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TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, February 10

A quiet day allows Turd to firm up his forecast for the next two weeks. So, today, we ask if it's time to expect a rebound or will The Banks take price down just a bit further in order to wash out all of the remaining Specs that had rushed into paper gold back in January?

Gold Specs Rushing The Exits

As the Specs in paper gold rapidly exit the "market" and this current rinse cycle ends, from where might gold find a turnaround and rally? Two weeks ago, we projected that the area between $1220 and $1235 would be about right. Is that still the case?

<This is now a public thread.>

Guest Post: "Coin Bars, Melts and The Bundesbank", by Ronan Manly

As the Germans slowly repatriate their gold from the NY Fed, much has been made of the fact that the gold is being actively re-cast into higher purity bars. Why would The Bundesbank need to do this? Could it be that the gold they are repatriating is in the form of "coin melt" bars? And what are "coin melt" bars in the first place? Ronan Manly of attempts to answer these questions in this detailed, lengthy and well-researched piece. You need to read it.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, February 9

After the washout on Friday, many were concerned that the selling would continue today. That it didn't should actually serve to give everyone a shot of short-term confidence. However, let's see how gold responds when it again encounters the 200-day MA that is near $1255 before getting too optimistic.

FUBAR Remains The Norm

Seriously. Everywhere you look this morning...From Greece to Ukraine to the Baltic Dry Index...bad news abounds and Lord knows how this week will play out. Fortunately, we've got some helpful charts that will give us some idea of where this is all heading.

Banks On The Run

The latest CFTC Bank Participation Report brings the usual horrors and it confirms our "inherently unfair" thesis. However, there's also a bigger picture that gold investors everywhere need to consider.

Turd on with The Doc

Late yesterday, The Doc at SD Bullion asked Turd to come on his weekly "Market Wrap" program.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, February 6

Well, the week played out almost exactly as expected. Now, with specs bailing and Banks covering, should we expect a turnaround and recovery soon or might the selling continue for a while longer?

Current Events with Bill Holter

Earlier today, I rang up Bill Holter just to get his thoughts on this turbulent start to 2015. The resulting conversation was wide-ranging and a lot of fun. I'm immediately making this free and public simply because it's a perfect weekend antidote for the Cartel-inspired madness of today's "market" moves.

Well, There You Go

Seeing as how we've pretty well nailed all of this over the past two weeks, there's really no need for a recap. For today, just a few simple charts that project what I expect to happen next and how I plan to capitalize on it.

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