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Silly Season

Well, we've reached a point where reviewing the charts doesn't matter much. Tomorrow's BLSBS will move the "markets" regardless and next week's US election will make the BLSBS reaction a distant, insignificant memory. So, buckle in. It's about to get bumpy.

Awaiting Mother

Though a Fed Funds rate hike is unlikely at today's conclusion of the latest FOMC meeting, you never know what Mother and Her Goons may have up their collective sleeve today. So be alert and on the lookout when the Fedlines are released at 2:00 pm EDT.

Demonizing Putin's Russia

The level of suspicion and vitriol toward Russia has reached levels not seen even during the previous Cold War. This unprecedented and extremely dangerous rhetoric shows no sign of relenting so, this week, Professor Cohen seeks to explain and educate so that we all might have a better understanding of the Russian point of view.

Physical Demand and Fear

These two factors are clearly in play today as the metals move higher in a surge we've been expecting since late last week. However, these gains might just as quickly be reversed so there are a few indicators you'd better be watching.

Elmo Says Boo!

One of the LT's favorite Halloween shows was always "Elmo Says Boo". If that little red furball was freaked out 15 years ago by bats and goblins, he'd surely be losing his shit today, given all that's going in the world.

GDP Scam

In a scam of epic proportions, the US today reported a Q3 GDP guess of +2.9% and more than DOUBLE the level of "growth" seen in the first half of 2016. Not only is this farce just in time for The Fed, it will also serve to spin countless soundbites for the government's preferred candidate in the upcoming election.

Gold Fighting Hard

Though nearly all external factors would suggest another major selloff in paper gold, so far price has somehow managed to hold. Why? How?? The only possible explanation is wholesale physical demand in London. C'mon in and we'll explain.

Ying and Yang

No, this is not a post about some new Chinese law firm. Instead, it's just an update on the metals markets which, while refusing to go further down, aren't making much progress to the upside, either.

Some Possible Encouragement

Longtime readers of this site know that forces we've termed "The London Monkeys" usually attack and lower paper metal prices about four days out of every five. However, during periods of strong physical demand, we've sometimes seen where these "Monkeys" stand down and prices rise in the U.S. overnight, instead. Is this beginning to occur again?

Another Turd Hat

Just when it looked like the week might get off to a nice start, some positive economic news came along. This spiked rates and the USDJPY and the result is another one of those "Turd Hat" formations we've all come to loathe.

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