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A Nice Pop

Comex gold and silver are both rallying today with sustained buying that does not indicate simple short-covering. Could this be the start of a rebound? Probably not yet so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let's just enjoy a morning where prices are actually up and not down.

The Latest JBSFC

Another great show from John and Steve last evening. As developments in The New Cold War twist and turn, these weekly podcasts are the single best way to stay on top of the situation.

Tuesday Morning Chart Update

Time to take stock of where we are, one week before the start of Mother Fellen's December Doily Party.

A Blissful Existence in Algoland

At this point, it's clear that simple, arcane notions such as news and fundamentals no longer matter. So long as The Central Planners can move their markets in whichever direction they'd like, a blissful nirvana exists in Algoland where down is up, bad is good and unicorns shit Skittles for beaming children everywhere.


Last weekend, the Washington Post reported a new, McCarthy-type black list of "fake" political news sites. The mainstream reporting of the the current economic news is now so pathetic and biased that there will no doubt soon be a similar list of "fake" economic news sites. The "reporting" of today's disastrous employment report is just the most example.

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Searching For Inspiration

As we sit here and watch, day by day, as rising rates and a rising dollar pummel paper gold exposure into oblivion, I went searching for inspiration today and found it in the strangest spot.

Another Day In Paradise

When you consider that the yen has weakened by more than 1% today AND that US long rates are up 11 bps to 3.06%, it's almost remarkable that "gold" is only down $11 as I type. Just another day for you and me in paradise.

The New Cold War Extends Into Mainstream Media

The New Cold War took a dark and startling turn last week when the venerable Washington Post published a front page story that listed websites that are supposedly on the take from the Russians. This new McCarthyism was quickly noted here last week last week and it drew the attention of John and Steve during this week's show.

On with Jason Burack and Wall St. For Main St.

For what it's worth, you might give this a listen. Jason and I recorded this late Tuesday afternoon and it was a wide-ranging discussion.

The USDJPY and the "Price Of Gold"

Well, we've finally reached "contract expiration" day as the Dec16 Comex gold and silver contracts go off the board and into "delivery" at the close today. With total Comex open interest now back to the levels of last December, could price finally be near a bottom? As usual, we must look at the USDJPY for clues.

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