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Shadow Theater

Looking upon the current and recent events in world affairs, it may seem like the West is stumbling from one miscalculation into another. I would caution against assumptions that the currently unfolding scenario has not been simulated, run and re-run, and on continuous loop since at least the last few days (if not weeks, months and years).

TFMR Podcast - Friday, February 28

Whew, there's a lot going on! Price suppression, dollar selloff, Crimean invasion. All of it important but today, though, was another CoT day and Turd has some very interesting perspective to share with you.

Time For a Breather

I think it's pretty clear now that the metals are in a brief consolidation phase. The key will be for you to recognize it for what it is. It is not a selloff and breakdown to new lows. It is, instead, a consolidation phase, forced upon the metals by The Bullion Banks so that they can cover some of their recent massive short buildup.

American Animal Farm: Political Correctness as a Weapon

Do you remember when sports was just about sports? When sports news was actually about issues related to sports play, such as which player was assigned to what team?

Now sports is all about political correctness. The NFL's announcements lately have included their threat to keep the Super Bowl out of Arizona should a religious rights bill pass that would allow conservative Christians the right to refuse to bake gay wedding cakes (it was vetoed), and a new initiative by the NFL to ban "offensive" words such as the "n-word" of "f-word."

A2A with Josh Phair, CEO of Scottsdsale Mint

Josh Phair is CEO of Scottsdale Mint in Scottsdale, AZ. But this isn't just a discussion of coins and numismatics. In this A2A, Josh discusses a number of extremely important issues relevant to stackers and traders alike.

Late Again

What is my deal? Suddenly I feel like each day is getting shorter and shorter. I've got some charts for you but now I'm in a rush to get them posted before they become dated and obsolete.

Metals Discussion, or Something Different?

Part of what I like to do is simply open my eyes, ears, and mind, and try to see connections between seemingly unrelated things.  I am reminded of how Alton Brown of the Food Network used welders’ gloves as kitchen mitts.  Now that was a great idea, simple, but revolutionary.  It is that kind of simplicity that I strive to find.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, February 26

It's late. I'd better just get this posted.

New From Sprott: "Don't Miss This Golden Opportunity"

For February’s issue of Markets at a Glance, Eric Sprott discusses BaFin’s statement that precious metals prices were manipulated worse than LIBOR. He breaks it down how obvious the manipulation has been in physical gold markets in 2013, where demand far exceeded mine supply. Now that silver and gold have broken its downtrends, what does this mean for the market?

Mini-Correction Time

Well, we almost got there. Gold overnight got to $1346 and silver breached $22 again before we were set upon by Monkeys. The correction we expected is now underway and will likely be with us for at leat a few days.

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