Another Step Higher?

According to plan, the metals are extending higher this morning. While this is fun to see, The Big Show begins tomorrow.

But tomorrow is tomorrow and today is today. Events this morning have been influenced by a couple of headlines, both summarized in these articles from ZH. First, a report from the Congressional Budget Office that the fiscal year 2012 budget deficit has reached $1.165T...and there are still two months to go!! Again, I ask the question, from where is this money coming? The U.S. government, from November of last year through last month, has spent 1,165,000,000,000 more dollars than it brought in. Did, as politicians like to suggest, the U.S. borrow it fwom da wascawwy Chinese? Uh...nope. In fact, new Chinese purchases of U.S. treasury debt have nearly stopped. The slack has been picked up by the Japanese but, net-net, the "contribution" from these two countries is flat.

Then there's this. Moody's warned this morning that congressional failure to reach some level of "budget cooperation" will lead to a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. (As if that shouldn't have happened months and/or years ago.) & This seemed to really spook the headline-chasing algos and The Pig almost immediately showed a 79.** print. Those same WOPRs then bid up gold and silver and here we are.

As I type, I've got $1737 and $33.80. Not exactly a Happy Tuesday...yet...but still far better than the levels seen yesterday afternoon during another inglorious, Globex pilferage. If the metals don't break higher soon and, in the process, trip some more buy-stops, we'll likely remain in the current range as we await the events of tomorrow. As stated yesterday, beware anyone who claims they can accurately predict the judgments of the German Constitutional Court AND the global market reaction. This is a double wildcard event and we are all simply along for the ride. (Be sure you keep your hands and feet in the car at all times. Riders with high blood pressure or pre-existing back pain should exit the ride now, along with all expectant mothers.)

Next, I need to pass along a big group of thank yous. If you've ever clicked the "Feed The Turd" button, you've seen that there is a snail mail option available. Our developer, Ron Shimshock, graciously collects items that are sent in and then, every few months, bundles everything together and ships it off to me. All honoraria is greatly appreciated and my family and I particularly enjoy the personal notes and cards. Thanks to all listed below for making the effort. Again, it is very, very much appreciated!!

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Lastly, today is a very important and very sad anniversary and I hereby make a simple request. You may think you know what happened that day. You may think you know of who was responsible and why things transpired the way they did. However, the only thing we know with certainty is that nearly 3,000 people died that day. Please honor the loss of life by taking time today to reflect upon your personal blessings and pray that a similar tragedy is never visited upon you or your family.



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A Tragedy is a Tragedy...

Today is not about solving or presenting our various views about this event and the many other horrific tragedies that have occurred in our history.  I will take any moment to remember that any needless loss of life is scar on the fabric of our humanity....  I too have very strong feelings about the state of our world and 9/11 brings those to the forefront of my mind.... as I am sure it does for you.  We are in a place where much that has been written is a lie, but there is much truth to be found in living in the clarity of our "awakened" reality.  We can't let our emotions rule to the point where TPTB will make us seem like the problem rather than themselves.  We are all so easily herded, myself included, into the "us" and "them" dichotomy when there is really only "we"...  What hurts is knowing that this tragedy will not be the last or the most horrific we will see in our lifetimes, but it should not lessen our ability to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters that will not have mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters in their lives due the senseless actions of others.  For the U.S., today is about remembering 9/11.  In other nations, there are other days with an equal impact relating to the upheaval of goodness and the actions of evil. 

We talk about the end of this Experiment and we should not fool ourselves into thinking that the weight of the upcoming of events will not tear us even further from what we believe the world is.....  I Remember the victims of 9/11 and their families because they live it every day....  and I mourn for all families who have lost their loved ones wherever they are in the world.

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You said, "A commercial signal failure and default in silver, cannot kill JPM; their corporate structure is likely designed so that infected divisions, being legally separate from the rest, can just be jettisoned without pulling down the whole."


Additionally, remember that the Fed is not Federal; it is privately owned by bankers for bankers.  JPM is the handmaiden/manager for the Fed's operations.  JPM has a feeding tube leading from the Fed's checkbook into JPM's maw.

So long as the Fed/Treasury exist with purpose, so will JPM.  A commercial signal failure in COMEX silver delivery would simply mean that the long demanding delivery would be forced to accept FRNs, which are EXTREMELY easy to come by.  Just a few years ago, there was a similar failure in nickel.  The longs were required to accept FRNs in lieu of physical nickel.

