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If you've received a notice today that your subscription has been canceled, please ignore it as we are having a technical issue. Will work to get this resolved ASAP.

Mother's Mumblings

Today, Mother all but confirmed what "the market" has been expecting for months...namely, that the FOMC will raise the Fed Funds rate when they meet next month. As "the markets" have already priced this in, perhaps we should now expect the sell-the-rumor, buy-the-news reaction in December that we've been predicting?

Wednesday Morning

It has been an extremely busy morning and it's already getting quite late. So, just this quick update.

A Cooling Of The New Cold War

With the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, many of us hope that The New Cold War begun under the Obama administration will be stifled. This is the hope of Batchelor and Cohen, too, and they took up the topic last evening.

Watching The Yuan

The recent surge in the US dollar has again brought massive selling in the emerging market currencies, most notably the Chinese yuan. This has occurred twice before in the past 15 months and each prior instance has foreshadowed a 10% drop in the S&P 500. Therefore, are we on the verge of another stock market correction?

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A New Paradigm?

Ever since the 2016 downtrend in the USDJPY broke in late September, we've been worried about a spike to 106+ and a POSX rally back to 100. We figured that this could send gold all the way down to the bottom of the $100 range we identified. Well, here we are. And now we have to hope that it doesn't get any worse!

Happy Birthday, TFMR!

Fallout Zone

Here on Day 2, it seems that the investing world is attempting to come to grips with the reality of President Trump and the fallout is reaching across all asset classes and currencies.

A New Era Begins

Where do you even begin on a morning such as this? With the election behind us, I think we'll simply focus on the reaction of "the markets".

Post-Obama JBSFC

Though this was recorded last evening before Trump was declared the winner of yesterday's election, it's still required listening today.

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