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Guest Post: "The Comex Is Facing A Gold Crisis", by Dave Kranzler

Today, the level of fraud and deceit on the Comex reached a new record. I was going to spend some time this evening writing on this subject but, fortunately, our pal "Denver" Dave Kranzler beat me to it.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, September 8

The week begins with a huge rally in stocks (on the back of another USDJPY ramp) and a short squeeze in copper that may still have some room to run.

New Week Starts Quietly

Maybe the entire week will be quiet and uneventful? Wouldn't that be nice? Somehow, I doubt it will play out that way.

The LBMA, Thomson/Reuters GFMS, and The 2000 Tonnes of Gold that Just Appeared in 2013

A comparison by Ronan Manly at BullionStar between an LBMA report  pdf file and the earlier saved version of the same named file suggests that 2000 tonnes of gold in 2013 was shall we say "redefined" by way of explanation as to where it may have originated?

Taxpayers and gold ETF stockholders might like to have an audit of their central bank vaults and/or ETF vaults completed ASAP, as well as of their accounting books relating to gold transactions during 2013, just to be absolutely sure everything is present and correct and nothing fishy was going on. Simple reassurance will surely be issued, but audits seem appropriate given the amounts of capital involved.

China "Officially" Adds Another 16 Metric Tonnes

In keeping with their new policy, the People's Bank of China today announced their updated gold reserves, stated as a part of their total foreign currency reserves update for August.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, September 4

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A2A with The Golden Jackass

A2A is our weekly webinar series for Vault subscribers only. The format offers an opportunity for participants to ask questions in real time. Yesterday's guest was Jim Willie and the conversation was so extensive and far-reaching that it lasted nearly two hours.

<Yes, this is a public thread, too.  For all the world to hear...>

Chart Check

It's a Friday before a holiday weekend. Here are some levels to watch into the close.

The Comex Delivery Charade

We attempted to explain this in yesterday's podcast but it seemed as though this data needed a written post in order to be truly understood. Thus, we give it a try today.

<Please note that this is now a public post.>

TFMR Podcast - A Snippet of Today's A2A

Today's A2A webinar with The Golden Jackass came in at nearly two hours. So, for today, we're going to take just the first 25 minutes and give it a thorough listen.

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