The rules all favor the elite.  However, a signal failure will bring about quite a ruckus, and silver will moonshot as a result.  Likely, silver and gold, which will be officially revalued, will then terminate trading in futures (paper) markets.

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Bart speaks out on Position limits...

Did everyone catch Daredevil73's post earlier? A link to  a Bloomberg interview dated July 10 with Bart Chilton who dramatically said:

" 60 days is when we start having position limits which is very critical -- something I have argued for for a long time."

60 days, July 10th...Hmmmm wouldn't that be about today? What is the catch?

Doncha think this picture is more flattering

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A Moment....

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Hey! Life is a trip!

But even the bad days are good.  Life is a precious thing and when it's lost for whatever reason, we collectively have lost something.  Those of you who are here must still be alive and have at least some active grey matter so I may as well abuse you with some of my musings.  I'm thinking this thing with the German court while it is central to the existence of the euro I also think that if they should decide it is unconstitutional it would signal a shift away from the US and towards Russian policy.  I happen to think that republicans and democrats are like 20 yr old virgins, something people talk about but can no longer be found.  With that said mittens says Russia is our greatest threat.  In the last thread someone posted a picture of Putin as the central figure as he tries to assemble a coalition of economic power.  I don't know Putin, so my opinion of him is superficial, although I would rather go hunting with him than Dick Cheney.  Whatever, he's a player and a strong player, he backed away from Syria because no one in their right mind wants to face the military prowess of the U.S.  but I think many see our economic strength as our Achilles heel. 

On a separate note it appears someone has been medicating Dagney as she has been playing nice with others. (I think she has a razor in her shoe!) 

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Pining, S. Roche, COT, markets, ...

Pining, if you're still here:

I re-read your initial post on the COT topic in the last thread. What I don't quite follow, and I may be the one who's mistaken here: where did you get the number with the 6000 new shorts? I mean this is the basics here - futures are zero sum game, for every short there is a long. If we got an OI of 120620 contracts (yesterday's numbers), it means there are 120620 contracts long in total and 120620 contracts short in total.

This is also part of understanding the commercials' constant shorting - when funds and speculators buy, they need someone to supply their contracts. For every contract they go long there must be someone on the other side who goes short. Otherwise there would just be buy orders where the price offered would probably consistently increase until someone would sell at that price. Prices could go quite ballistic. And the cartel wouldn't want that would they ;). They supply all the shorts needed at pretty much the lowest price possible, so prices will move as little as possible when there's buying sentiment in the market. Well, that's oversimplified, the action in the market is much more complex, we're not talking little boys' games here that everyone can figure out, but I guess it comes close to the basic idea.

S Roche (in reply to your posts from last thread):

The overall direction of the PM prices, where they will be going long term, is certainly not set on the COMEX/GLOBEX. They're not entirely set on any exchange either, as Sprott has mentioned that only about half of available physical silver ever is sold in a market - the rest is delivered from miners or refiners to various big (mostly industrial) buyers via direct purchase agreements.

The quoted spot price of silver IS the COMEX/GLOBEX price however. More to the point the quoted spot price is the average price of all silver trades in the last 2 minutes of trading in the highest volume future month. Short term, the price is set on the COMEX and/or GLOBEX. The COMEX and GLOBEX combined are open at 100% of market hours, 23 hours a day 5 days a week. It's a paper/electronic only market (basically, since 99,something % of contracts never get delivered) too, meaning who has the fiat controls the market.

How effective that control can be in the short term was demonstrated in May and September 2011. I have stated before that they could have decided not to stop at 26$. They could have stopped at and price they wanted. They have the fiat to do so. Nobody in the world can oppose them on their grounds. 1$ silver? Entirely possible. Then and now. Why they don't do it? Not because they cannot. Because they need to continue playing the game, because they need to continue to uphold the illusion that these are not totally controlled markets. Smash the price of a commodity to an absurd value, and the whole world is alert to your scam within instants. Also of course the physical market would never follow. What miner would sell its physical at below production cost? Real (not stated) productions costs are probably 15-20$ from what I gather. So if they go too far, traders would just cease playing the paper casino, and many would migrate to physical purchases only. The cartel can't have that. So they choose to stop their smashdowns at some point where they can still justify it as somewhat normal market behaviour. But it's not because they can not, it's only because they choose to. Best remember that.

