why now?

There is only so much room on the front page. What gets printed there means something else does not. Agenda Setting Theory of McCombs & Shaw: "The news doesn't tell you what to think, but they do tell you what to think about."

The discussion today is really getting at the timing of the big reset. Misdirection and manipulation of the news is a clue that something is getting closer. That is something as a stacker that I am interested in, as long as we don't digress into deconstructing the layers of the document to "prove" something and creating an impeachment movement...not gonna happen.

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Birth Cert

All of three people care about this issue, now that it's 4 years old. Take it to the forums. He's your president for 4 more years. suck it up and put your big boy pants on.

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Since the CFTC is a joke

can they at least do a better job of entertaining us?!  How about nominating new members to hang out with Cueball and Thunderlips:

Jesse Ventura


James Carville


Homey the Clown




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Revaluation Consensus

Just released from the OFIF (The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) their Jan. 2013 paper discussing revaluation of gold.

Seems word is finally getting around. Link to .pdf file @,%20the%20renminbi%20and%20the%20multi-currency%20reserve%20system.pdf

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Steven B- great point

I get what you are saying now- thanks for posting the link. 

What a strange standard.  If I rob a convenience store, the act itself proves intent- I don't get exonerated because the prosecution cannot produce an email of mine stating I intended to rob the store.  Still, I wonder if there are any JPM letters to clients or advising materials that warn of the volatility of trading thin volume holiday markets, thus showing they know what large vol orders can do?   I wonder what the standard is?

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Facebook Message

{I posted this yesterday in response to the posts from Dr J, orange, & DPH}

I completely agree with you about getting the word out via a social network.

How many times have we seen ..."If millions of people bought just one ounce of silver ...." ?

The thing is to get the type of message out that could/would go viral and encourage the masses to buy

As DrkPurpleHaze put it above .. ** The Chinese government is trying to trigger a national gold and silver craze…and it’s working. **

We read that special occasions such as weddings in India or Chinese New Year promote sales. How about if specific dates were promoted .... Happy Valentine's Day ... Happy Mothers Day ... Happy Fathers Day ... Happy Graduation ... Congrats on your wedding ... Merry Christmas ... Happy New Year ... Happy Birthday ...



I've been thinking about the kind of message that could be used.

The first thing was .... Picture a set up where lots of dominos are set up to fall {there are many such videos on Youtube} ... Instead of dominos, set up silver coins and the end result is that they knock over the Banks .... I've since nixed this idea because I doubt it would make much of an impact on the sheeple .. The same with the cartoons all of us gold/silver bugs get but are over the sheeples' heads.

Then I came up with ... The Lone Ranger and Tonto are talking .. Tonto says "Me need more wampum, Kimosabe" ... Lone Ranger replies "Buy silver coins, Tonto" ... Grab a shot of Lone Ranger and Tonto riding up a hill with Lone Ranger shouting "Hi Ho Silver" and the music clip of The Fifth Dimension singing "Up, Up, and Away"


C'mon Turdites .... Let's see some of your ideas

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And don't forget this bad guy

and this one


We ought to set up a forum to brainstorm ideas... there seem to be a handful of us here that would contribute.

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@Turd . . re: Thunder lips . . .

The cartoon shows Thunderlips as a look-alike for BM as depicted in previous cartoons . . . is BM really Bart in drag? 

In this convoluted world where up is down, wrong is right, and black is white, it would make PERFECT sense.

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Significance of 3/17/2013?

Coincidence that poster on fridge behind Cueball is for St Pat"s Day and what about that pot of gold, huh Turd?

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That birth certificate mallarky

Seems to me that there is some undisclosed rule:

All their "acts" to take over the control are only partially hidden.

Pyramid on $ bill etc etc. All the clues are deliberately there.

As with long form.


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yes yes interesting times indeed

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I'll never be able to look at Carol Brady the same way ever again....

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Dr Jerome & Gent...

"We ought to set up a forum to brainstorm ideas... there seem to be a handful of us here that would contribute."
If you have enough interested could start a baseball team!...
This is a MUDbone masterpiece...just in case you missed the game!!!...

Bag Of Gold

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2013 ASE's

Are they available yet?  Been holding off a little just to kick off the new year with a big old buy to start the ball rolling into the new year.

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