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A Miner Diversion

After rallying 180% to start the year, the HUI index has now given back more than 1/3 of those gains. Whether or not the shares head even lower will largely be determined by whether or not the metals can reverse from here. Regardless, here are some charts of individual shares for you to chew on while we await the FOMC minutes.

Your Weekly Reality Check

For nearly three years, we have posted these weekly discussions between radio host John Batchelor and Russian history scholar Stephen F. Cohen. As events in this New Cold War begin to spiral toward hot war, it is imperative that you listen each and every week as you will not find more comprehensive and balanced reporting anywhere else in the western media.

Mother's Wretched Stew

The metals remain stuck this morning as both stocks and bonds sell off as the POSX rallies. Could The Fed be over-cooking their toxic stew? What might this indicate ahead of tomorrow's FOMC minutes?

Our Own Golden Week

The post-China "Golden Week" begins with both metals rebounding from last week's close. Is this the beginning of a comeback or just the dead cat bounce that so many permabears are hoping for?

Multiple Part-Time Jobs and Central Bank Lies

If anything, today's BLSBS reveals that the average US citizen is now working multiple, part-time jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. And this "robust economy" that is "near full employment" is the supposed rationale for the Federal Reserve to raise the Fed Funds rate as soon as next month. What a perverted lie and scam this all is!

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Getting Ugly Out There

Wow, while we worried last week that the 100-day moving average would be under Bank assault with China closed all week, the depth and scope of this decline is breathtaking. Still, let's wait to see how the week finishes after tomorrow's BLSBS.

The Struggle Continues

After yesterday's flush through the 100-day moving average, gold and silver are struggling again today as the latest ISM numbers represented the first "positive datapoint" in weeks. At this point, the slightest excuse is used to move price lower and it's what we must contend with for the near future.

The Dire Situation in Syria

Through the weekly posting of these Batchelor-Cohen podcasts, we've spent the past 2.5 years keeping you abreast of the deteriorating crisis of The New Cold War. After the ceasefire agreement in Syria three weeks ago, there was hope for détente and cooperation. Instead, events have taken a turn for the worse and we stand at the precipice of outright war and disaster.


Having discussed this possibility since Friday does NOT make watching today's "market" action any easier.

Eyes On The Prize

Through deliberate price manipulation, last week The Banks successfully drove both metals back under their respective 50-day moving averages. As a result, prices are languishing regardless of the continual barrage of miserable economic data and Deutschebank headlines.

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