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Hmmmmm .......

Dollar breaks decisively through 80, currently @ 79.83

10 year note UP, .7% @ 1.695%

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You said,

"So if they go too far, traders would just cease playing the paper casino, and many would migrate to physical purchases only. The cartel can't have that. So they choose to stop their smashdowns at some point where they can still justify it as somewhat normal market behaviour. But it's not because they can not, it's only because they choose to."

Exactly so.

Hence, the constant haranging to buy the physical.  It flushes them out, and requires them to allow a rising paper price to prevent even more physical silver from leaving their hands..

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Um, sorry to be difficult

but you cannot have it both that "if they go too far, traders would just cease playing the paper casino, and many would migrate to physical purchases only," and then state that they stop the price where "they choose to" not where they have to.

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Doc, that's pretty good


But I prefer this one:

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They could take the paper price to zero, by piling on naked shorts, or even by taking both sides of the trade with longs (to offset their shorts) via their trading allies.  They could do this, and they may, when silver stocks are so low, that the game can no longer be played.

Until then, they are indeed choosing what price to take silver to.  They demonstrated their abilities on May 1, 2011 Feb. 29th 2012.

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It is very very sad

My son is in 8th grade......he goes to school with a girl who lives 4 houses from us. I graduated high school with the father.

He was lost in the towers...... his daughter was 2 at the time, just like my son was 2 at the time. But my son still has his father.

Every Sept 11th tears the scab off for this family.         There are no real words, it's extremely sad. 

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Horst- In reply

You wrote "I re-read your initial post on the COT topic in the last thread. What I don't quite follow, and I may be the one who's mistaken here: where did you get the number with the 6000 new shorts? I mean this is the basics here - futures are zero sum game, for every short there is a long. If we got an OI of 120620 contracts (yesterday's numbers), it means there are 120620 contracts long in total and 120620 contracts short in total."

Yes!!! This is part of why I am saying this looks so strange-according to the COT, o ver the last two months the Producers have added a net total of 18,000 new shorts,  Swap Dealers have reduced their longs by  12,000...  yet this total of negative net 30k  is NOT made up for increased long positions by Managed money and Others (see my chart at the bottom).   Total open interest on this contract doesn't add up... or put another way, there are 6,000 fresh shorts (or closed long positions) without a corresponding long reported, in total over this time yet silver exploded by 21% over this same period. It literally doesn't add up, which is why I brought this up. 

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banks ... "systematically" suppressing information...

Chip and pin 'weakness' exposed by Cambridge researchers

Chip and pin machine

A vulnerability in the widely used chip and pin payment system has been exposed by Cambridge University researchers.

Cards were found to be open to a form of cloning, despite past assurances from banks that chip and pin could not be compromised.

Poor implementation of cryptography methods were behind the flaw, researchers said.

They accused some banks of "systematically" suppressing information about the vulnerabilities.

The team's research was presented at a cryptography conference in Leuven, Belgium, on Tuesday.

The paper said despite chip and pin being in use for over a decade, it was only recently "starting to come under proper scrutiny from academics, media and industry alike".

Each time a customer is involved in a chip and pin transaction, be it withdrawing cash or purchasing goods in a shop, a unique "unpredictable number" is created to authenticate the transaction.

The unpredictable number (UN), generated by software within cash points and other similar equipment, is supposed to be chosen at random.

But researchers discovered that in many cases lacklustre equipment meant the number was highly predictable, because dates or timestamps had been used.

"If you can predict [the UN], you can record everything you need from momentary access to a chip card to play it back and impersonate the card at a future date and location," said researcher Mike Bond in a blog post.

"You can as good as clone the chip. It's called a pre-play attack."

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@worldend666-first of my timing versions already excluded

Looks like Sept 12-13 will be the right timing, as it logically should. Obviously its not happening as in my first suggestion about wave of length 0,8 trading days which should have latest ended after 30 min has not even started.

That leads to the scenario i mentioned in the end and You came up later- 2 waves, one some time after German ruling, by my analysis topping at 34, 5, falling back to 33,5, then a serious upswing close to FOMC releases- up to 36, falling back to 35.

Adding log-periodicity which arises from collective actions of traders to these models tells that that is still an updrive, and not yet in the last stage, bar something bigger than FOMC kills it.

An explanation of log -periodicity- why periods decrease while intensity (price)  grows into crash- I used for myself is a preparation for an exam on known day .

Say, You have just passed and exam. You had been in the highest state of anxiety which was also productive just when entering the exam room. When You started to write, and thought You know the questions, You gradually started to calm down. Lets assume that the marks are given straight after writing - and You get good mark. So You exit the examination totally calm, even starting to celebrate. That means intensity of anxiety is very low. But, there is the next exam in few days.

In the evening You first start to think about the next exam, whose date you know. slowly some low level of anxiety starts to build up, but You do not let it grow as exam is far away, and you start to assure yourself that in fact You know that subject quite well as well. So by the middle of the next day Your anxiety has calmed, but , as the exam is now nearer, it is on a bit higher level than the previous day , as the time to the exam gets shorter.

You decide to start studying for the next exam by looking at the themes that will come up. Now You  start to realize the scope of the next exam, the time left, and that you clearly do not know all this enormous amount of stuff. Your anxiety reached higher level  by the evening and you end the day by taking material, books etc that will be needed. During night, you calm down, and in the morning you are calmer and ready to start study seriously, but anxiousness is on higher level again than in previous peak as the exam is still nearer.

You start to study and are overwhelmed by the amount needed even for 1 topic for the exam, but there are 50, Your anxiety shoots up again as You find out that after 4 hours You have barely covered 4 of them and there are only 2 days left. So you start to work harder and by the evening You have done 10 points and you calm down, but Your anxiety level is again higher in calm then in previous high, so You decide next day to wake up earlier and take more topics.

Next morning You realize that from previous days 10 topics You do not really remember much, at least sufficiently. You frantically start to strain Your memory, Your anxiety level moves up, and You decide that You will need to repeat all topics before the exam, which leaves even less time for topics to be covered first time. You study hard that day, and calm down each time YOu reach some milestones (20,30 topics) and get more anxious (around a rising anxiety level line) as soon as You realize there is less and less time, You are getting tired, and there are still many topics not studied even first time.

You get to sleep late, do not sleep very well, and get up early as this is the last day before exam. Again, review gives You the impression that of 30 topics You have done , You may be know well 10, need to read first time another 20 and than repeat everything and try to read more than once the weakest points. Your anxiety level reaches new highs as You scan the previos 30 topics looking at watch, and calm down a bit when you decide its time to move on with the last 20 topics.

Now the race against the time begins for real. You read, you look at watch , and start to jump over the topics to get in place something You thought You knew, but now seem unable to formulate at all. Anxiety moves to the next level and fluctuates higher until all topics are covered by 2. a.m. You calm down relatively, but Your calm is at higher anxiety level than previous anxiety peak.

Now you are in overdrive. You decide not to sleep as You need to repeat the whole thing, but there is clearly no time as exam starts at 8.a.m . Your anxiety levels move higher as You try to grab as much information as You can , and peak when YOu realized that you totally do not know something, and calm a bit when you fix something that is outstanding. You by now realize there is no way you will be able to learn everything to the level needed for safe good level passage, and your anxiety level moves up into the last wave, which ends with calm at high overall anxiety levels, when You realize, that there is no time , and nothing more can be learned. This calm is only relative, but deeper then previous one relative to the previous anxiety level peak.

This is a special , last reduction in anxiety levels before the SPIKE.

You come to the exam with tension building up as now is the definite moment and You know what You know but feel empty headed so anxiety builds up as You wait to get (in case there is a random choice)  the questions You will be asked to write about -say 3 out of 50 topics. The anxiety shoots up and reaches peak level just before the moment You get Your exam questions. That is the last SPIKE in you log -periodic anxiety buildup before the exam. There migh be a further spiking if the questions are difficult, and You feel these are the worst ones You could have got.

Then there is a crash in anxiety levels- either You start writing and start to feel comfortable, or You have no idea and give up, or in between as You realize your abilities, and focus on work. Or the spike still continues as you search for answers that should somehow show up, but Your brain is reluctant.

After the time runs out, the anxiety levels drop as You estimate Your success/failure in this particular time scale exam to next exam, or continue to peak as You (lets assume) await marks.

Once You get marks, what ever they are, Your anxiety levels connected with preparation to this particular exam start to drop- fast, if results are good, slowly if results are bad and nothing can be done about them anymore.

Of course , if you knew everything and were sure about the results You would not be anxious and not oscillating so much. The thing is, world is uncertain, and , e,g, traders in markets definitely do not know what mark they will get as FOMC convenes. hence log-periodic oscillations on approach to the known ( or subconsciously perceived -e.g that removal of the USA from gold standard will lead to sovereign default/ inflation at Some point in time)  was definitely among market knowledge ) deadline.

I think such sequence of approaching certain points in time with increasing intensity trend and shortening oscillation periods are ubiquitous in nature in every process which "perceives" a certain endpoint in time. Especially human processes, but not only.

If one cares about e.g.  election results , the process is similar.

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NBC observes 9-11 "moment of silence" with...

...Kardashian breast enhancement. Wow. WTF is wrong with these people? (rhetorical question)

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Long side: Non commercial longs 42283 + non commercial spreads 21516 + commercial longs 32297 + non reportable longs 23408 = 119504

Short side: Non commercial shorts 9853 + non commercial spreads 21516 + commercial shorts 77217 + non reportable longs 10918 = 119504

Pretty sure it'll add up right on the disaggregated report as well. Forgive me if I'm too lazy to do that one :P

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re taking paper price to zero

Horst said they could take it to $1 if they wanted, but also said nobody would play.  So they had to stop before everybody left the casino.  My point is that means they stopped where they had to, or the gig was up.  There is a floor to the price of silver, and the paper market is only part of the game.  He also mentioned mines not selling it for less than a certain amount.  That is also a floor.  Supply and demand exist, even in a rigged commodities market.

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Chip and pin weakness

So, carry your cards in a Faraday cage (I mean wrapped in silver, ahem aluminium, foil) to avoid momentary access from roving PC scanners.

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just following on, two musings of additional interest;

  1. though JPM is likely underwritten by the Fed, the intrigue is not so much about the liability of the short position itself, but rumours of exorbitant leverage to the silver price through its connection to some massive derivative positions, allegedly.
  2. Nickel: you mentioned it & I only heard about it recently. So way before MFG, the markets were shown to be rigged, and hostile to the longs? I wonder why the blogosphere has not made more reference to the nickel case...?

just thinking out aloud.

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I think we are in agreement, just stating it differently.  Paper markets can be put wherever the controllers want them, but the physical limitation aspect puts binders on what they can do, if they want to retain control of the physical.

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Here is what Ted Butler had to say about the LME's handling of nickel shortage:

And on silverdoctor's site:

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Xty, ancient

I kind of agree to both of your assessments.

Basically my thinking when I wrote that was that when any type of black swan event happens, what happens in the silver market probably wouldnt be on anyone's list of priorities. There might be a point where they might choose to exercise the power they have. When peoples' minds are occupied with something else. So best always remember what they can pull off when they think it's the right time to do it. I think we can all agree they have hit us with a lot of crazy schemes that we never thought they could make stick. But they pulled it off. They have demonstrated what they're capable of and we should respect those capabilities and never allow ourselves to forget it and become arrogant. Never underestimate them.

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Damn Dr. J

I was eating an apple catching up on posts...nearly choked on my apple as I saw your Bart Chilton post.  That is funny!

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US Embassy in Libya

Looks like protesters are attacking the US Embassy in Bengazi now.

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Turd's pic of Chilton is pretty good too. Wish it was higher resolution. and I wish I had pining's magic with photoshop. But anyone who wears a 1970s surfer haircut is begging for parody now and then.

We haven't had many good silver pics for a while:

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Chip and Pin The Banks Property Not Yours

Security in the digital realm for personal assets at banks has always been quite weak, since the beginning of the pretty little plastic cards first came out. And that was back in the good ole days when they had plenty of resources to throw at the problem. Now that many of the banking institutions that everyone has come to depend on are having extreme problems just keeping up the perception that they are doing fine. Less and less resources will be going to something so expensive as security of customers accounts.

And then again since the legal precedence being set by the 7th court of Appeals recently in the Sentinel Case. The Banks may feel they no longer need to expend such large amount of resources on security of customers accounts, since once your money is deposited with a banking institution it is no longer considered yours. It becomes property of the banking institution to do with as they please. You are basically buying stock in what ever institution you decide to bank with. And they may feel they no longer need to expend such large amounts of resources to protect their funds.



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If there was ever a time for a short term correction in silver..

If there was ever a time for a short term correction in silver, from a technical perspective, it would be this week.  The accumulation and consolidation periods have shortened, the lease rates are in the danger territory, the daily RSI is high, the dollar is weak, and we have a headline busting mid week ahead of us.  In the image below you can see we have hit and/or are approaching a resistance level, if we were to have a Fibonacci retracement of 21.6% that would put us directly in the $32-$32.25 range, where there is a ton of support as seen by the white horizontal line.  My money (literally) is on a drop following a news event to that $32-ish area, maybe a short leg up before the drop but I think we will touch that price point before our next major leg up.  

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Sargent Reilly

I hate 9/11.  Truth be told.  Probably has something to do with the fact that I was fairly close to the towers.  Knew people that died and some that made it down 100 floors.   Watched those towers go up in smoke.  Watched the F-15's locked and loaded fly by.  Watched people go hysterical and panic.  Watched the world change before my eyes.  Yup, I don't like this day.  Every year I pretend it's not the anniversary of 9/11.  TV forbidden and any type of media report.   I want to pretend that this day is no different and ignore the eerie silence in the air, the blank expressions on peoples' faces, and make believe 9/11 is akin to the 13th floor in a building.  It just doesn't exist.   

So today, I picked myself up, got out of the house and headed for a quiet bench in Central Park with my musical instrument away from people. It was pretty much a picture perfect day like it was 11 years ago.   It happened to be an isolated picnic table that nobody seemed to want to sit on, far away from others.   Except for one mounted NYC Police Officer who seemed to know it's location and liked to enjoy his lunch in silence.   He tied his horse to the building, took out his sandwich and orange and begun to munch as I was playing my instrument.   I'm not too friendly with NYPD types but I didn't want to be rude and made some small talk with him. 

Officer Reilly definitely had some years on the force.  Tall, stoud Irish man with bronzed leather skin from riding in the park everyday.  He had a distinguished head of  gray hair and mustache.  I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of his stick.  I could tell I was in his turf as I am sure he preferred silence to small talk but seemed he wanted to chat to break the silence and asked me about my music.  After I chatted with him about it for a short time,  I leaned over to him and asked him "So any special ceremonies going on for 9-11?  I don't think any of the Washington Bureacrats are in town this year?  He said "No, we just had a quiet ceremony outside the station and moment of silence.  11 years today you know"  

He looked at me and I looked at him and we both could read each others soul.  He said to me "It was a weird fucken day"   I said "yep, the weirdest day of my life and probably until I die.  Much different than watching it on tv" 

We found out that we were in the same location that day.   I asked him, "bet you are the only guy left.  Others died of cancer, home with PTSD and basket cases"  "Yep, all gone.  That thing burned for days and weeks."   "Sure did and most didn't get shit from the goverment for insurance" "Nope, not much" he replied.  "You guys closed all the streets to every hospital.  Didn't see one ambulance taking anybody.  they all incinerated."  "Pretty much, he nodded. 

He turned to me and said "it's gonna happen again, ya know"   I said "I know" with a deep sigh.  He turned to me and said "American's forget easily."  I nodded and said "not me, although I pretend"   I added "Our enemies are patient and  they will wait"   he nodded again.

We went on to talk a little about Pearl Harbor and we agreed FDR knew the planes were coming.   After a few more minutes I told him that I would let him eat his lunch alone and I was going to find a park bench in the woods where I could just play my music.   We nodded to each other, "have a good day" and went about our business. 

I am definitely on board with many of the theories about today,  I am no fan of the many tactics of the NYC Police but for one day, it's not about the politics.  Green Lantern and Sargerent Reilly saw eye to eye.  Sargent Reilly was a very guarded individual.  HOwever, his tough demeanor didn't fool me because he was wearing his heavy heart on his sleeve. 

A terrible tragedy occurred on that day and until we both die, we'll never forget.   It was a day to share our common humanity.   I think in the future, I'll remember that conversation and instead of pretending to forget,  I'll take the time to remember.  

HeNateMe's picture

@ Dr J

Those bars of silver look good enough to eat!

Seriously, they look damn good.  I actually started salivating.


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